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Petyr Baelish's father (left) befriends Lord Hoster Tully during the War of the Ninepenny Kings. Hoster Blackwood is the son of Mylessa, and Tytos Blackwood making him a member of House Blackwood. As a young man Hoster Blackwood would become very clearly seperated from the remainder of his family due to the fact that he enjoyed hanging out with very dark characters. When he was fifteen he would travel alongside his brother to Pontus where he and his brother were going to acquire a special sword for their father for his birthday.
This is a listing of the members of House Tully that appear in the Fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire.
The role was cut from the second season and for the third season the character is stated to have passed away. Hoster Blackwood has six siblings in the form of Bryndan, Lucas, Hoster, Edmund, Alyn, Bethany, and Robert Blackwood of which his oldest sibling Lucas was extremely headstrong and died after he engaged in a duel with a renowned swordsman from Pontus, his brother and the heir apparent Bryndan is the commander of Raventree the personal center of House Blackwood, while his second oldest brother in Edmund controls the defences of the Block of which is an extremely important position in the house, his final brother Hoster is as headstrong as her other brother Lucas and for this reason he has been placed in charge of the punishment wing within the house to quench his desires, his sister Alyn is Magi user with whome has become the main advisor to Tytos who believes (incorectly) that her visions are preminitions as opposed to the Magi that it is, his sister Bethany is a studious nobles daughter who spends her days preparing for her future marriage, and his final sibling Robert is a young boy at the end of the Rise of Lucerne.
These thugs that he spent time with terrorized the villages south of the Blackwood land, and nearly started a war between House Blackwood and their southern vassals. Joined as they were leaving by their sister Alyn Blackwood the three would take a half dozen men with them, and made the boat trip to Pontus.
Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more. Prior to his death, Hoster Tully was the Lord of Riverrun, the Lord Paramount of the Trident and the head of House Tully, one of the Great Houses of Westeros.
His father would come to him, and basically threaten to kill everyone of his little band of thugs if he didn't stop, and instead of actually stopping Hoster would spend a year growing his thugs which he came to call the Black Ravens for an eventual attack on the south again. During this trip he grew even closer to his brother, who while being a headstrong young man was also a very kind person on top of that. Unlike many of the other Great Houses, they were never Kings of their own realm, but were made the overlords of the Riverlands under Aegon the Conqueror after they were stripped from the extinct House Hoare. The Riverlands are one of the constituent regions of the Seven Kingdoms and House Tully is one of the Great Houses of the realm.
His Black Ravens grew to nearly three hundred men by the end of the year, and with his strength at hand he would travel southward with the Black Ravens.
The two brothers were not the only ones that grew closer as Alyn Blackwood showed herself to be someone more intelligent then the brothers had thought she was capable of being, and because of that the three had a great time travelling to Pontus.
Their current head, Hoster Tully, has three children: the two daughters Catelyn and Lysa, who married Eddard Stark and Jon Arryn, and the son Edmure, who will succeed him when he dies.
Arriving at the home of the blackwood vassal House Rodfire he would surround their village and home and threaten them with death if they didn't give him all of their money.
Arriving in Pontus they were amazed at the splendor of the city of Pentos, and bathed in the riches of the markets and the immense goods available to them in the city. House Rodfire would reject this demand and thus a siege enseud between the two, and as the ravens were sent north to House Blackwood asking for help Hoster prepared the next step of his plans. They would easily find the merchant that had the sword, and would be given a fair price for the sword of which they purchased.
His father in Raventree would receive the raven from House Rodfire and thus moved with a large force southward towards the situation prepared to end the conflict. Once they had aquired the sword, and were preparing to leave the crater of Pontus it would be an arrogant joke towards their sister Alyn that would cause Lucas to lash out at the man making the joke without thought of who the man was. Their sigil is a leaping silver trout.Riverrun is a three-sided castle nestled into the fork of a river. When Tytos Blackwood arrived at the land of House Rodfire he found the entire village on fire and the people including House Rodfire in a pile all executed. Without a second thought the man would duel Lucas and after only a minute he ha decapitated Lucas and when this happened as Alyn cried and Edmund stood stunned at the shocking death of Lucas Blackwood.
The waters lap up to the sides of their curtain wall, and in times of trouble they can raise their sluice gates and create a moat on the third side.
Without any movement from Edmund Blackwood, he and Alyn would be horrified when the man would pick up the head of his brother and cut off his ear before throwing the now defaced head at his feet and walking away to the cheers of the crowd. Begging to know why his son had done this the only anwser that Hoster would give him was that he enjoyed the killing. Picking up their brother they returned to Raventree where their father was horrified that this had happened. Butt Monkey: Unfortunately, House Tully's domain (the Riverlands) is the main battleground of the civil war. His father couldn't bear to kill his own son, and thus would send him northward to the prison of House Blackwood at Browerten where he would take over the prison.
Despite attempts to make the man pay for what had happened they discovered the man was a rich mercenary living in Pontus under the protection of one of their more rich merchents, and thus their revenge was not going to be able to be had.
After some of the disasters the region has had ruling them, they make a stable change of pace. Everyone Went to School Together: Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish grew up at Riverrun as a ward of Hoster Tully, and as such has had (mis)adventures with all three Tully siblings and even Brandon Stark.
Jaime Lannister, while a squire for Lord Crakehall, visited Riverrun to get to know Lysa for a prospective betrothal that eventually fell through. Axel Tully, the son of the first Edmure, was granted a tract of land by Armistead Vance at the juncture of the Red Fork and the Tumblestone, where Lord Axell raised up the castle of Riverrun.

Massive Numbered Siblings: Tragically subverted - Lady Minisa Whent bore Hoster Tully six children in all (four sons and two daughters), but Edmure's the only son who survived past infancy and pushing out the sixth child killed her.
We don't know where the birth placement of the first two dead children falls, though we can make several deductions from the ages of the survivors (Catelyn is two years older than Lysa, both are older than Edmure, and Cat was roughly ten when Minisa died). The flip side is when the blood does manage to turn bad between family members, it can take decades to mend.
A Tragedy of Impulsiveness: There's an annoyingly persistent tendency for Tullys to act rashly in the heat of the moment without really thinking things through. More importantly, and less meta, it makes sense as the Riverlands are dominated by, well, rivers. We ARE Struggling Together: Probably the only thing the Riverlords can agree on is that the Ironborn really suck. When House Tully gained leadership of the Riverlands, it had to deal with the Ironborn, the feud between the Blackwoods and the Brackens, stewarding a region that had never been a distinct, independent region, and protect its territorial integrity from the five other kingdoms with which it shares a land border. Dying Clue: Hoster's last word is "Tansy," which turns out to mean that he forced his daughter Lysa to drink tansy tea (an abortive drug) after he found out that she was pregnant with Littlefinger's child.
Lysa and Littlefinger have been lovers since way before the first book which is why Lysa was the one who killed Jon Arryn and blamed the Lannisters at Littlefinger's insistence. Foil: He's a "good-guy" version of Tywin Lannister, ruthless about securing good marriage alliances for his children and willing to ride over their feelings and impulses if they disagree with him and willing to estrange himself from those, like the Blackfish, who don't play by his rules.
The main difference is that Lord Hoster truly does love his family and at the time of his death repairs his relationship with the Blackfish and died in remorse of his betrayal of his daughter. The Mourning After: Catelyn notes that some of the life had gone out of Hoster after Minisa's death. My God, What Have I Done?: Hoster goes to his grave regretting that he tricked Lysa into aborting Littlefinger's child. Lysa refuses to forgive him, not even responding to any of the messages about his ill health, let alone visiting Riverrun.
He is entirely responsible for Lysa's crippling insecurities and irrational behavior by forcing her to abort her child with Littlefinger and damaging permanently her capacity to bear children after preaching healthy, plump babes to her. He dies buried in guilt and apologizing to an empty room, since Lysa has no interest in ever forgiving him.
Retired Badass: By all accounts he seemed like Tywin-lite and managed to form one of the strongest alliances in the Seven Kingdoms. He also personally fought on the frontlines during Robert's Rebellion, during which he was wounded at the Battle of the Bells by Lord Jon Connington.
Soap Opera Disease: It is never mentioned exactly what Hoster is dying from, just that he became ill in 295 and his condition has been going downhill ever since. Given that he himself says "The crabs are in my belly, pinching, always pinching" and that the Ancient Greeks thought that cancer was literally caused by crabs inside the body, he probably had stomach or bowel cancer. Token Evil Teammate: Not really evil, but out of the rebel leaders, he was easily the most ruthless. During Robert's Rebellion he burned down the village of House Goodbrook, Riverland lords who remained loyal to the Iron Throne, and slaughtered their smallfolk as punishment. Arya Stark, his granddaughter is seriously disappointed when the Brotherhood Without Banners escort her through its ruins.
A surviving member of House Goodbrook is married to the Freys and takes part in the Red Wedding, perhaps venting some revenge. Unwitting Instigator of Doom: A significant portion of the misery found in the series can be directly or indirectly traced to him forcing Lysa to have an abortion, which is heavily implied to have damaged her reproductive organs and contributed to her and Littlefinger going on darker paths later in their lives, leading them to plot the War of the Five Kings and the resulting ouster of the Starks and Tullys from power.
While Lord Hoster did mess up, it's arguable that he was just clearing up a really messy situation. Lysa's illegitimate baby was the product of something dangerously close to female-on-male rape, since it was conceived when Lysa seduced a drunk Petyr, who was under the impression that it was Catelyn who was seducing him.
Moreover Lysa's "love" for Petyr was more of an extremely obsessive crush rather than love, and it was completely one-sided as Petyr never had the slightest interest in Lysa.
Finally the series has other characters who have used tansy tea, but none of them seem to suffer from any side effects. Maybe, Lysa was just extremely unlucky, or her female organs were somewhat defective from birth. Vague Age: His precise birth year has not been given, although we know it's within 238-241 AC. Edmure is a kind-hearted man whose strengths unfortunately lie in peacetime politics rather than wartime strategy.
Nope: seems smitten with the girl whose marriage to him is practically a death sentence for him. He also knows she wasn't responsible for the Red Wedding and was forced into it by her father. The Baby of the Bunch: Edmure Tully is treated this way by his family and later, by his own nephew Robb Stark. On one hand its implied that he has had a very spoilt and indulgent upbringing, being taken care of by his father, his elder sister and his Uncle, on the other hand this has put a sizable chip on his shoulder and a need to be "taken seriously" which results in a major mess for Robb Stark's cause. Badass: While he may suck at strategy, he is still a capable soldier who has survived and led men to victory in multiple battles.
The poor guy can't even take a bath without somebody threatening to put his baby in a catapult.

Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Yes, he's often a fool with misplaced priorities, but let's remember that, throughout the entire series, he's the only commander to actually deal Tywin Lannister a defeat in the field. He's an example of a man whose flaws drive his peers to overlook his virtues at the worst possible time and write him off as useless.
The second time was at his wedding when he was so busy getting to know his new bride that he completely fails to notice his family, friends, and king being massacred down the hall.
Like Edmure, Jaime Lannister can be impulsive and act independently of command serving as a Spanner in the Works.
Most notably attacking Ned Stark in the streets of King's Landing which ruined Tywin's Batman Gambit of forcing Ned to come in the field to strike Gregor Clegane in an ambush intended to capture him.
Later Jaime gets lured into a trap by Blackfish who correctly used his Leeroy Jenkins restlessness against him, forcing Jaime to be a captive for most of the War of the Five Kings. Frontline General: Despite his General Failure status, he does not lack the courage to go into battle himself. In his defense, the only reason Edmure offered battle in the first place was because Robb and the Blackfish, did not clue him in on the overall strategy, perhaps because of Edmure's percieved immaturity or the security risk posed by his love for prostitutes.
Robb Stark specifically told him "to hold Riverrun" and "guard his rear", which Edmure took as license to mean the whole Riverlands and force a Decisive Battle against Tywin Lannister, when the best interests of the Riverlands was for Tywin and Co.
Hold the Line: Robb Stark's specific orders to Edmure Tully was "hold Riverrun and guard my rear" which meant to defend the Fortress itself (much as Robert had ordered Stannis to hold Storm's End).
The two unintended consequences was that Tywin did not go West but remained in the Riverlands, continuing to pillage and forage the countryside (the very thing Robb was trying to put a stop to), leaving him time to link up with the Tyrells and pull a Big Damn Heroes at the Battle of Blackwater. The other consequence is that his absence from Riverrun and lack of soldiers gave Catelyn Stark the opportunity to free Jaime Lannister from his holding cells and abscond under Brienne's position. Locked Out of the Loop: His defense for going against Robb's strategies was that he was not informed of what to do when the situation arose. The Millstone : For some reason, his tendency to charge first and barely think even afterwards causes problems. For example, with war with the Lannisters looming, Edmure's first priority would have been to rally his army and prevent Jaime's main force from invading the Riverlands. This allows the Lannisters' main army to defeat his army piecemeal, while Clegane continues his foraging.
By the end of the first book, most of the Riverlands is held by the Lannisters, Riverrun is under siege, and Edmure himself is Jaime's captive. And then, when Robb rescues him, he makes this same mistake again, dividing his army to reclaim every settlement lost. Spanner in the Works: His victory accidentally screws up the long-term strategic plans of Robb that Edmure was ignorant of, perhaps as a result of Poor Communication Kills. His Pyrrhic Victory nevertheless demonstrates considerable leadership ability that would have served Robb well had there been better trust etween King and Vassal, or Nephew and Uncle..
To elaborate, before beginning his campaign in the Westerlands, Robb ordered Edmure to hold Riverrun. After thoroughly wrecking the northern Westerlands, Robb remains, rather than returning to the Riverlands even though he has far too few men to threaten either Casterly Rock or Lannisport. Edmure assumes Robb is staying in the Westerlands to drain them economically, while Robb in fact trying draw Tywin Lannister back to the west (in order to trap them there to prevent Tywin from reinforcing King's Landing against Stannis). When Lord Tywin takes the bait, Edmure positions his army to intercept him, thinking he is covering Robb's flank (when his order was "hold Riverrun and guard my rear"). During the three days Tywin was held up in the Riverlands, he receives word of Renly's death, the Lannister alliance with the Tyrells, and Stannis' impending attack on King's Landing, and is able to take the bulk of his forces east to link up with the Tyrells and smash Stannis at the Blackwater. Without the seventy hour delay, Tywin would already have been trapped between Robb's cavalry army and Edmure's Riverlands army by the time he learned of Stannis' attack. Robb and the Blackfish then planned to ride south to blockade the only road between the Westerlands and King's Landing, while Edmure held the border with the Westerlands and retook the Lannister-occupied Riverlands. By a mere stroke of fate, Tywin managed to grab an unlikely victory from the jaws of certain defeat, all thanks to the above micommunication. He's not a bad person, but his priorities are typically misplaced, leading him to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. Secondly, Cat is stated to have been ten when their mother died; this would be after her birthday in 274 but before her eleventh in 275. Edmure's latest possible birth year would thus be 273, maybe 274 if early enough into the year. Therefore, Edmure was born somewhere within the timeframe of 267-274 AC - so when AGOT begins, he'd be twenty-four at the youngest and thirty-one at the eldest "Well Done, Son!" Guy: Downplayed.
Roslin herself, a surprisingly sweet, gentle girl then marries Edmure in Jeyne and Robb's stead. She would have been the Lady of Riverrun and the spouse of the Lord Paramount of the Riverlands had the Red Wedding not happened.
Still, should the Tullys be awarded Riverrun and the Lordship of the Riverlands once again, these would be her titles.

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