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If you’ve followed my advice over the last few years, then you already know how to use WordPress categories effectively. But now that you’re using categories in a meaningful way, do you know how to get your category pages to rank well and dominate in the search engines? However, before we begin, I need to let you in on a little secret—by default, WordPress does not provide you with the controls necessary to create category pages that have maximum SEO juice.
By adding unique content to those fields on each of your category pages, you will make your WordPress category pages rank better in search engines.
With Thesis, you can take your site to new heights by employing the simple strategy explained above.
If you’ve never checked it out before, then now is the perfect time to see how Thesis will improve your site. Click here to follow me on Twitter for more linguistic porn than you can shake your tallywhacker at! FYI, I subscribed to the comments on this post but wasn’t notified of your reply or the other comments. Instead of dealing with this, I’ve just decided to wait until Thesis 2 is ready before making any changes.
You can add the other stuff if you want (I recommend adding a meta description), but the elements I mentioned above are crucial to every page of your site. Because it operates directly on data and not through a filter, Thesis is able to serve up SEO items (like title tags, unique headlines, unique content, etc.) faster than any plugin on the planet. Finally, if the All-in-One SEO Plugin contains controls for a unique headline and unique content on category pages, I’d be very surprised. Thanks for sharing this – to be honest it never crossed my mind that one should optimize even the categories.
When used properly, categories can be some of the strongest and most important pages of your site.
Sharon, your thumbnail images are not displaying on category pages because of their positioning. Thanks for the tip on the plugin, too—I’ll see if I can work that functionality into the next version of Thesis! Please visit the DIYthemes forums and create a post detailing your problem, and one of our awesome support reps will assist you. Chris will you support me if i Will purchase Thesis Developer Option, Basically am not good in customizing themes, But after hearing about thesis, would love to purchase, but i need a proper guidance from basic to advance.
This sounds a great functionality that can really help give your Wordpress site that edge over the other umpteen million on the web. Hi Chris, My wife’s been toying around with socrates and getting ready to buy that since we can use it on all our sites for the one price. What you’re saying about the categories makes a ton of sense though, and I am pretty sure my wife said that the potential for ranking for categories is NOT part of socrates.
John, if you purchase a Developer’s Option for Thesis, you can deploy the theme on as many sites that you own as you like.
From my perspective, you’ll be better off with Thesis because of its superior SEO controls and unmatched flexibility. John, Thesis does not contain a graphics package or stock images that you can choose from when designing your site.

Chris i decided to purchase Thesis very soon, what am thinking is, how can i use it efficiently? Ragunath, we have professional Support Forums and an exhaustive User’s Guide that you can use to learn about Thesis and customize your site. Finally, we have an affiliate program, and you can sign up for that once you’ve become a customer. In order for this tip to have almost any impact on SEO, each category page needs to include original static content written around the category topic. During the Go2meeting Sugarrae said to have no more than 40 categories and I have 92….will deleting some hurt my rank?
I have over 100 categories over all my sites and have never felt a serp drop because of it. I personally feel that categories carry more weight in google than tags, but I am not sure. Michel, if you’re going to be writing about each company only one time, I would recommend not using any categories. If you plan on writing more than one post about each company, then I think it’s ok to use categories for this specific site. In this case, you’re trying to plan a niche site from scratch, and at a glance, it would appear that your content begets such use of categories. I purchased Thesis last summer, I started with personal license, and upgraded to developer few months ago.
Having said that, I must add, do not write blog-posts with a sole purpose to impress search engine spiders. This kind of permalink is unreadable for the search engine, and doesn’t make any sense to the readers as well.
I will suggest going for the latter option because this will make the permalink free from category bondage, which will help you change the category at will without having to change each permalink manually. To make the changes in the permalink you will have to click on Settings and then on Permalinks. When a user scan through the search results, the words that appears early in the URL are more visible than the words that appears towards the end. Post description works like a teaser for your blog post, and a well-written description will increase the click-through rate from search results. Generating and submitting XML site map of your blog is very critical for the success of your blog.
There are number of free WordPress tag plug-ins that you can use to add tags in your blog post, or alternatively, you can visit technorati tag help page and follow the steps given there. The speed with which your blog loads itself is very critical for the success of your blog, as no one likes to visit a slow-loading blog. Once this plug-in is installed in your blog, it will generate static HTML pages for your blog, and when someone access your blog, your web server will serve him these static HTML pages, instead of going and fetching information from the dynamic PHP page. Do not think that this is the end of the SEO process for your blog; rather it is just the beginning.
If you looking to find your niche, must read this post as well read my 30 minute guide on blog setup and installations. Really these are the helpful information for optimization of the websites i want to optimize my website i read all the steps of your article,,thanks a lot..

Exclusive WordPress theme Softblog 1.0 released, a premium theme suitable for male and female bloggers. Disclaimer: All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only.
I’ve contacted the plugin developer and will try to get that resolved as soon as possible. In addition, my custom functions file drives me nuts, and it’ll take me about 2 hours to reorganize it properly. So, if I deactivate that plugin and decide to use SEO controls of thesis instead, will my cutomizations like titles etc will go ? In the right hands, they are an authoritative way to channel link juice and traffic throughout your site.
The idea is that you can run Thesis and not have to think about customizing your site for SEO.
I see where to add the SEO for a new category, but cannot find how to update the categories that already exist!
When I first noticed the option to add content to the category page on a few of my thesis blogs I jumped on it.
It may backfire, but if you have written your blog-posts with a sole objective to impress the visitors then search engines will also get impressed and will give you good ranking. There is a complicated way to do this, which involves lots of coding and stuff, and there is an easy way to do this.
By doing this, the plug-in speed up the loading time and increases the performance of your blog significantly. VA Business Services makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site & will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use.All information is provided on an as-is basis. Also, for many sites, it’s actually better to exclude category pages from being indexed.
The question I have for you, and I would like to respond on it, is how did you make “new in this issue, still fresh, microwaveable”? Do not use too much flash, JavaScript, or any other form of opaque content, it will prevent search engine crawlers from indexing your blog. You have two options here: you can either choose to have category name followed by post name slug in the permalink, or you can have post name slug directly after the blog URL. Do not allow any broken link to remain in your blog, and also have a trackback and pingback in place. You can either add tags manually to the posts based on the topic you have written about, or you can add technorati tags to your blog post.
Install Google (XML) Sitemap Generator for WordPress, and give this plug-in a write-access to the blog directory and you are done.
I will suggest going with technorati tags, for they are search engine friendly, and get indexed by technorati and Google quickly.
Kathy (my wife) is on your site a lot so it would be nice to do something for you since obviously you do so much for her learning.

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