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About 2 years ago, my son was looking for a summer job and seen an ad on CraigsList that guaranteed $12-20 an hour jobs for students.
This post picked up quit a bit of traffic because our SEO man is very good at search engine optimization (SEO). If you don’t want Vector misleading other people, you can end this by sharing this page on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and any other social networking account you have.
I told him what I thought about it and told him he should just go to the interview anyways (surprise, he got an interview… ). The interviews are all group interviews and that all the company has about 3-4 group interviews a week. Once you arrive at the nondescript business building, you will be given an intro on the company, Vector Marketing.
What Cutco does that other knife manufacturers do not is that they offer free sharpening program. No matter how great the steel is or how amazing the kitchen knife is, it will need to be sharpened sooner or later.
The presentation will show you a $200 set of Cutco Knives (that the salesperson must buy with their own money). The scam with Vector Marketing and Cutco Knives is that you won’t make $12-20 an hour. I started with Vector when I was 17 as a Biochemistry major in college and opened my own office with the company by the time I was 19.
My real world experience at Vector is the sole reason that I was just offered a job making 75k salary plus commission my first year out of school!!!
In all of my interviews, not one person asked about my GPA, or other experiences on my resume. Michelle–I got your voicemail but when we tried to email you, the email address bounced back.
A good deal of this information is outdated and the reviews lack a true understanding of marketing processes as well as the Cutco product.
No darling , get it right , it’s not an inability to do a job , a scam is a scam , no matter how smart or slow you may be to sales and marketing . I do not work for Cutco or Victor, but this article is full of lies and it angered me to say something.
While it does take about twice as long to sharpen them, this is only a testament to the quality of the steel and once they are sharpened they stay that way forever or at least until they are mistreated.
Best Law Articles"I've been looking for knife and weapon law guides for awhile and KnifeUp's articles are amazing. Your Rights Advocate"I'm relieved that there is someone out there protecting me and my weapons rights. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time.
No less than 30 minutes later, I got a phone call saying I was "hired." Now, why the hell would they hire somebody who's so paranoid that he blatantly asks how they're not a scam? That all being said, both my sons have extensively applied for minimum wage jobs for the summer and have not even gotten a single call back. Now, for parents out there considering how to advise their children on whether taking a sales job with Vector for the summer, keep in mind that you will be subsidizing it, at least in the beginning, and that it will pay off in the long run only if your kid is cut to be a sales person and is highly motivated.
I totally agree with the person who says it is a scam but at the same time it's not illegal, but maybe a little unethical. MY ADVICE--Don't waste your time, you will make more money working at a McDonald's, at least that way you are guaranteed your pay if you work the hours. One morning at school I was surfing the web looking for a job, I then came up to vector marketing !
So they taught me about the script the receptionists read, and I came to find out what I was reading was all lies! He had the nerve to tell me not to lie to applicants because this one girl stormed out at the interview. Still, if people are looking for gifts, knives and accessories might be a really great deal.
Side note: What professional marketing corporation interviews prospective employees at 6:30pm? The ad stated that you needed to be 17+ with a high school diploma or 18+ without a diploma.
This is taken from Google’s Keyword Tool, a tool that reports how many people search for a term. Social signals are used by search engines to determine rankings and, therefore, if this post becomes #1, Vector losses ;-). He might learn a few things about marketing from seeing how they work–like how they can get young folks motivated to work for them without telling them what they are going to be doing. Cutco owns the Cutco Knives line, Kabar knives, Vector Marketing, as well as a few other companies. Yup, if you drive across the state, you won’t be paid for it and, for in-home sales, you will do a lot of driving. If you are a college student looking for a part time job, I recommend you get a REAL job or, better yet, do something that will be a stepping stone for your career. If you want to work in the sciences like medicine, psychology, or chemistry, look for lab work at your school.
Not everyone can afford to spend that much money on knives and all the literature you put out claims it is no pressure, because they get paid no matter what.
People… this company is just like Mary Kay, Premier Jewelry, Pure Romance and anything else like that.
I can see you put more effort into it than a Twitter post, but still terribly misinformed and largely false. But for anyone interested in hearing more about my positive experience with Vector, just comment on this. Just like i saw in one of the previous articles , the manager was more focused on the applicant that was envolved with sports. For example, if you have 20 appointments in one week, but nobody buys from you they just won’t pay you.
The steel in Cutco is comparable to to knives that would sell for 5x what a Cutco sells for and the blade profile is a perfect balance of a strong spine and a thin edge angle.
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Even though Vector training seems to involve a good deal of brainwashing, as some have pointed out, it also infuses a degree of optimism, willingness to work, belief in one self and teaches selling strategies. These are desperate times, particularly if you live in bankrupt California, where college graduates and experienced workers will line up in front of McDonnalds for a job.

They know these kids are not all going to be successful and that's how they make they're money by not paying the ones (which is the majority) that are not making a lot of sales.
They target young college students knowing they need summer jobs so they are going to take the job. But at the beginning there went from a few receptionists he was hiring to me and one other girl..weird right? On first 2 days, you suddenly get to know Vector time - oops, you have to come 15 minutes earlier. I think that some people really succeed there, but their percentage is under ~20 of all reps. I didn't even know what exactly I was applying for, but it seemed fairly easy and I though I would give it a try.
Beware, we all know about things that are too good to be true… do you expect to get $12-20 an hour with zero experience? If you have a blog, you can also blog about Vector Marketing and link to this post within the blog post.
He paints a clear picture at how you can easily make money selling knives to people you already know. What this means is if I tell my brother about Vector and he signs up and starts selling, I’ll get a cut of his sales.
This makes the 440A steel a lot better because, as I’m sure Vector knows, most people never both to sharpen their knives. Most Americans do not sharpen their kitchen knives so the the brand new Cutco Knives wins by a long shot. It might not pay the best right now but, if you make $5,000 more a year after college because of it, it’ll be more valuable than any college job you could of gotten. Most pizza orders are $20+ and, with a $2 tip and 10 stops an hour, you will get at least $20 in tips. You might need to start bartending at restaurants before you can move up to bars and clubs. They just happened to create a strange marketing company which seems to have some employee issues and inconsistencies.
The company provided the knives for my presentations, so I’d say if you have to buy them be on your toes because there are people trying to scam you and pose as Vector Marketing. I asked about it, and they completely glossed over it by saying that the product is amazing and someone will always buy. To say that you could get a comparable knife at Walmart makes it obvious that the writers experience is very limited and I would seriously doubt the credibility.
If it was a scam, why dont you let you kid into the real world to learn what its like, and if its not, he got a good job. He has made a decent paycheck and since he sets his own hours he is able to work around his school needs.
If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription.
This isn't one of those Mickey Mouse jobs where you can just put in the bear minimum and expect to do well. Personally I almost went and did my thing last year, I had that real nervous feeling in my body..
I started working for vector last summer and I only worked two weeks because I started late in the summer and had vacations preplanned. He had the gall to tell me that I WOULD BE PAID for going to training, covering my gas costs. Lo and behold, I met my mother for the first time in months in between the period of "getting hired" and "training" and I mentioned Vector when I sat and talked to her. I knew it sounded "fishy" from the start but I encouraged her to go because I figured at least she could take away some skills she could use at her next job. When setting up your interview they lie saying how spots are limited but also saying their business grows everyday. When I got there I saw how beautiful the office was , so i was really thinking that it would be a good job ! When it comes to a contract, I say "I am afraid to sign it, I have to take a contract home, study that, and consult with my father before". And yes, do you think every single person would like to have a stranger at their house DURING WORK WEEK? Lo and behold, a receptionist called me the next day and asked me to come in for an interview. My friend Ricardo is the manager at the fort Lauderdale office and he told me personally that it's a scam and only a fool would fall for it that's why they target young desperate people.. Because their business model involves having college kids selling to family and friends, this really means 270 lead sources are lost. You, the new sales rep, will go around and find leads, conduct in-home demonstrations, and sell Cutco knives.
Cutco makes pocket knives, folders, kitchen knives, machetes, balisongs, tomahawks, and a ton of other blades.
Most people don’t need a new set of knives (most people just need to sharpen theirs). We came across your post and want to make sure that your son does get the pay that he deserves.
Bad reviews are probably from those who aren’t sharp or dedicated enough for direct sales.
I have also learned invaluable people skills that most kids my age will not learn until their late twenties. I have seen more different types of knives then probably 95% of the population including old vintage knives to brand new and specialty collector’s knives.
The managers office walls had like one poster on them and the only thing in the room was a desk and two chairs on either side, totally sketchy. When the time came and I had my upcoming interview, I said " screw it im not going for nothing" turns out after I read up on many sites that its a scam..
My 1st summer I showed 200 plus families Cutco and made over 14,000 from selling over 39,000 dollars worth of Cutco.
I told him how much of a metal fan I am, and he sat and discussed different bands and concerts with me for 15 minutes minimum.
On the down side, it is an old fashioned sales job that requires a lot of dedication, boldness, and a personality that most of us do not have.
But your child will learn way more in a summer by doing this than by sitting at the computer desk browsing facebook or playing video games. So when i got to the back with the manager , he started telling me that , i would only get payed if I sold some cutco products . Any good company will 1) have nothing against it; 2) moreover, it will appreciate that person because of being savvy and thinking before doing something.
If you’ve been working for awhile and are a professional, you will realize that a $12-20 an hour job with no real requirement (GED) is a little far fetch.

Vector offers great experience for the future and you CAN do this job and not be a good sales person. I showed up in beaten to hell "good" clothes, and I took the initiative to explain to the person conducting the interview why I appeared as I did. He lied to my face that I would be "coordinating appointments" and NOT selling door to door when I specifically asked. They do not pay for training, transportation, or for the time you are trying to get appointments, which in practice impacts your hourly wage: for instance, if you have two appointments on a given day, one hour each, including transportation time, and spend a couple of hours, let’s say four hours, calling people, then your hourly wage is going to be about five dollars for six hours of work, in case you do not sell. And there is a slight chance that this will turn into a career or a way to help with college expenses if you have given birth to a natural. In the beginning they told her the kit would not cost her anything but she just received an email saying that since she is not selling as much as she should be she is going to have to pay $84 for the kit which they are going to take out of her first paycheck. What they are hoping is that you come in sell a few sets buy their kit get discouraged and quit. However, a manager started telling me, 18 year old, that "it's all written here, just read and sign".
It's not a thing which takes 5 minutes, a presentation can go for about an hour or even more!!! Also, Vector Marketing has been posting in the comment section of this page as well as other pages online with fake testimonials. Her first paycheck was $250 or so and that’s from her starting out commission of 10%. Vector is EXACTLY the type of program that these self made millionaires would RECOMMEND to someone who wants to get rich. Nothing is handed on a platter and Cutco knows how to advertise and reach the masses, is there really anything wrong with that? They gave me the same speech that apparently everyone else got about how they have tons of applicants right now so i needed to schedule an interview for the same day and how this was a great opportunity for me because i am currently in school.
It wasn't till later that I really did a whole lot of research and found out that some of the things that they are doing are not up to scale with the law. I am not a good sales person myself, but I still sold over $6,000 in two weeks and made close to $1,000.
Subtract transportation from this (tear and wear of the car, gasoline, insurance etc) and you will see that it is not impressive pay to start with.
Think how much money they are putting in their pockets if 15 of the 20 people do that in every class. I did stay for the whole thing though, and in the end they gave the group a paper to write what we learned from the presentation. But the way they teach you to sell their product is just wrong.They basically want you to pressure your customer into buying cutco. I told that man to kiss my A#* &&' Walker AWAY Before I Would Have KNOCKED HIS A#* OUT HIS SEAT ! After that, when I said no one more, he asked me to leave the training, cause it would "waste time". He got me with the whole "this is a great opportunity for college students" spiel and I immediately agreed to an interview.
They make you feel like you have a chance, then they show their true colors and bear their fangs. You are expected to go to meetings, which you have to pay to attend, unless you have sold a certain “quota”. The managers are always calling you to see if you sold anything and telling you to bother your family and friends.
Funny enough, I asked where the nearest location was, which happened to be literally right around the corner from my house.
That number is obtained from Google’s Keyword Tool, a tool that shows how many people google which keywords (mainly used by SEOs and advertisers). He is in there leadership program which will look great on his resume after he graduates with a BS in business.
I don't know if I would say that this is a scam because it probably does work for some people but I wouldn't say that just because you didn't do good at this job that you are lazy because that is just rude and disrespectful. People who say its a scam are those people who simply just didn't sell well or just didn't fully commit to the job. I just couldn't believe they make 200 million in sales every year, it is just too good to be true. Also, just like the others how target to stay at home moms and people who may want a side job they can work with their life and schedules Cutco is targeting young adults. Those things are tax write-offs and you’re not compensated for them because you are considered a private business contractor or whatever. I know that this job doesn't sound like it is on the up and up to me, but that is just my opinion. Oh and just to mention, if you work for Vector and leave the company and later decide to come back, you will start out making the percent of sales you were making before you left.
Your percent made based off career sales never goes down and only increases based off career total sales, meaning there is no quota to meet, to it's max point and stays there forever. He also told me to look at their website, and while searching for that in Google I also came across many links about Vector being a scam, or a misleading business scheme at it's best.
The fourth thing is because you’re independent, you have to take the taxes out of your check. They will say "I am OK with what I have now, even though it's not so cool, why do I have to spend few hundred dollars on your stuff, I better buy more products and save my time cooking something for kids".
I feel humiliated about being tricked into thinking I was getting an amazing job, even though I told no one of it. The truth is most people are lazy, and on top of that, most people are super social and comfortable in a sales environment.
So if you are, I would definitely recommend it Vector if you want to build your resume and gain valuable experience. She wanted experience, got credit just for coming out, and I even purchased a ka-bar knife for my dad’s birthday which helps her with the scholarship program she is aiming for through them. I’ve made at least double in this past month than I make 3 months at the restaurant as a hostess. I am not saying that you don’t have to put in the effort to make great money bc nothing comes for free.
However, she walked in with a notebook, her laptop, her FREE demo kit, the second largest block set they have (bc she one it at a conference for FREE lucky goose) but you don’t need that, a smile and great conversation.
I would have to arrive 45 min early to setup after carrying my loads of crap in, help the hostess, entertain people I had no energy for, and then pack it all up after spending time with each guest getting cheap as crap orders and then still having to pack it all back up!
So know your story before you slam a company and try to keep these youngins from working hard.

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