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Low-cost digital audio on-air broadcast playback software for radio broadcasting and Internet streaming. Mixcraft is an affordable multi-track audio and MIDI recording studio that enables you to compose original music, record your band, create a podcast, or remix a song.
From the company that revolutionized vocal production with Auto-Tune comes AVOX 2 - the second generation of the Antares Vocal Toolkit. The Windows Media 9 Series Codec Install Package is used to install the latest Windows Media codecs. Roxio RecordNow Music Lab 10 Premier is the easy software tool for people who want to collect, organize and enjoy their digital music. Envision Ink provides you with numerous features to help you manage and grow your business. The best way to experience all of the features Envision Ink has to offer is to download a free trial version and schedule an online demo with one of our expert business consultants.
Our business consultants can take you on a tour of the software and show you how to use Envision Ink to make your tattoo parlor more successful and profitable.
Each version of Envision allows a certain number of employees to display on the appointment book calendar. Envision Ink allows you create, store, and print consent forms directly from the software. As soon as your client checks in, Envision will automatically print a consent form for your client.
Quickly fill canceled appointments by using the Waiting List to keep track of clients that are available for last minute appointments.
Enter clients into the Waiting List according to the dates and times that the client is available and Envision will automatically notify you if there is a customer waiting for an appointment.
When a client is getting a tattoo that requires multiple visits, don’t waste time scheduling each separate appointment.
Give your clients a printed schedule of their appointments so that they can enter their appointments in their own calendar when it is convenient for them. If your business has any skin test requirements, Envision Ink can remind you when a client is due for a skin test by placing a flag on top of their appointment. You can even run a report that will give you a list of clients that are requiring a skin test. When a client arrives, select an artist for their appointment or have Envision Auto Select an artist for you. You can even send a text message to your customer letting them know that their artist is ready for them.
Enter services that the employee is capable of performing and eliminate confusion when booking appointments. If you have new front desk staff, they will not be able to make the mistake of scheduling a service that the provider is not able to perform. Limit the access that everyone has to the entire business’ Appointment Schedule by providing access to a read-only version of your Appointment Schedule. Everyone will be able to see the appointments scheduled and appointment availabilities, but they won’t have the ability to schedule new appointments or make changes to existing appointments. With Envision’s program security, you can also give each person access to their own schedule so that they can schedule and make changes to their own appointments without having access to everyone else’s schedule.
Providing Coupons and Promo Codes is always a great way to find new clients and bring your current clients back. Envision Ink allows you to create as many coupons and promo codes as you wish that can be setup as a discount percentage or fixed dollar amount discount.
You can even run a Coupon Redemption report that will tell you how many of each coupon is being used and the percent of discount that is being provided to each client. The Group Booking feature of Envision allows you to book appointments for Groups and Parties so that their appointments are all linked with each other. If you sell special products for tattoo and piercing maintenance, you can include product recommendations and instructions on your aftercare form. Envision Ink allows you to create and print purchase orders for retail products and professional products and also allows you to keep records of every purchase order so that you are able to run reports on all of your Purchase Order and Vendor information at any time. Purchase Orders can also be easily received, updating your product quantities automatically so that you do not have to do a physical count of your products every time an order comes in. The physical count screen provides a fast way to update the amount of inventory in the program. This is a fast way to see what you should have on your shelf and what you actually have on hand.
Envision Ink's fully customizable calendar allows you to color code your appointment calendar by service or by retention. Saved time during your inventory count and reduce errors by using a barcode scanner when counting.
Simply setup reorder minimums and maximums for your products and the program can tell you exactly what needs to be ordered and how many of each item needs to be ordered as well.
This screen can be used to select the services that will appear in the Sales Register when a client is checked out for this service from the calendar. With other tattoo studio software, you have to constantly updated your filters, then export and import your list to another program. Envision Ink is the only tattoo parlor software available that will allow you to send professional HTML emails directly from the software system, eliminating the need for outside resources! With other programs, you have to export client lists to a different program and you are limited to you use pre-set templates. Create your own direct mail pieces using Envision Ink's marketing templates to print and mail to your clients. Based on marketing filters you select, Envision can include the client's name, birthday, and other information on the marketing piece, personalizing it for each client.
Send your marketing messages quickly and efficiently using Envision Ink's SMS text message marketing engine. You will always know what you discussed with your customer so you can be prepared for their next appointment.
Rewarding your clients for their sales is a great way of showing that you appreciate their business and a great way to retain clients as well! Use Envision’s Loyalty Programs to reward your clients for how much they spend in retail sales and service sales. Have you ever wondered if your radio ad or newspaper ad was worth all the money you spent on it? Envision allows you to specify how each client heard of you so that you can determine how many clients each type of lead source brought to your business. If you are a single artist with no other employees to put in the system, then the Solo Version will fit your needs. If you have employees or artists working for you, the Standard and Pro editions will allow you to store an unlimited number of employees in the system. Please refer to the Number of Visible Columns description to see how many employees you can enter in the appointment book calendar. Envision Ink allows you to display pictures of employees at the top of their column on the appointment book. Qualified services that this employee is capable of performing can be entered on this screen. If you have a set time or price for a service but need to make an exception for an employee, the Employee Time and Price Overrides allow you to do so.

When booking an appointment, Envision will recognized that the employee requires different timing and will set the appointment accordingly. Your artists are not always at work and may need to make plans around or during their schedule.
Envision allows you to email your artists their appointment schedule or work schedule so that they don’t have to wait to check their schedule!
Provide them with their appointment schedule so that they are prepared for the next day or if they are in contact with a client outside of work that would like to schedule an appointment, they can let the client know if they can fit them in without having to wait until they have access to the Appointment Calendar. Employee Teams allow you to create groupings, separate from your employee departments, for reports and scheduling purposes.
Envision allows you to sell and track gift certificates directly through the software, putting additional revenue into your business.
Selling Packages and Prepaid Items will increase retention and generate additional revenue! Envision Ink allows you to create packages of sessions or multiple services so that you can sell sessions in advance or multiple services together in a package. Enter utility bills, supply expenses or any type of expense that you would like to keep track of.
Reports are also available so that you can keep track of your expenses over any specified timeframe. This feature allows you to charge dollar amounts to a person's account so they can pay later, or prepay for upcoming services.
With just a few clicks, commission will be calculated for you so that you don’t need to take the time out of your busy schedule to run sales reports and pull out your calculator to calculate commission. Create as many straight scale or sliding scale commission plans as you need for both service commission and retail commission! The time clock is a valuable management tool for hourly employees but can be used for commissioned employees as well. Envision’s Retail to Service % commission plan option allows you to provide your artists with retail commission based on their Retail to Service %.
The higher their Retail to Service %, the higher their retail commission percentage will be. Your managers work long and hard hours, and are essentially placed in a manager position to be there for your staff when you can’t be.
Reward them for their hard work with a commission percentage based on the entire sales of the business! Envision’s Manager Commission Plan option allows you to setup a straight or sliding scale commission plan based on the entire sales of the business. There are over 50 different basic sales reports and each report has numerous options available so you can run these reports in many different ways. Find out what your top sellers are or what each artist sells in retail and service with a separate total for each item type. You can even run these reports as summary reports so that you can view just a total of the sales or run these reports as detail reports so that you can view the details of each sale. With 300+ reports available in Envision Ink, you will always be up to date and informed about every aspect of your business. Analyzing your data and reviewing your reports can sometimes be a confusing and mind-numbing task. The summary graphs available for Envision’s Sales Reports will make this task much easier if you are a more visual person than the rest (like most of us).
Drill down graphing is available for all services, retail products and clients, making sales graph analysis interactive! For example, if you are viewing a graph of your total sales for one retail product, you can click on the graph to view a graph of the dates that the item was sold.
Click on the graph again and you will be able to see a graph of the artists that sold the product. Process credit cards and debit cards directly through Envision Ink using Integrity Payment Systems.
Memberships are a great method for increasing client retention and generating recurring revenue! Envision’s Plus Pack allows you to create an unlimited number of membership programs with flexible billing schedules. Memberships can be automatically billed on the renewal dates for a fixed term or unlimited terms.
This module allows you to transfer information from Envision directly to QuickBooks Pro version 2005 or better. The Enterprise module allows you to share and combine data with other locations that also have an Envision license.
You can even book appointments for all locations from one computer by switching locations from within the Envision Calendar. If you would like to view everything from a corporate level, you can run reports for all locations or just one specific location. Store flash and pictures of completed work in the software so that your customers can watch a slideshow of artists work. La nuova versione di Mailing List Studio 4 A? disponibile sia in versione Freeware che in versione Professional, senza canoni o abbonamenti mensili, con un pagamento una-tantum e licenza illimitata senza scadenza.
Le innumerevoli caratteristiche di Mailing List Studio lo rendono un software professionale e dedicato. 5 minuti di video con audio in italiano per una panoramica generale sulle principali funzionalitA  di Mailing List Studio.
20 - Storico e Statistiche sugli invii SMS - Guida sullo storico degli invii SMS e sulla gestione degli invii programmati.
21 - Newsletter Builder - Nuovo editor di messaggi strutturati a blocchi per creare messaggi compatibili con tutti i reader di posta. 22 - Importazione layout grafici - Utilissima funzionalitA  per importare layout costruiti dai vostri designer e renderli compatibili con tutti i reader di posta.
Dal 2003, il software leader per la gestione delle mailing list e l'invio di newsletter e SMS.
In questi anni il software non ha mai smesso di migliorarsi ascoltando i consigli degli utenti utilizzatori. Dalla prima pubblicazione a oggi migliaia di utenti sparsi in tutto il globo utilizzano Mailing List Studio per l'invio di newsletter. - A Welcome, all who like old Photos of Japan !YOU ARE ONE OF OVER 100,000 VISITORS TO THIS SITE. With iMesh you can listen to FREE music, download and share songs with your friends and sync your library with your iPod or any other MP3 player.
This package can be used as an alternative to automatically downloading Windows Media Codecs, or to correct problems experienced with previously-downloaded codecs. This is why most, whether professional or hobby music artists and bands, utilize home music studios.
I have never worked with any company so focused on customer service as well as offering one of the best programs I have used to date. When you set up qualified services for each staff member, Envision will alert you when you are trying to book, for example, a tattoo appointment when the employee is only qualified to perform piercings. Envision Ink will automatically print aftercare instructions for your clients so they know exactly how to care for their skin.
You will never forgot to tell your clients what to use, or how to care for their tattoos and piercings.

If you choose to color your calendar by services, you can easily see what type of appointment is on your book.
See before and after images, keep track of your progress when doing a series of work, compare flash to actual tattoo, and have access to a gallery of your work. Using Envision's simple marketing templates, you can create professional looking marketing pieces that can be sent in a text message, emailed, or printed for direct mail. With other software systems, you have to import client lists to an outside source, then create and send your marketing pieces there - for a fee.
There are several different filters available based on customer information and purchase history.
Envision allows you to create your own email templates and send them to specific clients based on filters you select. It also helps new employees learn the names and faces of their co-workers, eliminating confusion when booking appointments.
Oltre a questo ti offriamo una protezione del tuo investimento garantendoti per un anno gli aggiornamenti gratuiti del programma. Potrai programmare un invio ritardato ad una determinata ora e data, e anche inviare SMS personalizzati per ciascun destinatario. You can cut, copy and paste parts of recording and, if required, add effects like echo, amplification and noise reduction. Music studios works extremely well for recording music, teaching new music, and just playing music generally speaking.
This program is the competitive edge that any business with the desire to succeed should be running.
Customers' names and birthdays can be merged into the marketing piece to personalize it for each client.
Send coupons, birthday cards, and special promotion emails to your clients all for free with Envision! You can send an email or SMS text message to everyone who's birthday is coming up, customers who haven't returned to the studio, or maybe just to local customers. Grazie a Mailing List Studio avrai tutto il necessario in un unico prodotto, senza abbonamenti e costi mensili. You can select a pattern(Rhythm,Bass and Drum).channel free music psp rss You can setting a tone and volume on each bar. Musicians often convert a give up bedroom, den, or basement in to a studio; however, the studios tend to be more efficient when they are created specifically for making music.
I tuoi dati rimarranno al sicuro all'interno del tuo computer, senza dover obbligatoriamente caricare dati su Internet. A conservatory with high ceilings plus a large floor plan or a lean-to style addition can make the perfect environment for a house music studio. Potrai gestire le tue mailing list, creare messaggi professionali, inviare newsletter e analizzare i risultati grazie a delle statistiche avanzate.
When properly developed, however, a conservatory is any durable, highly efficient, and conditions proof glass structure. Utilizing a durable and thermally enhanced material for your framework, such as aluminum, will ensure the structure is not going to rot, rust, warp, and deteriorate over time. Implementing the correct glazing options will supply both sound reduction and security for your equipment. OTHERWISE, BEGIN SCROLLING DOWN FOR A TREASURE-TROVE OF RARE AND BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS OF OLD JAPAN. When installed in mix with other alternatives, such seeing that polycarbonate, an aesthetically pleasing and functional music studio could be created for residential applications. Polycarbonate is really a sturdy alternative to glass that can also withstand severe impacts and also help protect musicians’ equipment. Insulating the polycarbonate with Lumira® aerogel will help with absorbing sound and help control the dynamics in the studio. ENAMI WEARING SAMURAI ARMOR, TAKING A REST BETWEEN POSES IN HIS YOKOHAMA STUDIO, CA.1898-1900. ENAMI, OTHER WELL-KNOWN JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS WHO OPERATED DURING THE MEIJI-ERA (1868-1912) ARE MENTIONED THROUGHOUT THE COMMENTS.I HOPE YOU FIND THE STORY AND DATA BOTH INTERESTING AND HELPFUL. FOR THOSE WHO ARE HERE PRIMARILY TO LOOK AT THE IMAGES, I HOPE THAT YOU EXPERIENCE SOME ENJOYMENT IN GAZING AT A FEW OF ENAMI'S"LOST PICTURES" OF OLD JAPAN.
The general wording seen above was fairly common to all photographic self-promotion during the Meiji-era, and actually contains less specifics than some of his studio ads which he placed in various guide books of the time. OGAWA, who was actually a year younger than Enami, was still his "elder" in terms of experience.
It was photographed by Enami's friendly competitor and neighbor Kozaburo Tamamura, whose studio was located at No.2 Benten Street.
It would be built in 1894 just down the street on the right hand side, and appear in endless views and postcards as the most recognizable landmark of Benten Street. Other images of Enami's studio -- both interior and exterior views -- are shown farther down on this page.A  While offering many of the same services and productions as his contemporaries, he also engaged in other activities that made him unique.
Further, while no photographer did "everything", Enami worked and published in more processes and formats than any other Japanese photographer of his time. A He was one of only a few photographers born during Japan's old Edo-Bakumatsu period, who went on to photograph right through to the Showa period of Emperor Hirohito.Enami was also one of the few to experience, and then successfully outgrow his roots as a traditional maker of the classic, large-format "Yokohama Shashin" albums. While successfully embracing the smaller stereoview and lantern slide formats, he added to that a portfolio of Taisho-era "street photography" that maintained his own unique and artistic content. Enami and Kimbei Kusakabe are now the only two Japanese photographers known to have a surviving list of their commercial 2-D images. While Enami's 2-D portfolio contained a sprinkling of older, public domain images, his 3-D images and slides made from them were wholly his own.A THE 3-D CATALOG "S 26.
Girls Looking at Pictures" A Maiko and two Geisha Looking at Stereoviews in Enami's Yokohama Studio. One of over 1000 cataloged 3-D images of old Japan.A THE "CATALOG OF COLORED LANTERN SLIDES AND STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS"A  Not surprisingly, Enami matched his older Catalog of Meiji-era Prints with a separately published catalog of his classic STEREOVIEWS.
In the case of the 3-D Catalog, the lantern-slides were all made directly from one half of the stereoview negatives.
The Cover and two sample pages of the Stereoview Catalog are shown just below in the Enami Activity List numbers (6) and (9).
ENAMI'S ACTIVITIES and CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE WORLD OF JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHYA A  For the moment, based on a wide range of primary sources, it is now clear that T.

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