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A healthy network helps information flow around your organisation as well as through the Internet. Have your own document management system available not just in your office, but securely through a web-based interface. Cloud computing gives individuals and businesses access to always-on high-performance services which just need an Internet connection.
If your broadband is good, then it’s time to move away from paying extortionate costs for telephone systems. Create IT is a leading, professional and proactive ICT services provider based in Newbury, Berkshire.
Our solutions for educational and public sector organisations are highly focused on delivery and quality of service. Create IT are able to provide many periphery services, from high-quality data connections, to high-profile disaster recovery and data backup solutions. Create IT are experts in supporting virtualised environments with thin clients, PC and laptop based infrastructures, as well as Mac’s.
We understand that education demands a high-level of service, that must be very responsive in order to ensure lesson plans run on schedule when they rely on ICT.
We operate flexible ICT support contracts for education, and these are offered at rates befitting your ICT budget. E-mail security is on the agenda for most decision makers as messaging systems become the most critical tool within your organisation. Ever increasing storage requirements, both in terms of compliance and physical demand has resulted in a shift towards more cost-effective, managed backup and disaster recovery services. Our solutions for medium sized businesses are all an effective set of customised services, already in use by many of our customers today. Our customer service is second to none, proof of this is the fact that most of our business is done through referrals from existing clients.
The Internet has become the principle method of communication for small, medium and large businesses alike.
As Microsoft partners, we can advise on, setup, host and support a Microsoft Exchange solution. More than merely emails, you also get sharing of calendars, contacts and tasks as standard. We recommend a minimum term of 12 months, and within this, we can then offer a whole host of optional services, such as Total IT Management, our direct link to your other IT suppliers which enables us to manage them on your behalf, providing you with an end-to-end solution. These services are extremely cost effective, a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff in an IT function. E-mail security is critical for most businesses as messaging systems share emails, documents and data across your organisation.
This is a great way of keeping your storage requirements down on premises, and also provides the ultimate level of resilience. So, if you want to discuss how CreateIT can help you with your business IT, then just contact us or call 01635 277 500 and we’ll discuss this in further detail with you. Create IT is a leading, professional and proactive IT services provider based in Newbury, Berkshire. Our solutions for the small workplace or home office environment have been tailored to ensure we provide the maximum level of high quality services to meet your budget. Increasingly, even the small business can have access to the resilience and professional level of service that your business demands.With a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution you get access to enterprise level messaging at a fraction of the cost, with no upfront investment. You need proactive and cost-effective IT support and with a pre-paid plan you get a access to a bank of support hours to be used as you require them. We partner with Sophos and AVG and offer the best security software available at a much reduced rate than direct purchase. Create IT Group supply and professionally install cost reducing, high-definition video conferencing systems. Your employees are more valuable to you when their time is spent working on delivering to your customers, than it is spent travelling. In brief, you are simply adding mobility to your video conferencing solution, enabling your employees to remain productive and collaborative from within the office, on the road or when working from home (tele-working) using their Internet connection. Room video conferencing can transform an existing meeting room into a fully collaborative environment between other offices, customers and suppliers without the need to travel anywhere.
Draper's neutral backgrounds come in six muted earth tones, and eliminate distractions, help prevent unwanted interference, control room lighting and ensure a consistent corporate image.

Video conferencing often benefits from the ability to change background images or show live action video footage.
See what happens when YouTube and TPO come together at the Telepresence Options YouTube Channel. The next issue of Telepresence Options Magazine and the print version of the Telepresence and Videoconferencing Catalog hits the mail on May 6th. With modern business pressures as they are, video conferencing provides busy executives with huge travel time reductions, not to mention significant financial and environmental savings.
From simple desktop software solutions to high-definition telepresence environments, we can guide you through the entire project from inception to completion, including bespoke software training ensuring that you get the fastest possible return on your investment. If you are thinking about introducing video conferencing into your organisation or simply want some impartial advice on the benefits of using VC technology, please call our customer advisors who will be delighted to assist. Our portfolio includes video conferencing solutions from leading manufacturers including Polycom, Radvision and LifeSize. Whether you use them for email, storage, hosting or software – we can configure, support and maintain the highest level of service.
The trouble is that many don’t realise just how vulnerable they are to server failure, computer loss or even malicious hacking until it happens.
Whether in your offices, or through mobile devices, we will find the best possible broadband solution to offer you the best quality of service for your budget. VoIP is calling using your broadband connection where you pay much less for numbers and extensions along with discounted call charges.
We can help you set it up in all these environments, to shape it around the way you want to work. It is the best means of improving internal and external business communications – get equipped today!
Ensuring it’s fast, equipped, protected and backed up is essential to the smooth running of your organisation. We make good use of an analytical approach to real ICT issues, designing and implementing the most cost-effective solutions, while ensuring longevity in investments that are made. We also have experience of installing and supporting interactive whiteboards from Smart and Promethean. We ensure your ICT suite and equipment, including any servers you hold onsite, are maintaned regularly.
POP3 solutions are great for personal use, but they don’t offer the resilience and or the levels of security that are achiveable with centralised systems. You can receive enterprise-level solutions for a fraction of the cost through hosted solutions.
We understand that as a nimble and growing business you will often need sound advice and support to help you to continue to grow.
We provide ADSL 2+, SDSL and great value Leased Lines, giving you all the bandwidth and speed you need to effectively run your business. You get access to enterprise level messaging at a fraction of the cost, with no upfront investment if you choose to pay a small monthly fee.
As a medium-sized business, you could benefit from an IT support solution that monitors your infrastructure and often identifies issues that are subsequently fixed before the impact your business.
The base package scans all of your e-mail before it arrives at your servers, at the Internet level. We understand that as a small company you will often need sound advice and support to help you grow.
For home offices we provide an ADSL Max data connection that gives you all you need to get up and running. The service is not contracted allowing you to budget very closely with regular reports on hours used, and remaining. As viruses become more advanced it has become more important than ever to ensure that your systems are adequately protected, with no room for downtime. Draper offers three unique types of backgrounds to bring your video conferencing to life, help you communicate more effectively and set your content apart. Custom printed backgrounds convey a brand message, give your telepresence an air of professionalism, or even communicate more clearly between different branch offices. Draper's Chroma Key Backgrounds, typically referred to as "blue screen" or "green screen" technology, make it easy.

You may comment using your name and email (which will not be displayed), or you may connect with your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or DISQUS account. Video conferencing solutions improve key worker productivity and communicate in an altogether more cohesive and efficient manner. Conference calls to business partners, suppliers and co-workers are standard practice within most modern organisations and the need for crystal clear conversations are a must for productive meetings. Every year, companies spend huge amounts of money to make the communication infrastructure better as an improved communication will definitely enhance the overall productivity and profitability of the company.The reason for such big spending is the need for businesses to convey clear business matters. Sharepoint can be the coordination hub for all your business-critical strategies and plans.
We can protect you in the Cloud and at the Internet level, to ensure a clean bill of IT health.
What once needed a bespoke setup, now can be done at a fraction of the cost; from your desktop or larger screens in boardrooms.
We take your budget, business needs and security into account to make sure the server fits you and your business. All of our data connections are great value for money and offer a high level of SLA and resilience. We confidently recommend the following solutions which can be customised to suit your business. It seamlessly synchronises across Outlook, any Internet browser, and your preferred mobile devices.
With Draper's Chroma Key Backgrounds your video conferencing will never be static or lifeless again.
The technology behind the latest audio & video conferencing products delivers data-sharing capability, crystal-clear audio and exceptional highdefinition video quality even in multi-person situations. If you wish to create a huge improvement in your business, it is vital to pay heed on the improvement of the communication aspect of your business and its various modes. You get access to enterprise level messaging at a fraction of the cost, with no upfront investment which is great news for your organisations budget.
The second level adds archiving to the service, giving you an online historical record of all e-mail, internal and external. Draper's Video Conferencing Backgrounds are motorized, manual or fixed, and can be ceiling-recessed, wall mounted or portable. In today’s technological world, audio and web conferencing is the best technology to adapt and take advantage of.Audio and Web Conferencing – Reliable, Quick and Easy Way to ConnectAudio and web conferencing is very basic, simple and economical.
It is advantageous for any business because it eliminates the need to spend money on travel expenses and allowances.
Moreover, instead of wasting time on travelling it allows employees to put their time to good use increasing the productivity of the company.In addition, this platform brings forth everything that is desired for communication and there is no need to fret about the traditional conference calling.
You can access the service from your own Outlook software, from any Internet browser, and fully synchronise everything with your mobile device.
Online video conferencing software has tools that can be used to manage participants and secure and record meetings and conferences.Learn about the interesting features of web conferencingAny business can organize a conference meeting anytime and anywhere with great ease and convenience. The companies which provide conference calling services harness the conferences from the very beginning; therefore, problems encountered are assured to be minimal.
Every conference call is actually free and accessible from any type of phone, from anywhere – repeatedly. Only domestic long-distance rates may apply as determined by each caller’s long-distance carrier. Overcoming Business challenges is his passion and he aspires to reach at the highest rung of his field. He strongly feels conference calling services provide an edge to the businesses over their competitors by saving time and money.

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