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Get Instant Access to a Business Plan Template Developed by Award-Winning Videographer and Entrepreneur, Kris Simmons.
How much time have you wasted trying to put together a business plan for your video production business? If you’re like most right-brained creatives, you’ve probably never even completed a business plan because it requires so much left-brained effort! What if you could download a complete business plan template right now with step by step instructions that shows you EXACTLY how I run my successful video production company, 6 STRONG MEDIA?
Imagine… Once you’ve reviewed the template and studied my extended notes, it will be much easier to write your own business plan so you can be well on your way to even greater success! Thousands of video professionals have benefited from my other information products but this time I’m offering the secret weapon that pulls it all together…my business plan! It could take years to figure out just the right strategies that make some video production companies successful – while others close their doors.
It’s important to realize that this package could easily sell for more than a thousand dollars.

If this were a business opportunity where you could have complete access to my plan, processes and resources, it would cost you more than $10,000 in training and support.
But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even what it would take to consult with you for just one hour about developing your own plan. So, for the less than the cost of a high-quality SD Card or an external hard drive, you can get a copy of my most valuable business asset with my extended training on how to make it start working for you immediately!
I personally guarantee that if you study this material and apply what you learn to developing your own business plan, you’ll start to see ways you can grow your business immediately.
That means you can try out my business plan, extended notes and the template all at my risk, while you see if they will help you or not. Get ready to see how I carefully manage my video production business so that I get paid a 5-digit salary each month! I’m offering unprecedented access to the plan that helps me generate a six-figure income as a videographer year after year…even in this brutal economy!
A real example of a successful videographer’s business plan that you can get your hands on in a matter of seconds.

That’s why I want to let you try out my Videographer Business Plan – completely and totally risk-free! My business plan is the result of 18+ years in the video production industry and more than 12 years running my own profitable businesses. Plus, you’ll do this in record time without having to start the writing process from scratch!
You’ll no longer have to beg other videographers to see samples of their business plans or to try and adapt generic templates to fit your needs.

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