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Several good reasons to move to Azure – lifecycle services, disaster recovery, excellent use of proof of concept. G Series, which can go as high as 32 cores and 448 RAM, for a range of USD$454-6532, which would be good for production environments. Your options for deploying in Windows Azure are Lifecycle Services, manual setup, and build your own. A very impressive demo showed a web store, and how it can use machine learning to increase sales and increase customer satisfaction.
He discussed using services and use the Tower of Hanoi puzzle and showed how to solve it in X++ and P-Code, demonstrating the differences in performance. As a finale, he attached the Spark Core (a USD$19 Wi-Fi enabled chip) to a phone to measure the temperature and report it in AX.
Microsoft Dynamics AX development tools on Visual Studio 2013 include changes in the Visual Studio environment, Microsoft only tested their VS changes with R3, not with R2. No new training is required – the “Microsoft Dynamics AX development experience does not change after you upgrade.” The tools require Visual Studio Professional 2013, or a better version, such as Ultimate. Synergy has a strong presence in several key verticals; Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality Insurance, Financial Services, Government.
Synergy is particularly well known as a Gold Partner of both Infor Sunsystems, and Microsoft Dynamics Ax and for its implementation expertise and exceptional support.
The cloud is a three-prong cluster consisting of Azure, Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics.

A gotcha is that when you specify the accounts, they do not validate these at the time – a bad account means you will get a failure further down the road. There was definitely the implication throughout the conference that if you are on R2 or RTM you are going to need to upgrade to R3 CU8. It is based centrally in Dubai in the Karama district since it was registered in 1991, and occupies a 7,000 sq ft office with around 80 full time employees.
They are very versatile and some can even accommodate up to twenty individuals which is the ideal number for most businesses.
There is going to be tooling provided, but it appears that the best path will be to get upgraded to AX 2012 R3 CU8 or higher first.
Collaboration will be much easier with new social media changes; for example, CRM will seamlessly link to Lync, OneNote, and Yammer.
Currently the software is the beta phase of its development and that is why it is available for use free of charge.
Another feature include a screen that is awaiting patent that allows a user reproduce his or her screen and make it available for use by up to 20 people.
Conferencing using this software can either be done on the internet or on a Local Area Network.Upon registering for Vyew, one receives 10mb storage space that can accommodate up to 20 participants at a go.
These participants can constantly be reminded of an upcoming web conference by email.UnyteThis is free web conference software. With these free web conference software, the hosts are required to have or be users of Skype.

With the remote desktop feature one is allowed access to files and applications to solve technical problems or collaborate projects that might be miles apart.DimDimThis is another free web conference application. This one has a feature such that the facilitator is allowed to control the pace at which the PowerPoint slides or even the slides on PDF are running once they have been uploaded. Share free web conference software has the capacity of converting with so much ease the excel and word files in to PDF format.
For the files to be available for viewing, the presenter uploads then into a very secure server. In addition to all these features, the presenter has the option of viewing the names on of individuals participating the conference at the far right corner on the screen.
Mikogo – Remote DesktopCross platform free remote desktop sharing tool comes with full of features to assist you in conducting the perfect online meeting, remote support or web conference. It can support share any screen content or application over the Internet in true color quality with up to 10 participants simultaneously, while still sitting at your desk. You can use your microphone or webcam, share documents on a white board, share your screen or record meetings.

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