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THE “SONOMA COUNTRY INN SUBDIVISION”, PLP01-0006, Subdivision Final Map was recorded December 2011. Wetlands, protected plants, Valley Oaks, Ceanothus, and traffic along the Sonoma Highway all contributed to the need for additional studies that slowed the process of completing the conditioning phase of the project, which finally took place on November 2, 2004. With 2011 well underway, we began to look forward to completing the recording of the final map and began to follow up on all the sign-offs required from county personnel. Sometimes projects are complex; sometimes they become more complex as they wind through the process. Sonoma Country Inn is a 45-unit Sonoma County resort, spa, inn and winery project featuring 11 estate parcels located in Kenwood, California.
There was a flurry of activity for Adobe Associates, Inc.'s wastewater department this last month. Adobe Associates has been a key team member in the renovation of the historic Buena Vista Winery.

The tentative map was initially filed with the Sonoma County Permit & Resource Management Department in 2001. However, the project conditional approval was challenged in a lawsuit that took time to resolve before the maps and plans could be undertaken in earnest. It was decided by the new project ownership to pursue recordation of the final map as soon as possible.
At this point, project ownership determined to undertake the negotiation with Sonoma County Agricultural and Open Space District. Please visit our Projects-Hospitality and Resorts page for more information: Sonoma Country Inn. It was the annual weather watch and wait for rainfall numbers to open the groundwater wet weather test opportunities for our Sonoma County wastewater clients.
The property, situated along a scenic corridor on the Sonoma Highway (12), contains a drainage course tributary to Sonoma Creek and could potentially provide access to Hood Mountain.

Legal counsel was retained to assist with these final details and act as a clearinghouse for coordinating preparation of final project documents and approval through county counsel’s office. We are proud of the roles we performed in continually moving the project forward, in spite of each of the added challenges that stepped up to block the way.
Negotiations for the required Open Space easement had not been undertaken and it was decided to try to complete that following recordation of the final map. The project ownership decided to attempt construction of project improvements and put off recordation.

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