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11:19 am September 15, 2010 By Julian Horsey Tweet Share1 +1Shares 1Nielsen has been studying the effect of in game advertising on real-world products and its findings do show that adverts in games will increase the sales of the product in the real-world environment. The study was based on Nielsen’s US Homescan panel of more than 100,000 households, representative of the US population, including a subset of Homescan homes that scanned video game UPC (Universal Product Codes) barcodes. Nielsen compared the households that purchased at least one of the studied games before and after Gatorade branding was integrated into the games (the test group) with households that didn’t purchase one of the games (the control group).
To promote the launch of the new Nissan Juke, Nissan has chosen in-game advertising as new advertising media, in order to reach a young urban target. This campaign, taking place from February 18 to March 15, is present in many PC and PS3 games, such as Pro Evolution Soccer or Power Soccer. Even if you were a lolipop sucking Asian girl, no one living in a world where the Subaru WRX, Mazdaspeed3, VW GTI and even the new V6 Mustang exist should be considering a Civic SI. And since all good TTACers prefer light-and-agile to solid and sophisticated, why buy the Civic, again? By ‘a little more sophistication’ do you mean a respectably appointed interior? My 4th gen Accord could take a corner better than a FIT, without the suspension bottoming out.. The Fit is a fine car…sporty, good on gas (if a little light in fuel tank capacity), and would be a great choice for either a second car or a primary car. Incidentally, I didn’t pick the Fit because I wanted a hot-hatch with an adult interior.
An often used method of in game advertising is static in-game advertising, which means that the ads placed within a game may not be changed. Something that all online platforms and services have in common is that they are constantly looking for new ways to communicate with and tailor for their audiences.
Imagine an online world that contains information from your personal real world, no matter what time or location.

Because dynamic in-game advertising is such a new and upcoming trend, loads of components still need standardising.
Due to the rapid growth of the in-game ad possibilities, my guess is that the costs for in-game ad spaces are going to rise tremendously also due to the ever growing realisation of in-game ad effectivity regarding company ROIs*. Imagine it – having ads for your brand created by the fans of the game in which it appears!
This is the first time that this type of sales lift analysis has been done for advertising within video games.
The scanned barcodes were matched to a reference library of more than 14,000 video game titles. The former king of sport compacts is now almost a joke of an afterthought now, and it will be until Honda finally figures out what a turbocharger does. A sub-compact that has more cargo room than a mid-nineties domestic minivan that can corner almost as well as a Mini is quite the feat of engineering.
Honda used to have entry-lux locked down with the Integra, and the interiors for the 4th, 5th, and 6th generation Civic hatches were quite tasteful. Dynamics, while not as tight as the Mini, was better than the base Mazda3 I drove earlier that week.
Most games contain at least one brand endorsed ad, be it a billboard, product placement, or logos on race cars, there always seems to be a way to advertise within a game world. The game industry has consistently been aware of the importance of interactivity (online and offline) regarding game play. If Pixar was to discuss advertising in a new AAA game that still only offered static advertising, Pixar’s best move would probably be to just decide to include their logo on a billboard or as a sponsor within the gaming environment. He likes his Hybrid for its great fuel efficiency, which comes in handy on his many trips to the great outdoors. They wanted to sell Honda these ads and told them that quirky and edgy was the way to go when Kia Soul’s happening hamsters were climbing the sales charts.

Particularly since while the Transport died, and the Cherokee is on the way out, the Fit will be here longer than the pyramids. With every new release, AAA* game environments are becoming increasingly similar to real life environments, and the next step towards mimicking reality is upon us and has been for a while now because in-game advertising is going dynamic. Advertising has even been put to use by, for instance, inserting ASUS phones as an interactive information platform in the game CSI: Fatal Conspiracy. Advertising elements that used to be hard-coded, thus static, are slowly but surely being moved towards dynamic ads that change according to your location, time of day, day of the week and season. However, dynamic in-game advertising allows them to secure a spot, or more spots, within the game, which will always display their ads, but they will be able to change what type of ad is shown whenever they decide they want to renew what the players get to see.
This ad is for people who are considering the Si or the hybrid to laugh at the zombie suit caricature. A fine car, usually (though as proven by your response, not always) driven by sensible people. For companies that have evolving portfolios, this is a great new trend that will be extremely beneficial to all parties as there will be more spending opportunities within the in-game advertising sector, thus more income for the game developers, which leads to more funds for new high quality games that will please the consumers. His Civic Sedan is loaded with options like Bluetooth HandsFreeLink and navigation system with FM Traffic.
Whilst that may seem to be the furthest you can currently go, in-game advertising has added another ‘achievement’ to their list. A martial-arts phenom who’s partial to red licorice and arcade games, she pairs well with the high-energy performance of the Si model. He’s handsome, charming and a bit vain so he, of course, appreciates the Civic Coupe’s sleek lines.

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