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Mit MacFlux von Macware lassen sich Webseiten ohne Programmierkenntnisse erstellen, zum Beispiel in HTML5. Als Alternative zu Apples iWeb bietet das Webdesign-Tool MacFlux eine Oberflache, auf die sich Inhalte und Objekte (zum Beispiel Bildergalerien, Videos und Audios) einfach per Drag and Drop hineinziehen und anordnen lassen. Ein Belkin-Dock mit Micro-USB-Anschluss, iPad-Cases und ein Apple-Watch-Armband sind heute gunstiger. SSDs von Samsung mit 512 GB und 1 Terabyte Speicherplatz, eine Desktop-Festplatte und mehr listet Amazon heute zum reduzierten Preis.
Launch TOWeb and you're presented with over 120 responsive templates to start your website. In this short series of posts I’m looking at Mac software that lets you build a decent website without costing the earth. When it comes to web page editors, Adobe once again rules the posh end of the market with Dreamweaver ($400), which is great for both visual- and text-based page editing.
Panic’s Coda ($80) is a powerful text-based HTML and CSS editor that also features a file uploader.
Another nicety is the way you can open a remote folder on an FTP server, then edit and save the files as if they were local.
While not as full-featured as Coda, or as slick, skEdit does a decent enough job for the price. Other worthy apps in the text-based category include Aptana Studio (professional edition: $100, community edition: free), the free TextWrangler text editor, and your favourite UNIX text editor of choice, built right into your Mac! KompoZer is a free, open-source WYSIWYG editor with a venerable lineage that can be traced back to the original Netscape Composer. As well as full WYSIWYG editing, you can also switch to Source mode if you need to dip in and edit some HTML by hand. RapidWeaver is more flexible and extensible than iWeb, and there are plenty of free and commercial themes available for it. There are also a few quirks about RapidWeaver itself that irritate me: Why can’t I insert an image via a menu option?
Other apps in the template-based creator category that are worth checking out are Sandvox and Goldfish. If you don’t fancy spending hundreds of dollars on apps like Dreamweaver, then there are some good options for you, depending on your preferred style of website creation.
If you prefer tinkering with HTML and CSS then check out Coda for a lovely all-in-one solution, while KompoZer is a good bet if you like to edit your web pages as if they were Word documents.
I enjoy reading your blog and wonder if you can recommend a web design application that is EASY to use!

Aber fur ab und zu mal was zusammenschrauben ist man als Gelegenheits-HTMLer damit vielleicht schneller am Ziel.
Deshalb dauert auch jedes Projekt drei mal so lange und kostet doppelt so viel wie geplant.
PSPad also offers smart HTML previews of your site, and the ability to work with several documents at once, then save them all as a "session" for easy restoration later. They're not exactly leading-edge designs, but you get plenty of layouts and colour schemes to explore.It's easy to customise the template text and images, and a sidebar offers plenty of surprising extras. Double-click the icon in Sites, and you’re back to working on your site, exactly where you left off.
Where Coda is the Swiss army knife of text-based editing, skEdit gives you just the bare essentials: a capable editor, and a file uploader. It’s not the prettiest-looking app around, but it does a great job of editing web pages. It also has a nice CSS editor built in, as well as FTP publishing and site management capabilities. You might be led into thinking that you need a .Mac account to use it as it tries to force you to sign up for one when you start it up.
As with iWeb, the basic idea is that you choose a theme, then simply drag your images and other media into the page and add your text. You can use RapidWeaver to create a wide variety of sites, from simple static sites through to blogs, image galleries, slideshows and contact forms.
I prefer to code my websites by hand for flexibility, and am comfortable with HTML and CSS.
Loads of mac developers I know use this, though it has less polish of Coda, betraying its cross-platform use. I use CS3 Photoshop and InDesign on a daily basis, but for some reason I find Dreamweaver daunting! I’ve always found KompoZer fairly straightforward too – less intimidating than Dreamweaver certainly!
I haven’t had time lately to work on Rapidweaver, I guess what I’m looking for is an easier to follow tutorial than the one provided by MAC! Neben PHP, Ruby, Yuma, Django, CSS3 und JSP unterstutzt das Tool auch HTML5 zum Erstellen von Tablet-optimierten Webseiten. Wurde mich freuen wenn hier der eine oder andere uber seine Erfahrungen mit Flux berichten oder Alternativen empfehlen kann! Da gibt es meines Wissens nach nur die Moglichkeit mit Parallels oder ahnlichem auf der PC-Programm-Schiene zu fahren, oder sollte ich mich da irren und es gibt doch was fur meinen Mac !?

The editor may have some sort of preview facility so you can view your page visually as you go, but all the editing is done in text mode. Rather than editing HTML pages, you build your pages using templates built into the app, then publish, or export, your finished site as HTML, CSS and images.
It features syntax highlighting for most web file formats, including HTML, CSS, Perl, Python, ASP, and JavaScript – though, for some bizarre reason, not PHP.
Overall, KompoZer makes a good alternative to Dreamweaver if you’re on a tight budget. You can link between pages easily, and iWeb even puts together a navigation menu and RSS feeds for you.
Furthermore, I don’t find them flexible enough – what if I want to create a web page without a sidebar in RapidWeaver? I really need to learn web design though, I’ve tried Rapidweaver, but found the tutorial hard to follow… Any recommendations?
Under the hood, though, you’re still working with an HTML page, and can usually go in and edit the raw HTML if you need to. It’s usually not possible to flip to a text editing mode and edit your HTML page in its entirety. It also lets you do simple HTML auto-formatting, such as highlighting text and pressing Command-Option-B to bold it; a feature sorely missing from Coda. It’s stable, it has lots of features, and it hardly messes up your HTML at all (unlike some editors I could mention). For that matter, what if I want to build a site that isn’t based on a predefined template at all? It really does live up to its name, letting you put together a nice-looking website very quickly. And the XHTML it generates looks halfway decent too – rare for this type of software. It was my first time working with a web designer and I can tell that he really cares about your project and he wants to create a successful website that you will be happy and proud of.

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