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Sketch App Sources provides free and premium design resources for Sketch App.We curate hundreds of resources to make designing, prototyping, and iterating faster and more enjoyable. Polarr is one of those rare apps that offers a powerful suite of editing tools without any gimmicks.
Features such as painting over your images with kitschy textures and adding “stickers” may be fun to play with, but they’re not typically considered serious photo editing tools.
Based on the highly-regarded free web-based photo editor of the same name, the free Polarr app now makes this collection of powerful editing tools easily accessible on the iPhone.
Polarr offers an extensive assortment of pro-level editing features and controls, yet it’s readily accessible to iPhone photographers on almost all levels, just like the corresponding web app. Because it’s a full-service editing app, the interface can appear a bit busy and even cluttered. For example, if you want to apply a filter preset (located on the left of the screen) to a photo, you can tap a button to hide the image editing tools on the right side of the screen to give you more space to work with the filter.
However, if you tilt your iPhone into the vertical position while using the app, you’re presented with a side-by-side before and after view of your current photo. The left side of the screen includes filter presets in five categories: Most Used, Modern, Film, Art and Custom.
You can also create custom filter presets for use on future photos, but this feature requires an in-app purchase which also unlocks a few other “pro” tools including a gradient tool. The labels for these tools (Color, Light, Detail, Optical, HSL, Curves and Toning) might take a bit of getting used to if you’re not already familiar with these terms.
Most of the tools mentioned above pop open to reveal additional controls which you can use to fine-tune your edits.
Many of the adjustment options in Polarr are rarely seen in mobile apps, but are common in desktop photo editing software.
While the desktop version of Lightroom still offers far more functionality, such comparisons are not unjustified.
Being able to separately adjust your white and black levels, apply a proper clarity adjustment, and have access to many other advanced editing tools all in one app is extremely convenient. The developer has done a great job of fitting all of these features into the app while still making it easy to navigate. There are even advanced editing tools like HSL channels and Tone Curves that help you to adjust the colors and luminance (light) levels.
You can even apply split-tone adjustments where you add color to the shadow or highlight regions of an image with any colors you choose. Finally, there’s a dynamic histogram that you can turn on or off with a simple tap to help you balance your color and exposure values. Users of the new, larger iPhone 6 and 6+ models will also find that they have more screen real estate to use. While Polarr is an excellent editing app, it’s not without its potential faults (although these depend on your own approach to photo editing).

For one, the app is lacking any sort of layers capability like Pixelmator and other more advanced editing apps. One of the best things about mobile photography (especially with iOS devices) is the sheer variety and selection of available editing apps to choose from.
But unlike some other apps that hide the most useful tools behind in-app purchases, the free version of Polarr works just fine as it is. I tried Polarr a few weeks back, but couldn’t really get my head round how to use it and gave up, in preference for Snapseed and Enlight. People in China have probably noticed that people on their social networks have been sharing vintage-looking caricature avatars featuring themselves. Snap your own portrait and let the app cartoonize it, then you can share the playful portrait on QQ, Weibo, WeChat, even Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
There are other aspects that make MomentCam stand out from existing photo-editing apps like Meitu or Baidu PhotoWonder. Update: MomentCam raised an undisclosed series A round of funding in September, 2014, from Alibaba. With the improvement of science and technology, and people's living standard, users are seeking different kinds of entertainment. There are many applications on iTunes Store, and choosing a suitable video editing app is very important. Now you can record any video and share them on YouTube, Facebook and more with any generation of iPhone. Tips: If you have got some video clips or movies you want to change the video format of them on your Mac computer, here we strongly recommend the Video Converter for Mac to you. We often see flowers opening, clouds surging and people come back and forth in film, television, these are photography by ultra-slow, and achieved by normal playback of the video compositing. ReelDirector is a powerful, easy to use, and interesting iPhone apps that can create titles and effects of the film. High-quality special effects, high-quality video output, high-quality products are our specialty. Whether you prefer the charm of Hollywood special effects, 8mm film of retro style, or fashion brilliant LOMO effect, special effects of CinemaFX for Video can fulfill all your needs! After viewing so many video editing apps for iPhone, you can choose one that you like most. While there are many great editing apps that offer a wide range of editing tools, many of them often include additional features that can feel too gimmicky. However, the layout of the interface has been carefully designed to spread the functions out on the left, right and bottom of the screen, and you can adjust this workspace to show more or less of the tools depending on what you’re working on.
One quick observation is that the app is meant to only function when holding your iPhone horizontally. There’s a great selection of filters, but if there aren’t enough for your tastes you can always tweak them endlessly using the editing tools on the right side of the screen.

There, you’ll find the expected classic adjustment tools such as exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows, temperature, distortions and vignette. If you look at the reviews on the App Store, you’ll see numerous comments about Polarr being like Lightroom in terms of functionality.
While not a deal breaker, this is something to be aware of when considering the app for a spot on your iPhone.
Additional filters and a couple of really advanced tools are also available for a one-time in-app purchase of $4.99.
Upgrading to the “pro” tools version will add functionality, but the free app is simply fantastic! From tech-savvy young people, selfie-lovers to moms and pops who just start to get the hang of social networking, a wide demographic is using MomentCam, allegedly the world’s first photo-editing app that generates caricatures from real portraits. First off, the app is a self-mocking experience, freeing people from their hyper self-awareness daily routine. I just checked and requires a lot of permissions like phone state and user account as well. I am always on the lookout for awesome Photo Editing Software.Thanks for your Informative post. We here list some video editing apps for iPhone with different functions, and you can read the introduction and reviews of them to decide which one fits your demand most. The people's voice in the video recorded by this app will automatically turn into children's voice.
Now you can easily achieve results which expensive equipment can reach through ReelMoments. If you want to edit your videos with more professional software, you can edit videos on computer with Best Video Editor, and for Mac users, you may have a look at Best Video Editor for Mac. No kidding, I asked my parents to try it and they joyfully sent back their artworks within ten minutes. Second, there is little concern about privacy since faces are hardly recognizable, so people feel comfortable sharing their caricatures on social media – free advertising. I’d say it can sit alongside the afore-mentioned apps and is fast becoming the one I go to first.
Lastly, the caricatures are high-quality works from trained artists and developers keep pouring new cartoons into the suite.

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