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So now that you have enough inputs on how to make viral promotions go ahead and sell your content. Make your e-commerce site go viral by offering your customers a discount if they Facebook Like, Google+1 or Tweet about your site. Works with any kind of WooCommerce coupons such as free shipping, % off cart, fixed amount off cart value and many more.
Our plugins are W3C validated and tested in multiple browsers to make sure that your plugin always works great despite which browser your visitors are using.
If you have any problems with our plugin please send us a message right away so we can help you out. I am now using this EZ Viral Coupon Creator  Software to Create Professional Coupons for my customers.
Or for my piano courses, I will choose one of the following free coupons to attract them to get a free course.
It must be search engine friendly so that it gets noticed by search engine crawlers quickly and results in higher number of hits.

Considering that apart from YouTube, there’s vine, vimeo, emerse and many more, it will waive off a hell lot of time from you when you and login individually to each account and post your contents. Viral Coupon integrates with WooCommerce to automatically apply a coupon if the user Likes or Shares your link. Messages, links, tweets, coupon codes, page integration and more are all configured with ease. There is  a large collection of ready made Niche Coupon Templates on top of the above 25 basic templates. May it be a kind of animated stuff or people performing weird dance steps or any unusual stuff! But uploading one is not enough, you have to enclose content for the visitors to search for the full content on your website so that visitors may get redirected to your page. Imagine if you would have employed one professional for the posting job, how much you have expended? Viral Coupon is the first of its kind to combine the power of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter with the incentive of a discount.

Though YouTube is the best place for such tasks, you can post your videos in several other sites as you never know where your customer resides.
Indeed Viral marketing is just an incredible way of spreading out message to a wider radius within a fleet of time.
According to the king of journals, ‘The Wall Street Journal’, any video that has elements for cognitive dissonance or bizarre collocations are best to be virally promoted. But there are more than a dozen of social media site where you can make your contents go viral.
In lieu of the condition, today I am going to discuss on how you would do viral promotion for your product and service using the advanced social media automation tools. It should arrest visitors’ attention at ones and compel them to share it all along the social networks so that it achieves wider visibility and more traffic.

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