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Functions: A self-described "movie maker," Magisto lets you experiment with basic edits, like trims, filters and transitions.
Functions: A pretty basic video-sharing app, Viddy lets you "beautify" your clips with custom filters and soundtracks. Functions: From the team behind Skype, the Qik Video video calling app's newest edition allows you to record and trim footage. Functions: While it doesn't give you as much editing freedom as most apps in this list, VideoGrade lets you drastically alter the color of your video with its 11 high-quality -- and adjustable -- filters. Functions: With Socialcam, there's no time limit on your videos, so you can shoot until your battery gets low.
It's usually an expensive endeavor, but thanks to smartphones, you can try your hand at shooting and editing video without the staggering price. Whether you're an iOS or Android user, these apps are sure to bring out the Spielberg in you. If you're after a one stop shop for video capturing, editing and viewing videos, Videon could be what you're after.
If you're after every bell, whistle and tinsel that a video editing app can provide, pinnacle studio might just satisfy your needs. Supporting raw video data editing (one of the only apps that does- for now), Quick Cut Pro can be used to edit movies easily and quickly, and can be used as a companion tool for iMovie, providing some functions that iMovie currently does not.
Another freebie, Cinefy provides hours of fun for those looking to play with special effects on their videos. Apple's newest release of the iPad has provided a platform for some of the most intuitive, smart and easy to use video editing apps to use on the go.
Video editing effects and light leak overlays designed to make your videos shine, and help you deliver your best. Magisto is the one of the simplest video editing apps as there will not be any strain from your side.
VidTrim is one of the best video editing apps for android where it has many features such as trimming the video, converting the video, extracting the audio from the video and also sharing directly from friends. In this video editing app you can be able to create high quality video clips using the videos and the clips that are available on the devices. Animoto video editing app is used to turn the images combined to make an astonishing video clip.
AndroMedia Video Editor is the one of the unique video editing app designed only for android platforms.
All these video editing apps will give you a simple User Interface and splendid experience. Apart from blogging he is also interested in finding something new in this emerging world of technology and visiting new places, reading magazines and listening to music has been his passion. I would like to be able to zoom in on a rectangular portion of a video, and save that part. There are all kinds of photo editing apps on the iTunes store, from a library full of run-of-the-mill retro filters that make your photos look like grainy keepsakes from the 70’s, through to those that stretch your face around and turn your surroundings into sketches, the choice is pretty endless. But the iPhone 4 now brings us great quality video too, so where are all the VIDEO editing apps that can give us similar effects to some of our good ol’ photo favourites? Over a year ago Anna wrote a list featuring five of her favourite video editing apps and she was pretty disappointed with the lack of choice. There are plenty of others that fullfil specific roles, like just adding music or making video slideshows out of the photos you already have, but really there’s very little choice when it comes to comprehensive video apps that let you edit video, add in and delete clips, make transitions, add filters AND share to your social networks all in one package.
Do you want to create a masterpiece out of the raw video clip of your son’s first birthday? Since getting my iPhone I’ve enjoyed creating short clips and posting them on my Facebook account, but never really did any editing on the device.
This time, instead of getting a video editor to work on your personal video clip, you can do it yourself just by using this video app called Videolicious app. I upload my video to a hosting site so I don’t have to keep it on my phone but if I could edit the video before I upload it that would be great.
It's very informative article for iphone users because it provides a information about a video editing apps. For an easy to use video editing suite that ties in with every other Apple product you may own, you want iMovie.
Pinnacle Studio, formerly known as Avid Studio, has been around longer than iMovie for iOS and contains many of the same features. For a powerful editing suite that supports multiple cloud storage services, look no further than Pinnacle Studio. If you want to capture the best video you can and only have to do minimal editing, Videon is what you want. Magisto isn't technically a video editing suite but it is an incredibly useful app for creating and sharing your video clips.
If you want a great looking movie created with as little effort on your part as possible, a Magisto subscription is your best bet.
Periscope has announced a few upcoming features for its app, including broadcast search and permanent broadcasts. Breaking further from its musical roots, Spotify is planning to venture into deeper into video with a slate of original shows. Avid are well known for creating great editing suites on the desktop platform, and they've brought the power of a prosumer editing app to mobile.

The primary editing tool is the storyboard that lines up all the content that is in your movie in blocks, to make for easy navigation. Nevertheless, Apple has their work cut out for them if they want to recapture the video editor crown any time soon.
If you want a basic, yet powerful editing suite on your iPad, Avid is currently the best choice on the market, and at an unbelievably good price. If you left Android behind and are now rocking an iPhone, what caused you to make the switch?
With only 64gb (max) of storage available for source files, rendered files AND temp files, I'm not sure you could do a ton with it. Would this be for those times that I'm out and about, happen to have video ALREADY loaded on my iPad and won't be going near a desktop or laptop for the next few days? The app lets you shoot series of five-second clips, then assemble them with a storyboard, song and filter. When you're ready, share your videos with a one-click function to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. It comes with a standard drag-and-drop editing layout, but you have the option to use its 30+ drawing tools to customize your footage with effects, texture, shadows and borders.
Its easy-to-use interface lets you choose from more than 100 special effects and animations to add to your video.
As a perk, you can add more than 25 unique transitions to your footage, including white-out effects and out-of-frame fades. We're not talking about Vine — which is great, of course — but apps uniquely designed for adding personal flare to video. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. The newest release of the Apple iPad (iPad Air) means a lot of things, and all of them good. For a mere $2.99 (hey, that's cheaper than a coffee!) Videon provides users with a captivating video editing experience - a tonne of functions such as video filters, video effects and video editing tools for those wanting to be a little more creative. Rated as one of times best 50 ipad apps to have (yes, they still boast this 6 months on!), you can see why it's a must have for video editors. Though it might not give you all of the advanced tools that iMovie or Pinnacle does, Loopster can help you splice, zoom, crop, and rotate videos, as well as add text and motion effects.
Just you have to upload the clip which you want to edit and select the sound clip either from your phone or from Magisto’s library.
Mostly after shooting the video either we cut the first few seconds or the last few seconds.
Once you upload a video or images the HightlightCam video editing app will automatically scans the best contents and edits them to make a splendid movie.
The app offers the user to use up to 12 items and to make the clip for 30 seconds for free. This app has many capabilities that will edit the video by uploading the video, trimming it, and remastering it. Apart from these video editing apps there are many apps  like Video Editor, Video Converter Android, etc. Sure there are some good new additions, but I only really (luckily) found ten that I wanted to feature and three had already appeared in Anna’s list last year.
So, I blew some cash in the App Store to try out video editing apps for the iPhone and post my findings here.
I’m either taking video of my kids or watching video on my iPhone with the help of my DISH Network Sling Adapter.
All apps which includes in above article that's all are a fantastic and very nice apps but iSupr8 is a best apps according to me because i have great experience to use of it. ClipClock makes it super easy to share videos I upload straight from my phone, with the best moments highlighted! She’s particularly interested in wearable technology, how our mobiles can help us to get fitter and ways to introduce mindfulness and meditation into our busy working lives. From basic trimming to adding transitions, titles, and effects, video editing is a breeze on the iPad due to its larger screen real estate. Grab any clip, or multiple clips, from your iPad and easily share or turn it into a beautiful home movie complete with titles and transitions. The layout is slightly different but actually allows for more editing tools to be shown a time, which frequent editors may prefer.
Videon offers lots of unique capture features such as the ability to switch between front and rear cameras while recording, video stabilization, an audio meter, and much more. Simply select the photos and videos you'd like to put together, tell Magisto what kind of movie you'd like, pick a soundtrack, and let it take care of the rest. If so, Philips' Hue lights are probably on your radar, and right now Amazon is offering a $10 savings on the Hue Bloom, dropping the price down to just $50. Since the iPad 2 camera isn't the greatest camera in the world, the option to import video from another device is fantastic.
When it comes to properly fine-tuning the video, you can turn to the timeline to crop, splice and amend timings.
If you make a certain changes, like move a title or add a transition, your preview video won't play properly until you render the video.
Despite the need to render larger changes, Avid makes up for it with it's sheer amount of functions, and flexibility in making the video how you want it, and not having to follow any set templates.

The app offers unlimited access to Opera's VPN service, with five countries available to choose from at launch: USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and The Netherlands.
If you're feeling adventurous, shake your phone to assign random songs and filters to your footage. Lighter weight, better graphics and faster speed are just some of the improvements, but all make the possibility of actually doing serious video editing on the iPad a realistic endeavour. Throw in an easy to view gallery and beautiful interface, and you have a neat little app that caters for all your iPad video editing needs.
Good for beginners, plus you can share your work on Facebook or YouTube with a couple of clicks. From shooting a video to composing and editing it, the work becomes much easier with the number of software’s that are available for PC as well as for the smart phones and tablets too. Imagine, you want to create a video of cooking your own created recipe and want to make it look great and send it to Martha Stewart or to any other online magazine. Like many, if not most App Store junkies, I download based on positive feedback (no fewer than 3 stars), and secondly, on the screenshots – UI design is very important to me. I love how convenient it is to watch live or recorded TV anywhere I go when I have time to kill. As a northerner living in London, she loves exploring the city, going to the cinema at every possible opportunity and Instagramming everything that crosses her path. Whether your next video is a montage of your last family vacation or a school project, the App Store has something for everyone. Pinnacle Studio also links in with Box, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Skydrive, which is something iMovie doesn't offer.
When it comes time to edit your clips, Videon does that too complete with color correction filters, effects, real time previews, and more. Once Magisto is done creating your movie, you'll receive a notification and you can then view and share it however you'd like. Audio content is imported from your Music Library, and you can select from a huge range of sound effects that come with the app. The timeline comes with 1 video track but 3 audio tracks, so you can have sounds play over each other, for soundtracks, sound effects and even a voiceover. Rendering doesn't take too long but is a little bit annoying to have to sit through constantly. With a horde of new apps designed to make video editing on an iPad as simple and easy as possible (whilst still keeping all of the functions you use and need), the future of video editing has never been more innovative and transportable.
For starters, it is a fully functional and professional video editing app for iPad which lets you do just about anything. Rest it will do automatically and finally it will give you a personalized video of your own.
After selecting the images select the sound, choose the video style, words and create an incredible video of your own. No need of selecting the video from gallery and then bringing it to the apps, just you can drag and drop which will make its work easier. Once you're done editing your video you can easily share or export it to YouTube, Facebook, Box, and more. You can add up to 10 clips to a video for free, after that you'll need to pick a Magisto subscription. Most effects and features are easy to find, but there are some hidden ones -- if you drag a video over a video in your timeline, you can add it as a picture in picture or just replace it completely. The app also only supports video formats that the iPad supports, specifically H.264 MP4 files, so you won't be importing any AVCHD footage from your HD camera, or old AVI or MPG files any time soon.
With a new iOS 7 interface and new additions such as speed adjustment, full timeline controls and picture-in-picture, the app is a fully functional mobile video editing platform.
Editing videos, photos and audio is a breeze, mostly due to its easy to use interface and various editing options. This Videolicious app will enable you create a masterpiece from raw, uncut version of your video and also makes the whole process easier and faster. I remember old movies of me as a kid and it would be fun to have some of my kids that look the same.
It's very similar to iMovie on the Mac so if you've ever used that, you'll be right at home. It supports intuitive features such as tapping to add videos, photos and sound effects, and drag to trim video length. Given the extensive functionality of the app it is mostly suited to the serious video editors out there who need functions such as a voice over option, sound effects, media organiser and movie enhancer - however it's so easy to use that even beginners can create some pretty decent vids without being overwhelmed.
It takes three simple steps to incorporate photos and music to your video footage to create a professional looking video from an uncut version, in a documentary style. You can easily upload and share with your contacts from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Unlikely any other apps out ther, it focuses how video clips and music should be merged properly.

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