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Google added the handy "bell" icon to the YouTube app's channel screens last summer to make signing up for "new upload" notifications quick and painless. Recently though, it seems the YouTube app's upload notifications are gaining a new action - watch later.
Whether the "options" shortcut to disable the notification is the best choice for the other slot is open to debate, but it's easy to see that some users may want an immediate way to stop notifications if they become annoying.
The new notification action seems to be rolling out via server-side switch, so it may not show up right away, but it's a welcome change nonetheless.
For the past ~week, casting my watch later list from my phone to the Nexus Player has not been working right.
I really wish YouTube had the ability to resume videos where you left off, or have a queue of videos you want to play. I will probably buy myself new phone this year, though I may also end up waiting until 2017 (or longer). I already bought myself a new phone this year, and don't plan on upgrading again this year.
I already bought myself a new phone this year, but I may end buying another before the year ends.
Last month, Nokia released YouTube Upload app for its Lumia windows phones and for some reason, the company has decided to change it to Upload To YouTube. This windows phone app is also compatible with Nokia Video Trimmer app that allows you cut and edit video clips taken with your phone’s camera.

Shortly after Microsoft released its native YouTube Windows Phone 8 app in early-May, Google sent the software giant a cease and desist letter, demanding the app's removal from Store. And, just as I suspected, the latest offering brings a couple of noteworthy new features, among which the ability to upload content. Videos can be shared on YouTube as public or private content, depending on the set privacy setting. I have tested this feature by uploading a short clip, which I recorded using my Nokia Lumia 920. Microsoft also baked-in live video streaming, a feature which was previously unavailable in prior iterations and in other major third-party YouTube clients. It is worth nothing that the ability to upload YouTube videos is not currently available in major third-party clients from Store, like Metrotube. Note : App ?? YouTube ?????????? ??????????? YouTube (Application Developer) ???????????? ??????????????????????? FREE ! But until now, users could only watch the video immediately, or take a shortcut to settings to disable the notification.
If you don't want to see the latest video from your favorite channel right this second, you can tap this new action to add it to your Watch Later list on YouTube. If I have more than 50 videos on the list, the queue gets messed up and the next video that gets played after every video is the first video every single time. Basically like when you connect to a Chromecast and have a "tv queue", sans Chromecast of course.

While no official word has been said about the name change, it could have done to avoid the use of name “YouTube”, which is a part of Google. The reasons, according to the document, centered on three main features that Microsoft baked-in, namely content download, an ad-free user experience and forgoing playback restrictions. Late-yesterday, following a collaboration with Google, Microsoft quietly launched a compliant YouTube Windows Phone 8 app.
Users have to agree to posting original content, and have the smartphone charging and connected to a Wi-Fi network, in order for the process to complete. Users can choose the video category straight from the app, but will have to perform tweaks from the YouTube website control panel.
Windows Phone content creators will have to install Microsoft's latest offering, for easy video uploads (without sending them through the provided email address). The app was pulled from Windows Phone Store in late-May, and replaced with the older iteration. Sign in to personalize your experience with channel subscriptions, personalized recommendations, access to your playlists and uploads, and simple sharing with friends and family.

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