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Apple today released a new version of Logic Pro X, its professional audio editing software, bringing the current version to 10.1 and adding a long list of new features. In addition to updating Logic Pro X, Apple released version 1.2 of its Logic Remote iPad app with a new plug-in view for remotely controlling parameters and adding or rearranging plug-ins.
I’ve been using Logic since it was called C-lab Creator and I was using it to drive a massive MIDI rig that included a Fostex R-8 for live gigs and used a kick bass to drive the clock. The GarageBand-like shell made it accessible for thousands of users but it you go beneath this it becomes one of those apps that requires a lot more effort to master than a number of equally powerful competing DAWs. I bowed out of music creation ages ago to go into telecoms and networking just before audio recording capability became the ground-breaking feature (it was e-Magic Notator Audio or something similar), so you can imagine the profound culture shock and steep learning curve I am experiencing now on my return to music creation using my first-ever Mac (2011 MBP) and recently downloading Logic Pro X.
I thought I could just hit the ground running by attaching a MIDI keyboard and clicking on Help, but too much water has flowed under the bridge and I’ve retreated into seeking a helpful book or web blog to retrace my steps from scratch. I mainly use my setup for video editing, which the 27″ Thunderbolt Display is perfect for. The wallpaper I’m using on my display is one of the defaults from iOS 7, the blue Nebula, with the wallpaper optimized for Mac displays, it can be downloaded from here on DeviantArt.
The poster on the wall is a poster of Steve Jobs, my biggest inspiration, holding the newly released first iPhone.

The poster is unfortunately not available on eBay anymore, but there are still many similar ones available on eBay. I managed to crack the screen of my Macbook so I prefer using it closed, also I don’t need a second display. I recently cracked the screen of my MacBook Air and will be using it as a clamshell laptop mostly from now on too. Among the new additions to Logic Pro X in version 10.1 includes 10 new Drummers, the intelligent beat profile feature, focused on hip hop and electronic styles.
The new version also allows you to adjust mic and input settings with compatible audio interfaces from the app. Logic Remote is available free on the App Store with compatibility between the iPad and both GarageBand and Logic Pro X for Mac. I do not want to sound like a troll but one thing that hasn’t changed is the underlying awkwardness of how it is put together. Despite my more than twenty years of experience with the evolution of this app and a highly evolved skill set, I found that it just wasn’t as much fun as some of its competitors.
I remember even further back when it was non-audio, and known as C-Lab Notator, running on the Atari ST.

It allows me to view multiple windows at the same time which greatly increases productivity. I hope it does get a redesign to go along with the newly updated apps like iMovie, iPhoto and Garageband. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
Screens are so expensive to replace that it’s best to use NoSleep and hook up an external monitor, turn it into a desktop.
OS X Yosemite users will appreciate the ability to share projects from Logic Pro X to other users using both Mail Drop, which lets you send large files over email using iCloud storage, and AirDrop, which lets you share files wirelessly between nearby Macs. The setup also gets used for regular school work, which again, highly increases my productivity.
Making everything smooth and quick, and allowing no lag, is the 2.8GHz processor, and high amount of memory at 16GB.

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