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Webinars, or Web Seminars, have become a common way of sharing information over the internet without the skull-numbing boredom of a regular meeting, but many participants end the call only to find their memory of the event is less than crystal clear. It’s pretty much as easy as getting a copy of Replay Video Capture from Applian Technologies before the webinar starts. If you forget to stop recording when the video is over, you will end up with a larger than necessary file that wastes a lot of space. Download a copy of the program so you know how to record a webinar before the next one comes along.
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Participants in the live webinar rated it 5 out 5 for the quality of the information it contained and the knowledge of the presenter (that would be me!). These videos are saved as either high-speed MPEG-2 files or Windows Media video (WMV) files. Once you have run the test, you are ready to start using your webinar software for recording a webinar.
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