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Split your original PDF file into multiple files, so as to separate out the pages that you want to rotate. When it came to Library Objects however, it was difficult to ensure that the correct base point was picked because Snaps cannot be used on such objects. To help make rotating and moving easier, Release 24 introduced a new feature whereby instead of selecting a base point manually or entering coordinates, you may now simply press the Enter key to use the selected object’s insertion point (regardless of where it is) as the base point for the rotation or move. With Cute Video Audio Merger you can add audio to videos which are silent, or you can replace existing audio with new one. Download free Cute Video Cutter which will not only cut videos, but also convert them to 29 different formats and resize them if necessary. Filelab Video Editor is a free online app to edit videos online by adding effects, changing format etc. VideoToolBox is free online video editing software that helps you to edit videos and convert them to different formats online.
SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV is a free software to edit videos like MKV and Avi video files without causing any loss to the original video.
Free AVCHD Editor lets you edit AVCHD videos to create custom AVCHD structure, and create copy of Blu-Ray moveis. Handbrake is a free open source video transcoder that can rip DVDs and convert it to iPod and iPhone compatible format. Apart from this things, I really enjoyed the application, reminding me of the good old Ovi Maps symbian application, which rescued me from practically everywhere.
To start all this sequence I’ve decided to use the naive web object known with name of bookmaklet.
The (long) strings I’ve removed are the modified modules, controller and templates which will be inserted at the end of the retrieved html. If you are curious about what’s inside, the beautified and unescaped version is available on github repo.
It would have been very nice to have an import feature, but as we all know, time is a bitch. In the latest months I’ve been working on a great open source project called MySensors, which is basically a home automation center based on different hardware configurations. So finally I had the opportunity to test on the field which was the fastest, most affordable and cross-compatible way of implementing an animation.
We all know how to implement a triangular div.Mix our triangles with some trigonometry and they are correctly rotated. Well, it looks like this is definetely not the way of implementing our animations, but why? Then we write down some code and using the css3 rotation animation we’ll make it dance, finally. Basically we prepare a sprite with all the frames, and then we change the position background at the right speed to have the animation effect. The sprite is created with After Effect and a little help from the good old friend ImageMagick. It looks pretty nice, but we still need to change manually the dimension when needed and after all, it doesn’t look that smooth, if compared with the svg version. It’s nice, smooth and fast, but it could happen very quickly to become what I love to define CSS porn.

Scalable like hell, extremely light (you could even make a little sprite vectorial image to limit server calls) but you’ll need to bang your head over a vectorial program for a bit. Doesn’t matter which method you decide to use, it could be a good idea to have an equivalent fallback, like a gif, always in your pocket.
Some months ago a friend of mine asked me to help him reaching a grid template to include in a wordpress project he was working on. Few things can be as frustrating when looking through photos and videos captured during an event as the realization that some of your videos are accidentally sideways.
Fortunately, there are a couple of different ways to rotate a video depending on what kind of computer you use. Others, like mVideoCut for Android, offer a few more features and upload the video to their servers for the video editing.
The most universal method to rotate a video is though Google+, since it can be reached from any browser. For example, it would be difficult to rotate a mannequin in place--around its center point. Without clicking anywhere with the mouse or typing any coordinates, simply press Enter on your keyboard.
Since he is developing some part of the Here maps engine and one of its best feature is the ability to download maps completely offline, he suggested me to download it on my phone and save the Berlin map.  Once in Berlin, he wanted to suggests me some places and we struggled a bit finding a way to import or share favorites between users, or export them.
The guys at Here used AngularJs to develop the web interface, which gave me a good space of  maneuver . That was a nice plan, except that iFrame .load()  method implementation is a little unpredictable and will not fire at the expected time. Code is released under MIT license, so if you want to implement it just fork the project on github and make  a pull request.
While working on the user interface, I’ve also designed a new logo which quickly evaluated in a nice animation concept. After having a look at the static picture, let’s begin this experience in the bravest way.
For example the inner circle is nothing more than a div .innerCircle with border-radius property set at 50% and overflow one set to hidden. Depending on which browser you are using, you may see horrible white lines between the triangles (webkit and firefox sometimes) or 1px wrong triangle height(webkit too) or why not, everything looks ok, but the circle is, well, simply not so circle (webkit and firefox). Surely it could be refined and weight even half the current size, but 0,8MB for one animation is way to much.
Actually it was not necessary to be that strict with myself at all, but I like this kind of challenges.
Especially now with smartphones being as popular as they are, if you have your screen rotation locked or your phone didn’t rotate the device before you hit record, your video is now sideway or upside down. Video Rotate Free for iOS, for example, will take a look at the videos on your camera roll and let you choose how you want to rotate the video.
Plus there’s no upload limit, and as long as you have a Google account you can complete the process in a few easy steps. From here you’ll be prompted to either click and drag the video file to the page or manually search your computer for the file. It uses the same data the app is using, modifying it, and doing this it respects its behaviour.

They concerned some weird renderization of rotation while using, and abusing, the border property. I’ve spent almost two days testing them to have a point of reference where to start in the future. If it starts to be too much time consuming because of bugs or strange renderization, it’s time to think about something else. What was really annoying was the quantity of unnecessary code, for us,  we were including to make it work. Plus, the idea of not using javascript (at least for default browser configuration) was really intriguing me. The rotation process takes a few minutes, and will cost your some battery life in the process. Each slice is a triangular div rotated by a certain amount of degrees, so they will finally appear as a freak coloured circle. If we have a look at the code we see that width and height, even if are set as scss variables, are still fixed. Keep in mind that not all of yours visitors will have the latest Chrome or Firefox version. If you’re already using the service, and you recorded the video on your phone or tablet, you can use the Google+ Auto Upload feature to add the video to your account. When the video has arrived, you’ll be shown options to either share or edit the photo. No matter which translate 3d option or GPU acceleration you are using, it doesn’t always render correctly.
The paid apps all offer additional features, which you may or may not be interested in looking into. If you’re not currently using Google+ on your phone or tablet, you can copy the video to your computer and add it to your account manually. In between those options is a small icon that looks like a rectangle being tilted on its side by an arrow. In other words, it’s scalable by an infinite factor, but every time we use it we may need to introduce a new piece of code. From the Google+ home page, place your mouse over the Home icon until the menu flies in from the left. You can also do this online without having to install any software at website. Possible solution: use the pictures with the img tag instead of background could solve the width and height problem, but… time is fleeting! In that menu you’ll find the Photos icon, which will take you into your photo collection. You can click this button as many times as necessary, until the video is where you want it to be. You can either share the video to Google+ or download it to share using whatever method you choose.

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