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So when it comes to bang for the buck, your Website is the single best place to invest your time and marketing dollars. You could let people learn more by scheduling endless phone calls, coffee meetings and free consultations. Once you get the word out about your Website—as long as you have something of value to offer—new clients will find it and refer others to it. Then your site can introduce you, and your products or services, to a wider audience in a way that weeds out the tire kickers. And get them to take action by calling, signing up, or whipping out their credit card and buying right now! I love cheese, but I’m not one to spend more than a few bucks a pound to satisfy my dairy tooth—unless I happen to get a sampling of something really yummy. Most people won’t buy something that costs more than about $75 on the Web (unless they feel they know and trust you already). But let them sample the wares with a free report or download, and it’s a whole ‘nother story. Second, if you want to sell your business down the road, a long client list adds a ton of value for a prospective buyer. Over time, if you keep offering value—and capturing their email addresses—people will go from being prospects, to clients, to raving fans. How would you like to sell a product that requires minimal development costs, no packaging, no shipping, no distribution and no employees to manage? Write the emails once, then set them to go out in sequence whenever someone signs up or makes a purchase. That way you can focus on doing the things you do best and have your business growing for you. A simplified Website Design Editor, featuring drag-and-drop design functionality, professional templates and pre-populated copy. Email marketing: Use Newsletter Broadcast to promote your business with targeted specials, help drive traffic to your site, and help deepen customer relationships with automated campaigns, tracking and email design.
Search-engine submissions: SitePromotion is an intuitive search-engine submission tool that allows you to submit your website to leading search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!
Website analytics: See where your customers are coming from and how they found you with advanced analytics. Sign in to your Comcast Business online account and select Websites from the Manage Services menu.
SitePromotion is a tool that submits your site to all major search engines, so customers searching will be able to find you. Instructions to integrate your domain name with your email, SharePoint and Comcast Business web hosting services.
Find out how to register a new custom domain name for use with your Comcast Business email and website.
Symantec, the Symantec Logo, the Checkmark Logo, and Norton, Norton 360 and Norton by Symantec are registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation ©2014 Symantec Corporation. We know, you're good at what you do and that may not have anything to do with designing websites.
Doing everything we can to help the businesses that use Onepager is important to us and one of our core values. Onepager is a great builder for small businesses with limited website needs, but when your business grows, your website will grow too.
I had 2 bad attempts at hiring a web team, always thought that web design was a "black box" costing thousands of dollars and taking on a life of its own in terms of time to completion.
If you are a local retailer, you can showcase product photos on your Facebook page and Instagram, promote sales, discounts and special events on Facebook, and drive likes from everyone who comes in the store. Facebook is a very immediate way to engage customers, so post every day or at least several times a week. Use Twitter to announce product arrivals, sales and promotions, and build your customer base.
You may think you don’t have time for video, but how about someone just making a short fast-action video of you setting up shop? Make sure your website is optimized for mobile, and check it yourself, on a tablet and several various size cell phones. All of these ideas change slightly if you are launching an online services or mail-order business. You can research time management and learn when you're most productive but who has time for that!

It is an extraordinary privilege to collaborate with a mentor, and a mentee should take care to focus on the relationship not on outcomes. Since your browser does not support JavaScript, or it is disabled, please ensure you click the Update Totals button before placing your order. If you feel all alone in your relationship, you may be involved with an emotional anorexic. Here's a quick and easy way to banish those nerves before a big presentation, a job interview, your annual review, or anything that's giving you butterflies.
If either of the statements above apply to you, it would be wise to take a second and read the rest of this post! The dashboard, show above, lets you easily add and edit content, but it does a whole lot more.
Plugins – Improve the functionality of your website with the enormous selection of WordPress plugins available. Users – Manage who has access to your website and the WordPress dashboard, create new users, change passwords, etc.
One of the best features of WordPress is the ability to add plugins and themes, both of which allow you to customise your business website to meet your needs exactly. With almost 25,000 plugins available for WordPress, there is one for pretty much everything. Of course if you are after something a bit different or looking to move to WordPress and convert your existing design, it’s easy to find a WordPress developer that can create something special for you.
The last thing to mention is security, WordPress is a well maintained and constantly evolving platform. It has to be mentioned though that it’s important to make sure that a regularly backed up is kept, no website is ever 100% safe from hackers and other unscrupulous individuals.
I hope you’ve managed to gain something from this article and now can see some of the many benefits of using WordPress for your business website. If you like the sound of WordPress and taking back control of your website, please get in touch, we can provide a free website audit for your existing website we’ll let you know how easy it would be to move to WordPress. After having a terrible experience with another Website Designer, Vertus Digital (Craig) restored my faith in Customer Service. Craig helped us to modernise and liven up our website at a time when marketing becomes more and more important for the charity sector.
I’m loath to give Craig my highest recommendation because it will mean I can’t keep Craig as my secret weapon and more out there will get to know just how good he is! Sign up below to join our monthly newsletter, you will also receive a copy of our Free eBook "Digital Marketing Simplified" Enter you email & name below to get instant access.
Once your Website has the right look, organization and content (and a bit of marketing behind it), it can do amazing things for your business. If you actually end up talking to them personally, they’re seriously interested in buying from—or hiring—you.
If you give them something of value, and they like it, they’ll be way more inclined to actually buy.
First, because it is about seven times easier and less expensive to keep your past clients than it is to find new ones. Put your company online, and reach out to new customers with help from web-hosting services. If you activated a website with this tool prior to March 1, 2013, you will have access to both SiteBuilder and Website Builder. You'll never need to worry about setting up a hosting account or wonder whether your site is accessible. Our multi-site plans are great for agencies, brands, or users who want to manage more than one simple site. You have effectively saved my sanity, my relationship with my sister, and possibly her business because her website gets way more traffic than her Facebook. Where should you put developing a website, mobile, and your social media presence on your must-dos? A Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account can get you online immediately to start to build a community interested in your business. A special type of website that easily lets you add and edit your own content, be it a blog post, new product, some nice photos or a new promotional video.
In fact, it provides complete control over the look and functionality of your businesses website. Plugins provide extra functionality for your website, sometimes working in the background to improve the likes of Speed, Search Engine Optimisation, Security & Backup or User Managment.

With the enormous supply of themes available for WordPress there’s nearly always something for everyone. Because of this it’s safe to assume that security is always tight as long as the site is regularly kept up to date.
From the moment i first made contact with them to the last, they were magnificent in their approach to provide me with exactly what i wanted and in fact through their expertise and vision, they provided me with a much better site than i had imagined.
We run a day centre for adults with learning disabilities and wanted our website to represent the warmth of our organisation whilst also providing straightforward information in a user friendly way. Putting it bluntly, he knows his stuff inside out and he is so easy to talk with and deal with. Unless you are selling something really inexpensive, most folks are not going to pony up their hard-earned cash without learning a bit more first. An Instagram account showing most of your product line is a great inducement to visit the store. You want to create a connection with your customers, and you can’t do that by being completely self-serving. For example, if you have a business in a resort town, you can search for your town, find people tweeting about planning to visit, and reach out to them with a special offer.
Even unpacking a new product line can create some excitement, especially if you are excited about the line.
Some 52 percent of local searches are from mobile devices,nine out of 10 mobile searches result in a purchase, and those numbers are on the rise, according to USA Today. In the last year I’ve started an Esty store and have done the other social media outlets. Other times they become a part of your website, for example a Contact Form, Social Media Integration or a Portfolio of you Work.
In addition to the build in security there are a few good plugins and apps that can further enhance it.
It is because the purpose of the all the social media profiles you have is to pull them to a website that has more information. Invite customers to participate by posting their photos of the product on Instagram and Facebook.
Social media expert Judy Koller did just that when she had a bookstore near Grand Lake, CO. For a local retail or service business, your phone, your address and a photo of your storefront, vehicles or other things carrying your brand should be prominent. Having a Facebook or Twitter account allows you to share very limited information, it is really to entice and attract their attention. She would find people tweeting about visiting, and tweet them an invitation to visit the store and get a discount during their stay. Put useful information about your business on your site but avoid long gray blocks of copy. People spend hours of their day on Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy and Instagram, but now the challenge is finding a way to set yourself apart from the others. Think of it this way, imagine if you heard about this company, what would be your first action if you want to know more? What would you think when you see an official business website with all the information vs a Facebook Page or Multiply website? But this does not give your business justice, your product or service might look better with a different theme or with a different color scheme? Also, using free website providers or social media subjects you to their terms, which means if they decide to suspend or ban your account you can’t do anything (imagine if they shutdown?
This is the part that converts visitors to customers, so do think carefully what information you push to your visitors. When you are featured in news websites or blogs, they usually link back to your website and this is a good way to optimize your websites on Search Engines.
For those looking for more solutions on SEO, my other website offers affordable and quality SEO Services. MeasurementHow do you know if your Online Marketing works?
With your own website, you can install metrics like Google Analytics which gives you a deeper insight as to how your website performs. It tells you visitors information (this can go as deep as time spent, which pages they visited most etc.), and referring websites, which gives you a good idea which part of your online marketing works best.

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