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Aviary today released its Photo Editor app for Windows Phone, expanding its reach beyond just iOS, Android, and Windows 8 platforms.
Aviary tells us that with its Windows Phone app, it focused on the most-used features in the photo app, so it will not have the all of same features those that the iOS and Android versions have.
The company tells us that with Windows Phone, an feature it launched exclusively for the platform is its Metro design. As Microsoft continues to tout that the camera on its Windows Phone devices are superior to the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S III, having an app that can take those quality photos and make them better can be a good thing. Today’s news comes as Instagram is reportedly trying to be launched on Nokia Windows Phone devices. Photo Studio FREE is a free Windows 8 photo editor app placed under the ‘Photo’ category of Windows 8 app store. However, if you did not the effects you have done ‘Ok’ to, and now want to switch to the original one, then you can do it very easily. Lets you choose a photo from local library, recent photos, or use camera to capture one instantly, from within the app. As you open the app, you will three different options to upload a photo: Browse, Recent, and Camera. You will be soon taken to the app store and now you can proceed with further steps for installing the app.
In short, Photo Studio FREE is a good fun photo editor app for Windows 8 where you can give your photos a professional looking effects.
Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news. In the last two months, I’ve spent a lot of time downloading different Windows 8 apps for photo editing.
I do all my editing on my Intel AIO HP Envy Rove, which has an amazing touch-screen interface.
The other day in my How I Spent My Holiday Vacation post, I showed you how I used Phototastic to create a fun Christmas collage of my son. Sometimes you just want to have a little fun with your photos without any particular goal in mind. InPic isn’t really a photo editing app, per se, but it deserves a spot on this list because it gave me an easy way to upload my pictures from my PC to Instagram. I’ve had mine for over two months now and I still haven’t seen all that it can do!
Aviary’s photo editor is one of the most famous photo editors available for most of the mobile platform plus it’s has a very popular web version of this photo editor. The app’s features are quite similar to the ones provided in other versions of the app for other platforms. The app will open up a sample image of the left part of the screen and preview thumbnails of some pictures from your picture library. Now you can start editing the photo by using the hosts of features provided by this Photo Editor app for Windows 8. In total this is one of best photo editor app for Windows 8 and comes with all the features that an average or common users will likely require. Here are 4 Free Windows 8 Photo Editing Apps for those who are into making their photos beautiful by giving amazing photo effects.
Out the four given apps, the first three are available under the ‘Photo’ category of Windows 8 Store, while the last one (Skitch) is available under the ‘Productivity’ category of Windows 8 Store. Awesome Pictures is one the most popular photo editing apps available in the Windows 8 Store. In addition, this Windows 8 photo editing app lets you annotate your pictures using circles, and arrows.
FotoEditor is yet another popular Windows 8 photo editing app available under the ‘Photo’ category of Windows 8 store.

It’s a very simple photo editor Windows 8 app where you can upload a photo from your PC else, just capture live from within the app (using Web-Cam). Available under the ‘Photo’ category of Windows 8 store, Photo Monkey is an excellent Windows 8 photo editing app to edit photos by using amazing photo effects such as painted, vintage, black & white, and many more. Once you are done with photo editing on Photo Monkey app, you can now save it your PC’s photo library or share it with others via Facebook, Twitter, or just send them personally via Email.
Ending my post with this last but of course not the least Windows 8 photo editing app available under the ‘Productivity’ app on the Windows 8 Store. There are options to choose a source over which you would like to make modifications such as a blank virtual page, upload an image from your system’s library, or capture one instantly, using the integrated web-cam. Users can download the app from the Windows Phone Store starting today and, for a limited time, in-app purchases such as stickers and effects will be free. Along with the standard features like filters, being able to crop and rotate, and general enhancements, Aviary’s Photo Editor also lets you draw on your photo, add text, and yes, even apply stickers.
This initial version comes with cropping, autocorrect, 12 effects and filters, 23 stickers, drawing, texting, enhancements, teeth whitening, removing of blemishes, and red eye correction. Aviary says it designed it in a way so that it’s not “just a port”, but something that has been crafted to “seamlessly” integrate with the Windows Phone 8 theme. In March, the company announced that it has surpassed the 3 billion photos edited milestone, spurred on through partnerships with Yahoo, Photobucket, Walgreens, and Twitter. He carries around a big camera & likes to write about tech, startups, parties, and interesting people. This photo editor Windows 8 app lets you use different amazing photo effects and give your photo a whole new look. You can use these apps on a Surface tablet or even a non-touch-screen PC with Windows 8 installed on it. I was actually looking for a good photo app that would have some good effects and I think i found it. I just got a new PC laptop and I was wondering how to do resizing on pics that I need to post to different platforms.
I also have a free program called FS viewer that makes resizing easy with just a couple clicks. Recently the company has released a Windows 8 version of popular app and also a SDK that can be used by other application developers. If you want a simple to use feature rich Photo Editor app for Windows 8 then definitely try out this app which annoyingly is just called Photo Editor. You can get this Photo Editor app for Windows 8 from the link provided at the very end of this post. Also you have the browse button that enables you to browse for images through the computer. These editing features include the ability to add effects, add stickers, add text, change the images orientation, blemish, red eye, saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpness, whiten, even draw over your photos etc. When clicked, the app will show you the preview of all the effects in the bottom area of the app Windows as seen below in the screenshot. You can add unique effects to your photos and share them online with others via Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Using this Windows 8 photo editor app, you can edit all your captured moments by using tools available with the app. Here, you will find more than 40 unique photo effects such as Distort, Artistic, Stylize, Crop, Morphology, and many more. You can read more about Photo Money or just give it trial by installing the app from the store.
Here, in this you can easily decorate your photos by adding annotations, draw objects, use pointers, arrows, circles, or add text, etc.. In the above example, taken during a day exploring nature, I wanted to keep my son looking like, well, a human, while altering the colors of the background to create a sort of fantasy land with purple water.

I took a goofy picture of Jake from when we went on our Carnival Miracle cruise a few years ago and turned him into a page in an antique book. While I do have a tablet that I use for quite a few things, I don’t really use it to take pictures.
Now, if they can ever roll all of the features into one program, I’d be in a state of bliss! There are about 35 million users of aviary’s photo editor service, now they are expanding to the Windows 8 platform with the launch of Photo Editor app for Windows 8.
When you run the app you will have the interface in front of you as seen in the screenshot below.
When you select an image you will be taken to the screen which will look as shown in the screenshot below. To apply or preview any effects on the image of your choice, just click on the preview thumbnail of the effect that you like and to apply that effect just click on the ‘apply’ button located on the upper right corner of the app window. You can either upload a picture from your local machine or just capture one using the Web-Cam, from within the app. The 1-Tap Enhance is one of the best of its kind I’ve ever seen, actually improving the overall look of the picture most of the time. While I’m sure you can use other photo editing software to achieve the same effect, Selektiv makes it a piece of cake. Awesome Pictures brings you a hand-free editing where you wont find photo effects, rather you would require to use editing tools such as pencil, shapes, blur, vintage effects, add text, and more. You get a large section of professional photo effects, you can save a photo to a different desired format, change quality, or just share it with others, from within the app. The awesome thing about Phototastic is that you can create collages with just one picture all the way up to 25 images (with the Pro version, it only costs $3.49 though and is totally worth it!). Basically, it involved uploading to Dropbox on my PC, downloading on my tablet, then uploading to Instagram. My favorite aspect of Phototastic is that it creates a 3D effect with your collages, so they stand out on the page more.
Another feature I really love is the tilt-shift, so you can bring one part of the picture into focus while blurring the rest.
The longest part was waiting for it to upload to the server and download again with the finished product.
With InPic, it takes seconds to send any picture I want straight to my Instagram account, which means I’m more likely to actually REMEMBER that I have an Instagram! You can edit photos with the same basic tools that you’ll find on the Instagram app too, so it does count as one of the best Windows 8 apps for photo editing. You can Add text to photo, rotate photo clockwise or anticlockwise, crop photo and lots more to do.Picture Perfect is powered by Aviary which is one of the best editor. It also includes nine photo effect categories each filled to the brim with amazing effects to make your photos stand out.
Photo Editor :Photo Editor is a easy and powerful photo editor that lets you quickly crop, resize, and fine-tune any picture, all in a completely ad-free experience. Choose from over thousand combinations of free effects, hue, saturation, and text to further personalize your image. This is the most popular mobile photo editor free app for windows phone with maximum resolution than any other photo editor app.6. Just take a snapshot, customize the effects, tag the people you spent the moment with, check in your location, and share it with friends and family through your favorite social networks.7.

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