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Windows Live Movie Maker is a nice free software to create movies from your video clips and your photos. Windows Live Movie Maker is a complete end to end solution right from making movies, providing all sort of simple to use editing tools, and then providing tools to share your moviews. Windows Live Movie Maker provides Ribbon like interface like Office 2007 applications, so all the menu items are easy to use and very intuitive. Once you have selected your video clips and photos, you can arrange all of them in form of story board. Once you done with editing your photos and clips, and have arranged them on your story board, you just need to hit the movie creation button. Windows Live Movie Maker is really good, comes with plenty of features, and is completely free. Convert video formats to devices such as iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, PMP, Mobile phone, Xbox, Zune, Wii, and DS. Once you have made a movie, you can customize it by adding transitional effects and sound track.
All of your HD videos, Camcorder videos, or common videos can be made into various formats of movies, including mainstream videos (e.g. Newly added more than 20 transitional effects, including Arrows Vertical, Clock, Diamond, Double Circle, Ripple, Mosaic and etc to realize seamless and fun transitions between video.
Have a full-screen preview within the embedded media player to get a clearer view on videos before and after changes. The movie making software lets you easily crop a video frame by dragging the mouse point or customizing the area size to get desired frame size, and remove unwanted subtitle, logo or title. Backup clips you have edited so you won’t have to worry about losing any piece of your best works. Set a post movie-making action (exit, standby, shutdown or hibernate) so you can leave the movie maker software to do its job. Available in the following languages: English, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.
Like magic, ArcSoft Panorama Maker® transforms any series of overlapping photos into a single, gorgeous panoramic print in just a matter of seconds.

The program’s step-by-step approach lets you create awesome-looking panoramic images without any digital imaging expertise. In addition to stitching JPG and TIF files, the program works with RAW image files by Nikon, Canon, and Adobe (DNG). Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, shooting photos for panoramas can be tricky business.
The program analyzes the selected group of photos and puts them in the correct order for stitching.
After the panorama is stitched, you can manually crop off any jagged edges and straighten the photo so the horizon line looks level. The full screen preview mode gives you an elegant, uncluttered view of the stitched panorama. Not only can you save your panoramas as image files (JPG, TIF, BMP, TGA), but the program also lets you turn them into dynamic, interactive files (QuickTime, HTML) – ideal for websites and other types of digital presentation. Once your panorama masterpiece is stitched and saved, it’s time to print and hang it on the wall. We are sorry but no free, trial or download versions are available for this software title. See our full Postage & Delivery Details including shipping rates within the UK, Europe and worldwide, first class and next day before 9 AM and 12 Noon, same day options. Now hit Ctrl+C to copy the selected text to your clipboard and then paste (Ctrl+V) it into your preferred Email program or click here to launch your Email editor.
Click here for full Contact Details including postal address, additional phone lines and technical support email.
You can add songs, add transitions to your movies, and upload them to YouTube, or even burn DVD with them.
To start creating movies, you start by selecting the video clips and photos that you want to include in your movie.
You can select start and end point of each video clip, transitions and zoom effects for your photos, and start and end points for your songs. Windows Live Movie Maker will create a nice movie for you, complete with Titles, transitions, and all the effects that you added.

After the program quickly analyzes each sequential photo for matching points, it instantly produces a seamless digital photograph that can be printed, emailed or posted to the web. Click just one thumbnail and the program instantly finds and selects the others that go with it. The 360 QT VR view mode lets you glide back and forth throughout the panorama - as if you’re standing in the middle of the scene.
The print preview screen supports borderless banner paper and also lets you print across multiple sheets of paper.
Cheaper earlier versions may be available or you may purchase and return your product unopened, uninstalled for a refund. Purchases of multiple copies may be eligible for discounts of up to 40%, email us for a quote with the quantity you require.
The great part of Windows Live Movie Maker is that all the tools have been kept very simple to use so that casual users can use it easily, and make some great home movies. The application even includes an option for stitching photos into 360┬░ files that can be viewed as a movie file or from within a web browser. Windows Live Movie Maker also gives you options to add songs to your movie by selecting songs from your hard disk.
Now you can also upload videos straight to Youtube via Movie maker.Windows Live Movie Maker 14Features of Windows Live Movie Maker 141. On some products we offer a 30 day exchange for another similar or better product or guarantee up to a 90 day 90% credit upgrade to an improved or superior software title.
You need to install the custom version of windows live setup (the 1.09MB version, not the big 50MB version), and choose to install the movie maker.
The reason why the stand alone won’t work is because besides the MM itself, it will also install a bunch of other things also, like the photo gallery (the dll file is from that I think).

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