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Adobo Magazine (Philippines)The leading advertising and brand communications resource for the Philippines, covering market trends, insights, media landscape and more.
Adoi Magazine (Malaysia)Malaysia's advertising, media and creativity magazine with all Malaysia's local industry news and insight. Adoi Magazine (Indonesia)Adoi's Indonesian edition with all the local industry news and insight for Indonesia. In the PSA by McCann Lima, porn star Charlette Stokely instructs men how to check for testicular cancer, which can strike men as young as 15. In an innuendo-fueled video, complete with cheesy music, Stokely instructs men how to find lumps that require an ocologist's immediate attention. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorisation.

Describing the new agency, Patkar said, "Monk Media Network is an agency that drives RoI through integration, innovation and communication.
Instant solution to add launch and exit ad slots to your Android app without any need for coding.
AdIQuity’s mediation platform to optimize your inventory across different ad sources without the hassle of technically integrating with various ad partners.
AdIQuity is a state of the art Mobile Ads optimization platform that generates high monetary returns for publishers through real time optimization applied on global ad inventory sourced from leading ad network partners.
According to the Testicular Cancer Society, the condition is highly treatable if caught early. We offer a bouquet of services that encompass conversation management, campaign ideation and execution, media planning and buying and video production.

Our focus on RoI comes from the belief that clients will only invest when they see clear return of revenue.
We strongly believe that brands today need to survive in partner ecosystems rather than in isolation.

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