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FotoEditor is a free Windows 8 Photo Editor app available under the ‘Photo’ category of Windows 8 Store. This Windows 8 photo editor app has an elegant use-friendly interface that lets even an unprofessional photographer to give beautiful effects to photos and improve the appearance of photos instantly.
The interesting part is that if you have a web-cam, connect it, and take photos from within the FotoEditor Windows 8 app. FotoEditor has seven professional categories and each category brings you a number of filters and effects with it. Adjustments: As you click on ‘Adjustments’, you will find a few effects popped-up along with a slider to view more effects such as Brightness, Gamma, Contrast, RGB Balance, Tint Green, Tint Blue, and Tint Red.
Artistic: Effects such as Classic, Gray Scale, Color Pencil, OilPaint, Posterize, and Sepia are included here in this category of Windows 8 photo editor app.
Distort: Cylinder, Punch, Pinch, Tile, and Twirl filters are included in this ‘Distort’ category. Morphology: This filter and effects category consists of Erode, Dilate, Equalizer, Jitter, Saturation, Normalize, Sharp, and Soften filters. Stylize: Filters such as Emboss, Night Vision, Negative, Tritone, and Solarize are included in this category.
Crop: This category is quite interesting as the crop has various proportions and you need to click on a desired preset ratios to crop photo in that proportion.
As you open the Windows 8 photo editor app, you will see a beautiful column-based tiles interface.
In addition, you can also share photos with your friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The only thing that disappointed me in this photo editor app for Windows 8 is the fact that there is no ‘Preview’ button. Proceed with the installation instructions and soon the app will be yours in your system’s Start Screen. In short, FotoEditor is a nice Windows 8 photo editor app to give a unique appearance to your photos, instantly.

So your designer gave you a design for a web app where he planned custom scrollbars for every element of the design and now you are asking yourself how can I change scrollbar style with CSS only. The default browser scroll functionality works well in all cases so it is best to use the default scrollbar instead of javascript addons.
Using this CSS3 selectors, you can achieve a unique scrollbar style for every element of the design. Using this method you can easily adjust scrollbar style for your web application, although this only applies to webkit browsers for now, but I sure hope others will catch up with custom scrollbar styles soon as this really is a wonderful feature and can save you a lot of trouble and a lot of javascript code for similar functionality. For detailed description of selectors and pseudo class selectors please read this wonderful blog post about Custom Scrollbars in WebKit by Chris Coyier. The technology used in Picasa 3.8 helps to organize photos based on people in them and it can find all the photos in your PC and can arrange them in seconds.
Photo Viewer installed with Picasa helps to view, edit and share photos quickly on your computer desktop. Use controls at the bottom of the slideshow if you want to change slide transitions or to magnify images. Editing and Photoshop features of Picasa help to adjust red eye & crooked images and also to crop, sharpen and zoom your photos. To edit multiple photos at once, select multiple photos by holding down the Control key, then select “Picture”, “Batch Edit”. Picasa is photo management program offered by Google with features to edit and organize pictures on computer .It helps to share images through email and web.
Select Clips Tab on the left hand side in the Movie Maker Mode to add video clips to the movie you are working on.
In conclusion, Picasa 3.8 is easy to use free image viewer and editor along with other features like sharing, organizing and video editing. Here, in this photo editor app for Windows 8, you can edit photos by using over 40 unique effects such as Artistic, Distort, Morphology, Stylize, Crop, and more.
Else, you can directly upload photos from Pictures Library of your Windows 8 system and start adding effects in them.

Here, on this screen you need to choose ‘Camera’ to capture live picture and edit or just pick a photo from your system’s picture library. This is a fairly common task when implementing designer’s ideas into your application.
Picasa Photo Viewer can be set as default photo viewer for all types of photo files supported by Picasa.
Using ‘Operations’, you can rotate photos to 180 degrees, rotate left, rotate right, and play around with other available unique effects.
So one way to do it is by using javascript scrollbar replacements like jScrollPane and similar scrollbar plugins which allow you to style scrollbars but are sometimes difficult to implement. Common problems in photographs like red eye color and lighting can be reduced with Picasa’s one-click fixes.
A dialog box will appear asking you to select if you want to upload existing album or you want to create a new album. By selecting “Share Album” at the upper right side of lay out to mail the link where the pictures are stored. A new window will appear then showing movie “In Progress…”.Once the process is completed, movie will begin to play.
You will get instruction to enter in the mail addresses of those with whom you want to share pictures. Though image viewing is the primary functionality as perceived by many people around the globe, if you’ve used it for photo editing, and image organization you’ll be amazed by the capabilities Picasa has.
Face Movies is a cool feature of Picasa 3.8,in which all the photos featuring a person is displayed and thus the persons face is front and center. Nonetheless, as long as you have ‘Undo’ button, you can work with applying as many photo filters as you want.

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