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Whether they are planning to edit video with software from Adobe, Apple, or Avid, the new Mac Mini with Thunderbolt has become the preferred platform for many people, including several of my consulting clients who are tired of waiting for new MacPros to be released and can’t stand the glare from the ultra-glossy iMac.
I’ll be covering the yet-to-be-released Thunderbolt-capable professional audio video interfaces in upcoming articles.
Promise has just sent me an evaluation unit of one of these, and I’ll be reviewing it very soon here in ProVideo Coalition magazine.
None of the manufacturers listed in this article is paying Allan T©pper or TecnoTur LLC specifically to write this article.
Born in Connecticut, United States, Allan Tepper is a bilingual consultant, multi-title author, tech journalist, translator, and language activist who has been working with professional video since the eighties. ABOUTProVideo Coalition brings together the film industry’s best writers, bloggers and video experts under one URL. This award-winning site provides comprehensive information on both production and post-production in multi-distribution film, online, mobile, and broadcast environments. NewsletterSign up for the ProVideo Coalition weekly e-newsletter and get the most popular articles, blogs, and reviews right to your inbox. Earlier this year, a team of ex-Apple engineers released Astropad, an app designed to turn the iPad into a graphics tablet for the Mac. Like the iPad version of the app, Astropad Mini transforms the iPhone into a miniaturized professional graphics tablet that can be used with the Mac after installing the accompanying Astropad Mac app. Mirroring the Mac's display to the iPhone produces little to no lag with speeds up to 60 FPS, and edits made within apps like Photoshop or Pixelmator are displayed in realtime on the Mac's display, for a seamless editing experience.
Since it's just mirroring the Mac's display, it also works with any Mac app, from photo editing apps to graphics apps. Pinch and zoom gestures are supported for navigation, and there's also a set of customizable keyboard shortcuts. Astropad Mini works with all iPhones that have iOS 8 installed and all Macs running OS X Mavericks 10.9 or later. Ironically, we still end up using Procreate, when on iOS, instead of linking devices to Desktop software. Earlier this week rumors suggested that an Apple Music overhaul is being prepared for a worldwide reveal at WWDC this June, with a launch in the fall within iOS 10. Philip GowardA and Maia OlsonA of Smile provide a briefing on the new features of PDFpen 8 and PDFpen Pro 8. MacVoices Magazine, our free magazine on Flipboard that helps you do more with your Apple tech. Macstock Conference & Expo and the Midwest Mac BBQ, coming to Woodstock IL on July 16 and 17.
Joe Kissell is the author of over two dozen Take Control ebooks, as well as a host of print books. This edition of MacVoices is supported by Macstock Conference & Expo and the Midwest Mac BBQ, coming to Woodstock IL on July 16 and 17.
AtA NABA in Las Vegas, Drobo Chief Technical Officer Rod Harrison covers some of the latest enhancements to their line of expandable, redundant mass storage devices, and explains how they maintain a focus on simplicity in a world where complexity and feature bloat are very real occupational hazards. AtA NABA in Las Vegas, we found Rich Harrington taking a rare break from his busy schedule of teaching and appearances, and persuaded him to give us an update on his many activities. A certified instructor for Adobe, Apple, and Avid, Richard Harrington is a practiced expert in motion graphic design and digital video.
Rich is a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals Instructor Dream Team, and a popular speaker on the digital video circuit. A This edition of MacVoices is supported by Macstock Conference & Expo and the Midwest Mac BBQ, coming to Woodstock IL on July 16 and 17. A At NABin Las Vegas, Alex Grossman, the President and CEO of SymplyA explains why your storage needs are constantly increasing, and how their new storage solutions address those needs for both the individual creative as well as collaboration production environments. At NAB in Las Vegas, Uli Futschik, the Chief Operating Officer of Freedom360, shows us their Broadcaster 360A that delivers 360-degree video from only three GoPro cameras. Nick MattinglyA of Switcher StudioA had a very busy schedule at NAB and the associated events events.

At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, Jeffrey Martin, founder and CEO of Sphericam, introduces their baseball-sized camera that can deliver 360-degree video in 4K at 60 frames per second.
At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, Mark Horton, Strategic Product Manager of Ericsson talks about their new technology that will enhance video, including live video, with HDR (high dynamic range) processing that delivers a superior picture.
At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, Dale Hylton, the Director of Events & Dealer Support for Autel RoboticsA demonstrates their prototype handheld 3-axis gimbal for smart phones. Charles Edge has advancedA Take Control of OS X Server to the third edition, this time covering the revisions and changes in Server 5.
If you are in a rush and only want 8GB, you can upgrade that at time of purchase of your BTO Mac Mini for US$200. However, at publication time of this article, Apple USA has mysteriously segregated the keyboard offerings (although exclusively) with the Mac Mini. This monitor is not IPS, so its performance will vary depending upon your angle of view, and will only give you its best performance when you are directly front and center.
Listen to his TecnoTur program, which is now available both in Castilian and in English, free of charge. Since 1994, Tepper has been consulting both end-users and manufacturers through his Florida company. PVC is owned by Moviola, headquartered in the heart of Hollywood and dedicated to the film industry since 1919. Following rave reviews, the team behind Astropad decided to expand to the iPhone, and is today debuting a new Astropad Mini app. With the Astropad Mac app installed, the Mac's display is mirrored to the iPhone, allowing the iPhone's touch controls to be used for editing photos and creating art.
Astropad Mini works with a finger or with a range of different Bluetooth-enabled styluses, supporting pressure sensitivity with certain models like the Adonit Jot Touch. In our testing with Photoshop CC, Astropad Mini worked lag free over WiFi, but there's also the option to plug it in via USB for an even faster connection.
An optional Apple Watch app included with Astropad Mini also includes quick-access customizable shortcuts that can be selected with just a tap. As an independent creator, time is very important and Astropad has reduced each issuea€™s creation time.
In addition to making conversion to Word or Excel function without anA Internet connection, the new version provides sophisticated digital signature capabilities. Over that time she has worn many hats, including those of customer support, technical writing, marketing and PR.
Are Your Bits Flipped?A helps you understand some common tech misconceptions that can make you more efficient and appreciate the way the world works.
JB Lauzon talks about how their Ribcage kits can adapt your GoPro for professional lenses of all types.
Rich talks about the value proposition of NAB and Post Production World, his company, his newest web site, ThinkTAPLearn, and why he is so driven to share visual storytelling skills. Starting his career out in the world of broadcast journalism, Rich has always had great interest in visual communications. His book, Photoshop for Video, was the first of its kind to focus on Photoshopa€™s application in the world of video. Division CEO Steve McIrvinA shows off the newest version of their X-Star Premium drone that can be equipped with Lume Cube lights to create a powerful search-and-rescue unit that can fly info dark, inhospitable areas, illuminate those areas, and send back video.
Tim provides some examples of VR headset monitoring, the 360-degree plugins, and how the software solves some of the problems 3D editors have been facing. With features such as remote wireless control and rescue, customizable display, cue point recognition and easy script loading, ProPrompter Studio moves to the head of the pack. With remote management via iOS, storage monitoring via Apple Watch and expandability so that your needs are always met, Symply might be just what you are looking for. With a little retro-fitting and some special lenses, they deliver a more cost-effective way to get into the immersive video world. We caught him during a break to hear all about it, see his set-up, and find out whata€™s next for the iOS-based video production software.

Featuring a Watch folder, the ability to stitch clips together and much more, Proxymill simplifies your post production. Not just 4K or UHD (ultra-high definition), HDR uses more of the information captured by modern cameras to provide a better, richer picture. I have a Sony mini dv camcorder (Sony DCR-PC101) and I want to transfer all my video into my MAC (MBP 15 inch 2010 model). However, if you can wait and are willing to install the upgrade yourself, you can save approximately US$123 by going to a reputable third-party RAM supplier like OWC (Other World Computing) and purchasing their 8GB upgrade kit here for US$76.99.
See my related article Apple USA unfortunately segregates Mac Mini’s keyboard options.
This is close to half the price of Apple’s LED Cinema Display and it won’t glare you! The ebook version is DRM-free and now available from the Amazon Kindle store, Apple iBooks store, Barnes & Noble NOOKbook store, and other popular ebook sources. Via TecnoTur, Tepper has been giving video tech seminars in several South Florida’s universities and training centers, and in a half dozen Latin American countries, in their native language.
I remember using it over wifi with my MacBook on in one room and me just doodling in the living room with my Jot. Not just putting a graphical representation of your signature on a document, but a certificate-backed signature suitable for business uses. From something as simple as the way you open apps on your Mac to what your email address says about you, to who you should really trust and why, Joea€™s guidance will help you unflip your bits and be more tech savvy. The kits can be installed by the end user, or Back-Bone will sell you a GoPro with the modifications already installed and ready to use.
His producing skills were also recognized by AV Video Multimedia Producer Magazine who named him as one of the Top Producers of 2004. He is also a contributing author for Applea€™s Aperture, iLife a€™08 and iWork a€™08, Final Cut Pro On the Spot, After Effects On the Spot, After Effects at Work, and Producing Video Podcasts. With an impressive range and the strength of the Lume Cubes, the X-Star Premium is one more reason drones are an important part of emergency response, among other tasks. Dale discusses why they are looking for consumer input on the features of the device, and how you might even be able to name it. Charles talks about some of those changes, why you might not want to run your own server, and why you definitely shouldna€™t run your own mail server. Even the third-party iOS stylus products with pressure hacks are utterly unprofessional (because the OS isn't designed for pressure or precision pointing devices).
Philip and Maia talk about the costs, methods and degrees of confidence associated with those signatures, the move on the the new attachments features that let you embed audio, video and other types of files in your PDFs, creating PDF portfolios and more. If you do, though, Charles discusses automatic software updates, how and why to back up servers, and more.
If you need 16GB RAM, then OWC also offers a 16GB upgrade kit at the same link, but the price is so high at publication time that it’s better if you just check when you need it. As a certified ATA (American Translators Association) translator, Tepper has translated and localized dozens of advertisements, catalogs, software, and technical manuals for the Spanish and Latin American markets.
For the combined price of this app and the adonit, you could get a small wacom intuos, which is super portable, and will do the job a lot more efficiently (obviously sans screen. Find out how to upgrade no matter where or how you purchased the previous versions of PDFpen. The conversation also touches on security, the goods and bads of corporate IT departments, and Charlesa€™ many other projects and books. At publication time, Apple doesn’t yet offer a 16GB upgrade for the Mac Mini via its BTO system.
Over the past 18 years, Tepper’s articles have been published or quoted in more than a dozen magazines, newspapers, and electronic media in Latin America.

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