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With nearly 600 built-in templates, FotoFuse makes it simple and fun to combine multiple photos into a single collage, ready to be shared with family and friends. Photo collage apps have flourished on mobile devices, making it easy to assemble multiple images into a single share-friendly file.
FotoFuse incorporates the same great photo editing features, styles, and adjustments found in other Chronos creative apps. In the upper right corner are buttons for switching between Object, Format, and Canvas panels in the design sidebar underneath.
One key difference is the Template Chooser, a staple of previous Chronos apps which now lives in the new Projects browser rather than being displayed at launch. Projects arena€™t limited to specific sizes, but locked to an aspect ratio chosen when creating a new folder. The standard Chronos Template Chooser has been replaced with a pop-up window in the Project browser that offers nearly 600 stylish templates. Double-clicking placed photos enables reposition, crop, styles and filters, adjustments, and other image editing options, all of which are done without leaving FotoFuse. FotoFuse introduces the Folder sidebar, which is used to organize and manage projects created in the same aspect ratio.
FotoFuse uses the OS X sharing extension for one-click uploading to connected services, but this proved limiting since only Facebook and Twitter offer built-in support. FotoFuse offers a full range of creative features, including the option to set independent display and print quality resolutions.
Rather than just redo the iOS interface, the Mac port rethinks your workflow by letting you accomplish most touch ups with just a click or two. What you won’t find in iOS apps, however, are advanced color correction and editing tools. Social features, seen in the above screenshot, include built-in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr sharing and direct iPhoto export. With its iPhoto-like ease of use, attractive user interface and top-notch photo effects, FX Photo Studio is an avid photographer’s must-have. Depending upon your configuration, the “Resolve” system consists of five or six components, not including monitors. I also use a larger 24 inch 2s2 reference monitor which is plugged into the HDMI output of the Blackmagic card.
Another popular addition would be a Panasonic 50 inch plasma monitor, calibrated to be as true as possible. Evidently, you only want graphics cards that use CUDA technology for the processing part of your system, not for the monitor, as the software will try to use every Cuda core that it can find, and get confused. Resolve uses CUDA core technology to enhance graphics processing for real-time viewing, and this brings us to our fourth component. The fifth component is an optional bus extender box from Cubix that will hold your extra NVIDIA cards. Mine sits right on top of my Mac Pro, and although the fans aren’t silent, they are not annoying either. The DaVinci Resolve for Mac system will work at this point, but there is another product that will make your life much easier.
I have been reviewing products for over 10 years now, and I’ve got to tell you, that the DaVinci Resolve for Mac has got to be the coolest product that I have ever reviewed. Now that I had the work area selected I hit an HSL qualifier button, and sampled the color of the shirt.
For fun, I gave the macho biker a pink T-shirt by simply rolling the Mid Range trackball toward pink. Another of the test clips has a parrot in a wooded green park with a waterfall and a washed out sky. With the low, mid, and highlight controls you can precisely control only the part of your image that needs work, without affecting everything else.
All of these controls have sub controls that allow you to select precisely what you need to correct. How many of us have had to edit a bald guy who had a Specular highlight on the top of his head. The Color Correction Handbook: Professional Techniques for Video and Cinema by Alexis Van Hurkman.
This entry was posted in Computers, Software and tagged cubix, david hurd review, film school, nvidia, Resolve, silverado systems, Tangent, The DaVinci Resolve for Mac Review, video editing. Anyone familiar with the companya€™s line of consumer Mac software including iScrapbook, Greeting Card Shop, or PrintLife will feel instantly at home because the user interface is nearly identical. The Object panel includes tabbed windows for creating text, adding shapes or artwork, importing photos, or setting up favorites; likewise, the Format inspector offers tons of options for enhancing content from the Style, Image, and Arrange tabs.

Users can add new folders from the sidebar, which then opens a pop-up window containing nearly 600 templates across 13 different categories like Antique, Collage, Gallery, and Polaroid. FotoFuse defaults to Instagram-friendly Square, but four other proportions are available via pulldown menu. All included templates include photo placeholders; double-clicking an image opens the photo browser, where you can choose an existing image from Photos, iPhoto, or Aperture, and then drag and drop it to swap with the placeholder. When finished, images can be optimized to preferred sizes for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks. Thankfully, users can directly export projects or entire folders in PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or PNG format with custom compression settings. For example, the software often lagged opening projects with images that had filters and textures applied. FotoFuse makes it easy and fun to do on a Mac, with a far richer toolbox than mobile apps can provide. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
Gorgeous effect thumbnails with live previews reside lined up inside the panel below the workspace. We’re talking high-quality stuff, not the crippled filters you often find in many other photo editing applications. There are fifteen of those in the Pro version, ranging from exposure, brightness, saturation, hue, color balance and sharpening tools to shadows, highlights, levels and individual channel controls.
On the downside, disk exporting options (image size, quality settings) could use a little work. For just about everyone else dealing with digital photographs it’s a recommended download. As a result, even novice types can enhance their digital photographs in a snap (no pun intended). Silverado Systems, an Apple systems integrator located in Folsom, California, told me that the tests they ran showed that the Resolve used all 12 cores of a Mac Pro fully and evenly. 2s2 makes some great stuff, and between the two monitors I can get pretty good idea of what my final images will look like.
This option allows you to take advantage of the blacker blacks that plasma monitors are known for. My Eizo ColorEdge CG243W has great color, which really helps to accurately select colors in the Resolve system. I used an NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac professional graphics card with my smaller system, and two of them with my 12 core Mac Pro. Since the Mac Pro only has four slots, you will need this if you wish to use more than one Quadro 4000 card.
The actual box with fans and a power supply, and the card that plugs into slot 2, which is a 16 X slot.
It has a solid metal case, power cables for the Quadro 4000 cards, and even a locking system for both the front and back of the cards.
The GPU-Xpander Desktop 2 is just a great piece of gear that also accelerates Adobe CS 5.5, but that’s another story. First, I had to Shuttle over to the middle of the clip so that I could reach a point where the shirt was visible. Hitting the forward track button tracked the shirt to the end of the clip, and the reverse button tracked it back to the beginning of the clip. The power windows mark the area that will be affected, and the qualifiers are used as fine-tuning selectors. It allows you to fix rough looking footage, and turn good-looking images into great-looking images.
Try to remix those photos on the Mac however, and you might discover ita€™s an exercise in frustration. Folders can be renamed, copied, duplicated, or rearranged, but projects can only be dragged and dropped between folders with the same matching aspect ratio. The software would also take several seconds when switching back to the Projects browser, which then appeared completely blank until I clicked on it and forced the thumbnails to redraw. The opportunity is clearly there: Excluding big-name suites and a few established programs from indies, quality yet affordable photo editing programs are few and far between on the Mac.
You can hide the effects panel with a single click in order to fully focus on the image at hand. I also wanted in-app emailing akin to iPhoto because I don’t like being yanked out of my app when sharing images via email. The demanding types looking to get the most out of their snaps are better off with Apple’s Aperture or one of the Adobe applications, though.

The good news is that Blackmagic Design purchased the company, and released the DaVinci Resolve for Mac at a price that is truly affordable. You can use a smaller, slower Mac Pro, but the amount of “nodes” that you can use in real time will be less.
Since selecting areas to change is a huge part of your workload, it’s important to have a good monitor. Each of the Quadro 4000 cards has about 256 cores, so two of them give you 512 cores to help with your graphics processing. Since my 12 core Mac Pro actually has 24 virtual cores, the 512 CUDA cores should speed up the processing by a factor of 20, making 2K real-time playback a reality.
It has fans to cool the Quadro 4000 cards, which run pretty hot, and four LED lights on the front of the case that let you know everything is running properly.
I use an ATTO R380 SAS controller card, connected to 16 Seagate SAS drives in two CI design cases. At under $1600, it gives you many of the controls of the $30,000 DaVinci controller that is available from Blackmagic.
Next, I hit a power window button, and used my mouse to position it over the white T-shirt.
Another qualifier controlled the lushness of the greens, which could be shifted toward red orange to make the summer clip look like it had been shot in autumn. It will have much better conform options, a multilayer timeline, image stabilization, and better grading tools.
That being said, I set out to review FX Photo Studio on an aging 2.4GHz unibody Mac mini with 2GB RAM running Snow Leopard. A handy drop-down menu lists your filters by category (Cross Process, Sketches and Textures, Vintage and Grunge, TiltShift and Blur, Hollywood FX and Color Strokes plus more). For the mainstream consumer, the only viable contender to FX Photo Studio is Pixelmator, a general-purpose image editing program that lacks FX Photo Studio’s strong photography focus. I use the SDI output to power my 17 inch TV logic reference monitor that has been giving me true images for over two years now. This card works well because it has no Cuda cores, which is what you want for your monitor.
Since the two, 16 X slots in the system are needed for other components, my GeForce 120 card is installed in slot 4, which is only a 4X slot.
Another advantage to this particular monitor is that it can also be calibrated for various types of Photoshop work. I found that having knobs, dials, and trackballs for everything was a lot easier than using my mouse. Then, using the zoom, aspect, and softness controls I sized the Power window to fit the shirt. The program’s Mac-ified interface takes feature parity across platforms to a whole new level and a lot richer editing tools build upon that. For example, I can do a mashup on my iPhone and import the resulting preset code into FX Photo Studio for Mac to continue using the same filter combo on my desktop.
My rusty old Mac mini mostly zips through ten-megapixel snaps, with most effects taking a second or two to render. Fortunately, MacPhun is offering a regular version that supports fewer image formats, has only basic editing tools and lets you work with up to 16-megapixel resolution images for half the price of the Pro version. Amazingly, this powers my single Eizo 24 inch monitor at full resolution, without any problems. According to Apple, the ATTO R380 SAS controller card should be installed in slot 1, which is the other 16 X slot. The playback controls are also very helpful, allowing you to jump from clip to clip, or frame to frame. Final Cut Pro XML support will be also be included, which will make it easier for Final Cut Pro users. Elegant animations lend to the sense of liveliness without slowing you down or obscuring your view.
Pros will appreciate its high-quality filters and the features which allow for advanced touch ups.

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