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In this session, we go beyond the rule of thirds to learn additional videography techniques: creative framing and camera angles, easy lighting solutions, and plenty of tips and tricks to master the basics and implement what the professionals use. From my recent volunteer mission as videographer on an 18 day mission to Vietnam I learned several key video tips. I learn fast and here I share with you my tips so your videography project will be a success.
4) Have a long extension chord for your room when you backup & recharge your batteries each evening.
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Copy, copy, copy a€“ When youa€™re starting off and have no idea what youa€™re doing, please COPY someone elsea€™s style that you like.
I am a professional filmmaker, and I applaud this site for detailing the ABC's of documentary filmmaking.
For wildlife photography it is a reality that you will need some specialized camera equipment like a telephoto lens. Practice on domestic animals so that when the time comes for that once in a lifetime shot you will be ready and proficient with your camera equipment.
9) Do not over look the smaller animals, which can be just as much fun to photograph and are usually much easier to find. Smaller animals like these geckos can be just as satisfying to photograph as the larger mammal and bird species.
10) Anticipate what an animal is going to do.  If you are driving through a game reserve for example and see an animal walking towards a waterhole then get into position before it starts to drink so that you are ready to take advantage of its behavior. Landscape photography is by definition the photography of landforms and can include natural or man-made forms.
With improvements in digital technology, anyone can go outside and shoot a landscape photograph, but a great picture takes some planning, preparation and composition. 4) Having said the above, bad weather can sometimes produce the most interesting landscape photograph. 6) Study and understand the rules of composition (easily found on the internet), something I cover in my photography courses. Following some basic rules of composition is normally a good starting point for the beginner landscape photographer. Female black rhino with unusually long horns in the grasslands of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, north Kenya. Female black rhino and calf with unusually long horns in the grasslands of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, north Kenya. A pair of lilac breasted rollers uses a black rhino for a perch in the grasslands of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, north Kenya. A lilac breasted roller uses a black rhino for a perch in the grasslands of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, north Kenya. Patagonia is the southern part of South America and encompasses some of the world’s most beautiful scenery. Not that I’m a great believer in angels but the sheer jaw dropping beauty of the place, in those few short minutes of sunrise, certainly had me going for awhile. Guanacos are common in Torres del Paine National Park and offer some great photography opportunities with snowcapped peaks in the background. Both parks offer glacier trekking – exploring the glacier crevasses offers some unusual adventure photography opportunities. After many years of photographing animals from the back of a vehicle, working with habituated animals that are used for film shoots is a whole new exciting experience.
Combine this with a photo workshop, its not only great fun but is a good way to get some quick photography tuition with your camera and great preparation for an up coming holiday or photo safari. There are several facilities close to Johannesburg that have habituated animals used for film shoots and these offer excellent photo opportunities for a variety of animals. Animals available vary as they grow up or move to other facilities but there is normally a number of species available.
Recently I have been fortunate to do two photo trips to the Lewa and Ol Pejeta Wildlife  Conservancies  which are private reserves on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya.
Although they don’t offer the spectacular photographic opportunities of some other reserves in Kenya both are wonderfully scenic with Mt Kenya as a constant backdrop to the idyllic fever trees and wide open plains.  Best of all they are “far from the madding crowds” of Amboseli and Maasai Mara, so it is still possible to have something approaching a wilderness experience. Like all parks with rhino they have also had some poaching problems, but Lewa is certainly one of the best parks in Africa to see both black and white rhino. Lone acacia trees dot the landscape and provide some nice landscape photography opportunities. Lewa also offers some other unusual species to photograph and has one of Africa’s largest populations of the endangered Grevy’s zebra. Many years ago my conservation thinking was influenced by Aldo Leopold’s “A sand Country Almanac”, probably one of the most important books on conservation philosophy ever written.
There is something very profound about the opening sentences and for anyone who has a love of wilderness and for wild animals it resonates strongly with how we feel about wildlife. To slightly misquote Aldo Leopold, I suppose there are two kinds of people – those who mourn the loss of a species and those who don’t.
I have had the great privilege of having travelled the world and seen and photographed some of the world’s rarest species. Recently I traveled to Kenya to see and photograph three very rare “wild things” black rhino, the northern white rhino and the Grevy’s zebra, all endangered. I have over the last few years, been fortunate enough to be invited as the photography guide on a number of helicopter safaris’ in Kenya and Namibia.
Of all my travels over the last few years nothing comes close to this as a photography adventure. It is expensive obviously but if you are working on your bucket list then a helicopter safari just might be something you want to consider.

A great advantage of a helicopter photo safari is getting access to remote areas that are rarely seen and are virtually inaccessible by any other means of transport. If someone asked me what is my favorite place on the planet to photograph it would be hard to single out any one place but Cousine Island in the Seychelles would certainly be high on my list. Cousine is a small island just off the coast of Praslin and is a combination luxury resort and private nature reserve.
Like most islands its natural fauna and flora had been decimated by the introduction of alien plants and cats.
The island has undergone an extensive vegetation rehabilitation programme which involves planting of indigenous flora and the removal of alien plant species.
It is now restored to its natural state and the best way I could describe it is a miniature Galapagos Island. So he’s popped the question and you’ve said yes!  But for your own personal reasons, whether it be work constraints or a job transfer or a pending move, there’s a problem with waiting to have your wedding.  The wedding just has to be held in three months or less from the date of the proposal. No doubt about it, it would be very difficult if you wanted a large, glamorous affair at a very popular wedding venue. One trend we couldn’t help but notice in so many of the weddings we filmed in 2014, especially at the end of the summer and over the fall, was silver bridal shoes.
Thank you notes are never optional when it comes to weddings.  You must remember to write and mail formal thank you notes to anyone who gave you a wedding gift, as well as to others who have provided help or support during your wedding planning.  It’s not an easy task, but we have some tips that should make the process easier for you!
Designers were anxiously awaiting the 2015 Color of the Year announcement from Pantone early this month. And remember, there are a few more situations that also warrant thank you notes.  Write formal thank you notes to your wedding party attendants, whomever hosted your wedding (often your parents), anyone who hosted a wedding party or shower for you and anyone who provided favors or help to you over the course of your wedding planning and event. The jewelry you choose to wear for your wedding is just as important an accessory as your shoes, headpiece and handbag.  It must coordinate perfectly with your wedding gown and other accessories but should never overwhelm your look. Be sure that your jewelry does not “outshine” your wedding gown.  You will probably find that a necklace is not even necessary with your wedding gown, especially if it is highly embellished at the neckline or bodice. Don’t forget to consider jewelry for your hair.  A hair brooch, headband, jeweled hair comb or even a jeweled fascinator will add interest and glamour to your hairdo once you’ve removed your veil (if you’re wearing one). Look at jewelry that isn’t “wedding” jewelry.  Pieces that are found outside bridal boutiques can often be less costly and usually are easier to wear again after the wedding day has come and gone. For an extended version of this article read Videography Tips For Your Video Success on my Ezinearticles Page.
I had a telescopic carbon monopod which was great at getting me into tight spots very fast.
Hope this helps to make your video work a success, beit a documentary or just an informational promo video you are working on. Depending on the type of documentary you're shooting, you may have to shoot on the fly "following the action" or everything may already be planned out in advance -- for example a historical documentary where you're shooting a lot of "talking head" interviews.No matter what type of documentary or video you're shooting, here are some basic tips to follow. Wide, Medium, Close-up - For every scene or event youa€™re shooting, make sure to get different angles so that youa€™ll have choices in the editing process.
I am a beginner with an idea, and the info and articles on your website are easy to understand and answer many questions I have. Whether you are a beginner or at an intermediate level, spending sometime with a professional wildlife photographer can kick-start your hobby. However it is quite easy to go to a great destination at entirely the wrong time of the year or even the wrong place within the park. One of the great advantages of digital photography is the ability to instantly see your photograph, so this makes experimentation easy. What makes this picture interesting is that it was taken at a slow shutter speed to deliberately give it motion blur.
When I get a new camera or perhaps want to get proficient with the auto focus system I don’t wait for my next trip to the bush.
Yes you can be lucky but generally it’s a matter of getting out there for long periods and waiting for animals to do something interesting.
I saw these lions walking towards a waterhole so I was able to get into position in advance and ready myself in anticipation of them drinking. Some of the most popular areas with landscape photographers in southern Africa include the Drakensberg Mountains, coastal areas near Cape Town and the Namib Desert of Namibia. Find out from nature photographers when is the best time of the year to photograph a particular location. A beautiful blue sky can make for a nice but boring landscape, whereas a dramatic sky full of stormy clouds could make a great picture of the same location.
With a few exceptions, most landscapes are at their best in the early morning or late afternoon. Although all rules can be broken, on the whole they generally make for a good starting point. Although most of us are not born with much creativity, it is something that can definitely be learnt and enhanced.
Although you can be lucky, more often than not one will have to visit a great location several times to get a really good picture.
Although one can be lucky, usually one has to visit a location several times to get the right combination of light and composition.
To me, the word “Patagonia” has that exotic, wilderness like association similar to Borneo, or the Kalahari and in fact it really is as spectacular and wild as the name implies. Nightmare, as the weather can be appalling with persistent rain and winds that will literally blow you off your feet, but a dream when on the odd day the sun rises and bathes the mountains in light so golden that it’s a photographer’s fantasy come true.
Torres del Paine has the advantage of a road running through it, so for the lazy like me it is a bit more accessible. Being eye to eye with a lion or leopard or any one of a number of species is more personal and gives you an adrenalin rush like no other.
Contact me and I can organize an animal encounter that is both fun and enjoy a day learning about animal photography.
Both species are very habituated so it is possible to get close views and great for photography.

A few days ago I picked up the book again and the opening passage made me think about how little has changed in the past years – in fact how his words seem more prophetic than ever. What is normally tedious hours of travel by road becomes a short helicopter flight, usually with an opportunity to photograph something unusual or from a totally different perspective. There are incredible aerial photography opportunities, and its also just a great adventure.
Ideally you need a country which still has some wilderness left so Kenya, Botswana, Namibia are ideal. In 1992 the island was purchased and a conservation programme introduced to protect nesting sea turtles and maintain existing populations of endemic land birds including the Seychelles Magpie Robin, the Seychelles Warbler and the Seychelles Fody.
Luckily, Cousine Island has never had the misfortune of having a rat population present on the island, hence the large numbers of ground nesting sea birds like White-Tailed Tropic birds, and Wedge-Tailed Shearwaters. Start with making a copy of the list of guests’ names and addresses when you send out invitations.
Have all notes completed and mailed within two to three months after your wedding.  Keep in mind, you really should mail out thank you notes within two weeks of arrival for any gifts received before your wedding date.
Keep an organized list of cards that have been completed and of those yet to be written.  This way, no one will be forgotten and you won’t inadvertently write a thank you note twice! For example, if youa€™re videotaping a protest, get the widest angle possible (perhaps on top of a building looking down on the crowd), then get close-ups of the faces in the crowd and then some medium shots of people from the ground level.
Eventually, you will start to create your own style, but this is a great way to develop and learn professional techniques.Practice, practice, practice a€“ As with any profession, being a videographer is all about the thousands of details that you can only learn by doing and experiencing first hand.
I run a variety of wildlife photography workshops – contact me so that I can help you with your photography. There is really no easy answer, and it is largely a function of ones budget and level of expertise. With a few exceptions nature photographers are looking for great light and are shooting early in the morning and late in the afternoon in order to get the warmth and texture of the sun close to the horizon. Many animals, like lions for example, will spend hours sleeping and sometimes it is a matter of just waiting for something to happen.
As much as I may like to spend time photographing an elephant it can be equally satisfying to photograph a small reptile or insect.
Understanding the basics like, f-stops, ISO and shutter speed is fundamental to landscape photography. Years ago, I went to Patagonia in the month of October, only to have three weeks of non-stop rain. It also has some wildlife and its possible to see condors, guanacos and even the occasional puma. We are of the generation where these “wild things” are becoming so rare that very few people will ever see them in the wild, and the saddest fact is that by far the greatest majority of people really don’t care. Often the case in budget filmmaking, you are relying on the mic on top of your camera for sound.
It is a reality however that you will need some specialized equipment like a telephoto lens and perhaps something like a macro lens too.
Admittedly its not very glamorous but it’s a great way to get in some practice and get familiar with my camera. With a little research, I would have found out that the autumn months of March and April are generally the best time. This will also give you time to look around and see your location, and look for different angles and compositions. It is not unusual to have to walk long distances and it inevitably means getting up early in the morning, and frequently one can be either cold, hot and sometimes wet. Los Glaciers on the other hand is perhaps a little more scenic but to get to the more beautiful parts it requires some serious walking.
If that is the case, you will need to always be conscious of where that mic is relative to the sound you are trying to capture. So go out there and get shooting!Always have plenty of charged batteries and extra tapes on hand a€“ Enough said.Hide wires a€“ Tuck them out of view, otherwise it looks sloppy and unprofessional. If someone is talking, you will need to have the camera very close to that person, otherwise it will be annoying for the viewer to strain to hear what they are saying.
You can either move the camera to get the best angle, move the subject in front of a good background or create a new background. Ask yourself, does this background "support" this story visually?" Is it a good backdrop for what is being discussed?4. Timelapse a€“ time-lapse is one of the most visual and fun ways to capture an event or story.
Before heading out for a shoot, think about whether the story could lend itself to a time-lapse shot. So whenever possible, take your two legs and walk up to whatever it is you want a close-up of. Dona€™t overshoot (or then again, go ahead) a€“ A common tendency for amateurs is to shoot anything and everything. In general, I have found that for every hour of professional footage, I end up using about a minute in the final production. If you want to capture a player hitting the ball, you will need to anticipate that moment and begin recording a few seconds or minutes before. Frame it like a picture a€“ This is where artistic expression and style come into play, but in general, utilize the standard framing styles and rule of thirds in photography.

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