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Vine is an iPhone app that allows users to shoot short looping videos they can then share with their followers.
By James T Noble It’s been hailed as Instagram for video – and that’s a pretty big accolade – so the big question is…can Twitter Vine be leveraged for business?
By Anna Pedersen While adding Vine to your company’s social media arsenal sounds like a cool idea, you’re likely wondering, “Does my business really need another social media channel to manage?” The answer is… well, possibly.
By Rocky Walls Vine is great for telling short stories with a distinct beginning, middle and end. Los mercados cambian al igual que las tendencias y las nuevas tecnicas para llegar a nuestros consumidores, hasta hace poco no pudieramos haber imaginado que, en tan solo nueve segundos,  creativos y en lo personal, muy divertidos se pudieran captar mas seguidores que con toda la parafernalia que encontramos en las redes tradicionales.
El 24 de Noviembre de 2013 Twitter lanza Vine para el sistema iOS, una aplicacion que crea y publica videos cortos (de seis a nueve segundos de duracion) con la particularidad de que estos se repiten continuamente creado un efecto GIF.
Ahora bien, cuando Vine comenzo a ganar adeptos las grandes marcas rapidamente fijaron su atencion en el potencial creativo y personalizado de esta app al igual que en las personalidades que figuraban en los posts mas vistos. Quiza se pregunten: ?y donde queda Mexico en estas nuevas tendencias?, bueno cierto es que no nos hemos rezagado en materia de marketing directo pues son marcas como CaribeCooler, AeroMexico, Bacardi, entre otras las que tambien han optado por darse a conocer via Vine.
El exito o fracaso de un Vine lo determina la creatividad y el contenido mismo del clip, soy de la creenciade que no es un requisito ser una marca mundialmente famosa o conocida para triunfar en el marketing directo via Vine (O cualquier otra estrategia de Marketing), basta con un poco de ingenio y ganas de divertirte para crear un verdadero interes local, que, gracias al genial y siempre confiable marketing viral puede llegar a convertirse en una sensacion, imaginen entonces todo el potencial que las marcas que vemos todos los dias pueden llegar a alcanzar si se atreven a regalarnos una idea original y solo unos cuantos segundos de su personal en un clip que englobe un mensaje simple y directo a los ya bien definidos nichos que las marcas, chicas, medianas y grandes tienen. Pero hey, no dejen que mis palabras sean su unica garantia asi como he puesto ejemplos a lo largo de la publicacion quiero dejarles mis Vines favoritos para que si conocen al artista lo sigan, y si es su primera experiencia con la app se animen a descargarla y reirse un buen rato de las ocurrencias y creatividad que caben en tan solo unos segundos. Los horizontes y aplicaciones de mi carrera se extienden a las limitaciones de quien la practica. Nostalgia can create an instant bond with customers, especially if they already have a long shared history with a brand or business.
Sometimes it’s hard to demonstrate what your business does in just 6 second Vine marketing videos. Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides.
Video gives you more opportunities to expand your brand by gaining it visibility and establishing credibility within your niche. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them.
Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. Vine is a free application that allows users to record, edit and share short and looping video clips which can be no longer than six seconds. The name of Vine comes from Vignette, which can be defined as ‘’a short impressionistic scene’’.
Vine is one of the first video sharing apps on the market and I think that it is a powerful tool for marketing purposes.
Well if we’re going to find out, first of all we need to cut through the buzz and take a closer look at what Vine is really all about. Whether you’re a regular Joe traipsing around social media outlets or you’re operating accounts for a company or business, apps such as Vine can provide you with the tools to be entertaining and creative with the content you’re sharing. Social media has already done a great job of getting to know brands more personally, with Vine you can take that even farther and create videos demonstrating how a product is made. Los usuarios publicaban desde bromas, acontecimientos importantes hasta elaborados trucos de camara que creaban geniales y creativos clips. Marcas como General Electric, Axe, Jolly Rancher y Aeropostale comenzaron a experimentar con este nuevo “Boom” social y su sorpresa fue grata, ya que los re-Vines y comentarios positivos incrementaron los adeptos a las marcas tanto digitales como fisicos en un 15% (Caso Aeropostale), recibiendo mas jovenes en sus tiendas al ver que en un clip de nueve segundos se conjuntaban  outfits para  dama y caballero. Si bien el exito es lento porque Vine es relativamente nuevo en el cybermercado mexicano nosotros tambien podemos alardear que contamos con personalidades influyentes en el Vine, hablo de JUCA (No, no es lo que estan pensando), Nat Campos y MalibuMx los cuales tambien participan en clips donde ellos son los protagonistas pero marcas mexicanas son mostradas con contenido altamente creativo y divertido. Es por eso que en estos tiempos de decisiones rapidas e intereses fugaces, nueve segundos son suficientes.

Vine creates an opportunity to use video, the most popular content on the Web, in a very unique way. While the short video can make a powerful impression, it also requires you to boil down your marketing message to just a few seconds. Check out the examples below to see how successful brands have leveraged marketing on Vine to create a powerful message to customers that can’t be ignored. Watch as Volkswagon uses this technique by sharing the story of a 1955 Beatle that traveled the world 3 times and is still going strong — all in just 6 seconds.
Here Virgin Mobile takes a silly look at the possible downsides of really great network coverage, especially for those carrying heavy objects.
For Bacardi UK, a well-known brand for alcoholic beverages, what could be more natural than a 6 second step by step drink recipe?
Nordstrom, for example, created a very memorable image that also played off of mobile and Vine too. Watch as Lowes shares a quick tip for dealing with a stripped screw with a common household object. GE, known for technical innovations, used Vine to share a simple science experiment that creates a cool visual and can be easily replicated with just a few supplies. This quick stop-motion Vine showed off some of the things that people could keep in one of the Gap’s leather stripe totes. American Apparel gave Vine users a peek into its manufacturing process for some of its made-in-America shoes. With a new mobile shopping app, fashion brand NETAPORTER shared a Vine clip detailing how the app works and how easy it can be to shop. This stop-motion video shows off some of the capabilities of Samsung’s phones and apps while appealing visually to viewers. Internet Explorer created these animated characters to add some fun to its message while also highlighting some of the browser’s newer features. Watch as Progressive shows viewers an abbreviated commercial where it shares a social media hashtag for one of its more recent promotions. And because creating and distributing a video is free, it’s well in the reach of the most budget strapped entrepreneur. When she’s not writing she can be found on her personal blog Wattlebird, and exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer.
Build a good video marketing strategy should be one of your goals if you want to target a wider audience.
It is hard to think of things that last so short, but you can really do something, not that it would be very important but still. These videos can be shared not only on Vine’s social network but also on other social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
Nowadays, when all social media platforms are full of advertisements and long videos, people are preferring short clips instead. This step can be really useful when the company wants to build closer relationships with its customers. There is no longer need for taking Vines only with the Vine app, it means that you can use old material in order to create something new and unique.
It combines video with another powerful force in online marketing, social media, by making it short, versatile and very easy to share. Instead, the company showed off some of its branded T-shirts and a brief shot of its well-known co-founder. Taking a video of the company made it appear a series of Vine users were literally passing Nordstrom merchandise from screen to screen. What do you think is it possible to create something special and unique during this period of time?

It was founded in 2012 by Dom Hofman, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll but few months later the company was purchased by Twitter and it was launched in 2013, January. Using Vines is good opportunity for those companies, that doesn’t have huge budget, because these 6-seconds video are free. It is really important to know how it works, what its advantages and disadvantages, any information can be helpful before making a decision to buy something.
For example in order not to be distant from customers, companies could show their employers, videos of the shop, product demos.
Moreover, you can use already used data which was suitable for example only for print advertisements, and remake it in something attractive and interesting. Even though it is simple to use, there is no need to think that Vines are not helpful in order to reach your target audience if it is young and innovative people. At the same year Time magazine listed Vine app as one of the best android applications, moreover, every second five Twitter users post a Vine clip. The camera records only while screen is being touched and this is the secret how people create stop motion effects. For example: if I need to make a cocktail, I prefer shorten version of a lesson instead of long, 5 minutes video on youtube. You can show your products that will be released later or those that are already in the market. As there is no one correct way to do it companies have to find the most suitable approach, not all of the works exactly the same for every type of business. To use Vine you have to open the app, aim the camera at a subject and hold the finger on the screen in order to record. Or if any men clothes shop creates a Vine of how to tie a tie it could be also very useful thing.
People do search for more information about the product, so why companies cannot provide it? If you are creating Vine for the upcoming products or events using Vine is great way to build excitement around a new product coming.
Every business company before starting Vine should think again what they want to do and what is their target audiences’ age.
Using social media for marketing brand sounds very common these days but let’s focus more on Vines as a marketing tool. When you lift your finger off the screen and it pauses, you can change subject and then film another video.
People has to be engaged and interact with posts, comments and moreover they have to share it. So now you need only 6 seconds to create tutorial video and in that way promote your product and brand.
If your business is focusing more on elder people or selling very expensive products, Vine may not be very helpful for you.
After you have filmed everything you wanted, Vine automatically links recorded clips together. Of course, to demonstrate something in six seconds can be very hard, but companies can be very creative at the same time simple and release series of ‘’How to’’ Vines. Moreover, companies can encourage customers to create and post their own clips of the products they have bought. This will not only help people who are undecided, but it will also help for those customers who share their experience of the product to feel a part of a brand.

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