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We can help you to achieve your business goals: increase speed, availability and ROI of your online business. The adoption of CDNs has never been greater, but a lot of organizations are still clueless of what to expect from a CDN provider; or what questions should they ask to begin with.
Reducing page content loading time – this way the customers are less frustrated, are quicker to review your products and are more likely to conduct  a purchase.
Reducing checkout times – customers often get frustrated during the checkout stage and drop the purchase. Increasing website availability, ensuring your website can be accessed anytime, when shoppers return.
Aren’t CDNs supposed to be primarily for international businesses – does hiring a CDN make sense if my traffic is primarily domestic? At Team Johnson Web Design, we help you combine the power of online advertising, content marketing and search engine optimization among other forms of organic marketing to make your overall business web presence that much stronger – and your results that much more effective.
Today, people spend almost as much time online as they do watching TV. And many people are online while they watch TV. As a small business owner I realized not having a web page was something I needed to change. Team Johnson Web Design As a small business owner I realized not having a web page was something I needed to change. We create an online dashboard that displays real time analytics to help measure return on investment and maximize conversion rate!
The challenge for most small businesses is to create a strong web presence as the foundation of their inbound marketing efforts so that search, social and content marketing strategies are effective. Web presence optimization extends search engine optimization to all of your web properties to create better visibility, awareness, and recognition for your brand. A regular audit of your web presence is important to maintaining a healthy online presence. Since 94% of B2B buyers and 60% of consumers start their buying process with a search, understanding how people search for your products and services plays an important role in creating a powerful web presence.
Once you intimately understand how your customers are searching, you can incorporate the words and phrases people use into your content which will result in aligning your content with your customers needs. Is your website optimized so your audience can find you when they are searching for a solution to their problem?
WordPress is the best content management system for small businesses because of the power and flexibility it provides, while keeping content production simple. Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing valuable content to attract and retain your target audience.

How does your audience want that content delivered (video, podcast, blog, ebook, infographic)? Free Marketing Plan TemplateJoin the thousands of people who have created a winning inbound marketing plan. To make the whole thing easier, we’ve made a list of the top questions (and answers) you should ask when engaging a CDN provider. It’s a key step that a CDN can greatly improve and speed up, making sure that the purchase stage goes as smooth as possible. Yes, CDNs are known to improve performance if you’re trying to reach distant markets such as China, Australia, South America, etc.
We are searching, surfing, and socializing every day, interacting with one another and with brands. Plastic Surgery Studios ensures your site is following the latest in web optimization standards. Inbound marketing is the art of attracting our customers to us by providing valuable information, rather than pushing our products and services on them. Your digital footprint is no longer just a website but now includes your social media profiles, directory listings and other web properties that present your business to your target market.
By optimizing content across your entire web presence, including your website, social media, other blogs and press releases, you present a more unified, consistent image for your brand no matter where someone finds your business online. It’s the one property you totally control, therefore it needs to create an amazing first impression. Rather than selling your products and services, you educate your audience through inspiring and relevant storytelling. Great content properly optimized will help you gain the visibility you need to stay ahead of your competition.
But since the cost of acquiring a qualified lead through inbound marketing is more than 60% less than through outbound tactics, small businesses can’t ignore building a strong web presence.
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The response has to be fast; the longer it takes to fix your issue, the longer your site is not performing optimally.
Using search engines, directories, websites, blogs, social media, review sites and more, produces a much better outcome for your business than simply focusing on search engine results.
Creating and sharing useful content helps the buyer move through the purchase process and makes your business more credible, trustworthy, and visible in the process.
Your website is where you send people from your social media outpost to learn more about you and provide them with valuable content.

Knowing what your customers need, delivering that content in the format they want it and helping them solve a problem makes your business their first choice when seeking products and services.
Debra did much more than build a site, she optimized the website using highly refined search engine optimization techniques.
That way you reduce the risk of downtime during peaks and you get to reduce costs with your ISP provider, making this a pretty strategic move.
Your bandwidth, availability and page load times get scored and the end report shows how well your website works with and without a CDN.
The closer a PoP is to your end users, the lower the latency (time required to deliver web content to the client). A top class user support team will alert you to issues before you even know about them; that’s the customer support you should be striving to. In addition, giving value with no strings attached builds trust and people buy from those they know, like and trust. When your performance is bad, every second counts and the solution should be fast and easy to deploys. Larger networks with more PoPs are more reliable as it can easily scale and maintain consistent performance during traffic surges and heavy loads. Web Presence Optimization is achieved through a combination of paid and organic marketing including, advertising, content marketing, reputation management, search engine marketing and optimization, social media marketing, and other techniques. It’s easy to see that just having a website is no longer enough to reach all the local consumers you want. That’s why you need to optimize your business’ Internet presence to make sure you are in those places where your consumers are spending their time online. Every business should have a website, along with social media presence, local directory presence, and reviews on the many review sites.
All of these things should point back to your website, and your website should convert traffic into customers. Our products and services work together to help you optimize your business Web presence so you stand out online and get more customers.

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