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College aid award season is just around the corner, but before you accept that award, there are a few things you should be aware of.
Your financial aid award package details the financial incentives that the college is offering to your student to entice them to attend that particular college. The video below explains these pitfalls in a bit more detail, and also shares some helpful tips for potentially increasing your financial aid award, if the first offer doesn’t measure up to what you need. Be sure to register for one of our FREE college planning workshops to learn more important information that every parent needs to know when planning for college! As a job seeker, we want to ensure you experience the most success and that you are absolutely on top of your game before doing your interview. Since video interviewing is a new process for many, these tips will come in handy before, during, and after your interview. One of the biggest mistakes first-time video interviewers make is they wait until the last minute to complete their one-way interview. If you are preparing for a live interview, arrive early to your scheduled meeting and use the live chat feature to ensure both parties are ready to begin.
Be sure your pets are away from where you are recording your videos, especially if you only have one take.
Also, let your roommates and family know when you will be recording so they don’t interrupt the video and turn off or silence your phone to avoid any surprise notifications. If you describe yourself as “organized” on your resume and your house looks like a complete mess, don’t expect the rest of your resume to be taken too seriously. For the live video interview, make sure you have prepared your own questions to show that you have indeed done your research. Now that you are prepared and looking your best, it is important to do some technical prep work too.
Be sure you have gone through all of the resources your employer has sent you and check out Spark Hire’s resources page if you have further questions. Enunciate your words and try not to mumble, as it is difficult for the recording devices to pick up on your voice if you speak too softly.
Since Spark Hire offers both live and one-way interviews, it is extremely important that your verbal and nonverbal communication is on point for both platforms. Remember, some hiring managers go through a ton of resumes and video interviews daily, so make a great, long lasting first impression. 2,000+ companies in over 40 countries utilize Spark Hire's video interviewing platform to connect with the best candidates for their job openings. Video marketing (especially on YouTube) rocks and you do not have to spend a ton of cash to create videos that are stunning and showcase quality.
One of the coolest, easiest and most inexpensive way to create great YouTube videos on a budget is to combine still images with your audio recording.
About UsMariner Business Solutions has been providing innovative business solutions for our clients for over 20 years. Video has become the next big thing in personal branding — just look at the success and popularity of apps like Vine and now Instagram video.

Jared Matthew Weiss had a regular spot on The Today Show, a column in Shape Magazine and has consulted over 800 clients worldwide on how to reach their potential. Unless you are portraying a character or alter ego, it’s important to be yourself while on camera. Brandon SmithBrandon Smith works with Fueled, a digital product design and development incubator based in New York, Chicago and London.
The short video below shares some helpful tips for understanding college financial aid packages. It can include a number of different types of financial assistance, and often the wording can be confusing. In order for you to be successful, we have provided 10 tips on how to best present yourself to potential employers in a video interview.
No one wants to hear your dog barking at the mailman in the background or have your cat jump up and knock over your laptop mid-answer.
This also means present yourself as a clean person—clean shaven, clean clothing, clean everything. Avoid consuming large amounts of coffee or energy drinks, as this may make it appear that you are jittery and nervous.
This extra little effort will show that you are very interested in working for that company. Don’t record in a dim room, or in front of a window where the viewer will be distracted with what is happening outside. Also, keep in mind Spark Hire has a support team to help you out with any questions or concerns you may have. Keep your tone light and friendly, and be sure to turn the TV and music off in the background, as the recording will pick up those sounds as well. In fact, nonverbal communication has been shown to carry between 65% and 93% more impact than the actual words spoken, so be sure you make eye contact (with your webcam) and sit up straight to show confidence, professionalism, and enthusiasm. To be sure you stand out from the rest, be yourself, be positive, and don’t exaggerate your credentials or bad talk previous employmers. Many first-time video interviewers forget to send out a thank you letter or email after they have completed their interview. We have also created an infographic called “How To Impress In Your Video Interview” for additional tips and tricks. Tools like the legendary Windows Movie Maker, Animoto and iMovie for Mac users will allow you to produce videos from an audio recording and still images. Here, you will find a list of apps and movie production services that are directly linked to YouTube.
It comes with multiple transition effects and a user-friendly interface that lets you create professional videos. With these great tools, you really shouldn’t give an excuse on why you are not yet tapping into the power of online video marketing. Our state of the art software and hardware solutions have given our clients a competitive edge in an ever changing marketplace.

But beyond just trying to become the next YouTube sensation, people have transformed it into a great platform for job searches.
He founded Overture, a company that produces short, chic black-and-white videos designed to capture your story and share it with the world. Choose comfortable clothing that showcases the real “you.” To make a slightly more formal statement, a suit and tie or blouse and skirt is perfect. Throughout his first live television segment he was unaware of the fact that he was impulsively rubbing his leg to calm his nerves.
Do whatever is necessary to help you relax — stretch, do jumping jacks, listen to music, go into the bathroom to talk to yourself.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. These 10 tips will increase your chances of a follow-up interview and will help you land your dream job.
These deadlines are in place so you have enough time to complete the interview and don’t feel rushed. Dress as if you are meeting your grandma for tea and try to keep it conservative, and try to stay away from super bright colors or crazy patterns, as it can be distracting. This is a part of your potential employer’s hiring process so be sure you thank them for their time. These three tools will allow you to create the most spectacular YouTube videos at a price that is next to free.
Not so long ago, there were only three such tools but the list has now expanded to nine super cool apps that you can use to create videos. Our highly qualified and trained team of experts provide you the support you need to maintain your system. Video resumes have become a way to grab the attention of potential employers, and video calls via Skype have become the norm for long distance job interviews.
The personal branding expert was kind enough to sit down and share 10 important tips that will help set your personal video apart from others. While we publish a wide range of job listings, we have selected a few job opportunities from the past two weeks to help get you started. This will also give you some time to resolve any issues if you run into technical difficulties. Of course the way you dress may differ job-to-job, so be sure you have taken a look at the company’s culture.
Additionally, Stupeflix comes with a text-speech feature, which is useful in case you do not have audio recording equipment. That way, you can review your personal recordings to be sure the lighting is beneficial to you.

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