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Why Website Conversion Optimization?Visual elements on a website—from colours, to images, to typography, all affect how people react and behave—a poorly structured page can give bad impressions to visitors, while an optimized one gives credibility to the product and services offered.
Website conversion optimization is the process of improving the way visitors interact with your website through optimizing visual elements by rearranging, enhancing or emphasizing certain visual elements to establish or improve visual hierarchy. Nova Solutions guarantees that your newly optimized website will generate at least twice of amount of business that the previous website did; over 9 years of experience and solid results have given us the knowledge required to tackle any website with confidence. Nova Solutions uses extensive monitoring and analysis in order to pinpoint exactly what aspects of the website can be improved in design or structure. Nova’s technical team in charge of conversion rate optimization works in close conjunction with a web interface designer who augments visual elements based on feedback, in order to achieve proper hierarchy and cohesion of visual elements. Whereas other services may be designed to increase the amount of visitor traffic to your website, website conversion optimization by Nova Solutions focuses on increasing the conversion rate for Toronto businesses—meaning the percentage of visitors that turn into costumers.
Website optimiation involves ensuring that the website is found in appropriate searches and loads quickly. Search engine optimization (SEO) tools help ensure that the website is optimized for search results.
I am by no means an expert on website design, but I know what attracts me once I reach a website. Optimizing a website involves considering various characteristics of a website to make the site as effective as it can be. Mobile shopping doubled over the 2011 holiday season and with the 2012 holiday season fast approaching, if you aren’t on board, you are going to be left behind. Mobile may not yet be the most used form of purchase, according to Google, only 20% of smartphone users complete their purchases on their smartphone. Now that you know what motivates consumers, and where they are going to shop, we need to know what has to be done to optimize. Find out why your average customer is on your site and cater your mobile design process from the customer’s mindset. A no-brainer for most marketers, having a site that makes people feel like they are experiencing the brand is not just good for your image, it also helps give the consumer a sense of security (important for purchasing).
Flash files on mobile devices have never been support by Apple but now Android has stopped supporting Adobe Flash for new device users. Similar to the above tip, getting rid of any pop-up windows that may have carried over to your mobile website version from your desktop site is not just cleaner, but keeps your annoyed consumer from leaving because they can’t close that window. I’d really love to be a part of group where I can get feedback from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest.
The Web Success Team is proud to sponsor ans support: Save poor Children in Asia Organization, (SCAO). No matter what your business is, all your efforts are pointed toward achieving a final goal from your visitors. If you have been running a web-based business for a while, you probably already know the funnel that you’d like your visitors to take on your site.
You have tried really hard to increase your email list but it’s still only a two-digit figure, despite having a working contact form and several sign-up buttons distributed throughout the whole site (not only on the home page). Getting someone to give you their email address is the best way to be able to respond to them when they show interest.
You might think that you should include every bit of useful information on your home page, and you might be right.
If you have a clear idea of who your target is, UserTesting can help you gain a global vision of how your average targeted user perceives your website, web application, etc. In the words of Wikipedia, VOC describes the in-depth process of capturing a customer’s expectations, preferences and aversions to your website, app, or whatever you have uploaded to the Internet. Silverbackapp has become a good-quality DIY solution if you can’t afford the higher prices of other platforms like Userzoom or Usertesting.
Basically they could not afford another developer or tester, and some of their client projects were decreasing in quality because not all of the functions were working, some HTML5 and javascript snippets were returning difficult bugs, etc. BrowserStack offers testing on real browsers in Mac or Windows OS and a bunch of pre-installed developer tools that will make your test process even more smooth. A real example from one of our users: An independent tech blogger contacted us claiming that despite receiving approximately the same number of visits per month, the number of subscriptions to his paid guest-blogging course was dropping compared to previous months. Because Google Analytics is not as easy for everyone as it might be for you, dear marketer! A real example from one of our users: A small start-up was offering great, flexible pricing plans (more than 10 pricing plan combinations!) which allowed them to cover a wide number of potential users with different budgets.

Nova’s website conversion optimization for Toronto businesses aims to maximize the potential of these elements by careful rearrangement and revision. Website conversion optimization, when properly utilized, leads customers through a designated and established path to maximize the chances of success—by whatever metrics that success is measured.
The process also includes monitoring visitor behaviour as well as the effects of any paid advertising on conversion rate. The optimization process takes anywhere from two to three months depending on the traffic to the website. The largest benefit of this process is the increase of efficiency in the website—through website conversion optimization, you can potentially double your business without increasing your advertising budget.
Website optimization includes making sure that the site is found in appropriate searches, loads quickly, is easy to navigate, has no dead links, and is attractively laid out. Web designers set up the page layout, and the way this is done can greatly affect the look and feel of the site the speed with which pages load.
SEO optimization techniques are divided into white hat methods — those that are legitimate, aboveboard, and approved, versus black hat methods — those that violate the terms of service of search engines, try to make sites appear to be better than they actually are, and attempt to deceive search engine bots and users. Website ads that will truly appeal to the site visitor require some work and thoughtful choices on the part of the webmaster. I don't know why, but some sites just look more professional and seem to burst from the computer screen while others are just flat and lifeless.
Once you have planned and designed a quality website or blog (based on the criteria that the site attracts viewers and is easily navigated once viewers do arrive) the most important step you can take is creating quality content. Nearly 50% of smartphone owners use (or plan to use) their phones for mobile shopping (ABI Research). But we can’t ignore mobile optimization when 89% of smartphone owners use their smartphones on a daily basis, and many of them interact with their devices several times per day. You can count on this number growing even higher with more smartphone users and more mobile optimization.
No one likes scrolling all over the place on their touch screen trying to find what they need. Use the above tips and statistics to get your company ready to be part of growing market of online shoppers.
The mobile version of your website must be much simpler than much of your website-your menu structure may wish to be redone completely, and you might want to eliminate many of the graphics that this main site contains. A Cambodian non-profit, non-government organization that educates, offers community service and child care.
If, however, you are new to the world of digital marketing, I would like to introduce you to website conversion optimization. You have discovered that after organic search traffic, your second most important source of income comes from sales originating with your emails. We’ve found that if you offer an incentive, like a coupon code, an e-book or a quote, your sign-up rate will be dramatically improved. Whether it’s a landing page for an e-book or a Facebook page, your visitors will be encouraged to follow the call-to-action.
You will only pay for the amount of real clicks you receive, so its pricing plan allows you to scale the quantity you are paying for.
Their website’s SEO is fine and they were receiving a considerable amount of potential leads from organic search. This online service offers you the possibility of carrying out user studies on specific groups of people.
Userzoom puts special emphasis on offering you tools that help your product development team to focus a product, website or app on the final user.
In other words, once you pay for it, you will receive not only the link to download the current version of the application (desktop-based and only valid for MAC OS X systems), but also any updates that may be done in the future. Emolytics provides a plugin you can show on your website that helps you determine the mood of your visitors when they are on your site. Besides this, most of their projects were offered with responsive design, amplifying the issue because mobile devices & tablets were implied too. Don’t be scared by their pricing page (3 tabs with different pricing depending on your use of the tool and a 10 percent discount if you go on a yearly plan).
It’s not only about the insights that a heatmap can provide, but also other valuable information. But it’s not a pain anymore because tools like Optimizely or Unbounce have been created to solve this issue.

At the same, wading through all the options were dissuading a considerable number of these potential users. Its pricing plan allows easy scalability in case you need more advanced features or in case you need additional visitors (+ $9 USD on the cheapest plan). This can either be as simple as successfully transmitting information to the visitor, to something more complex such as booking an appointment or making a purchase. Monitoring precise conversion rates of the website allows for a better understanding of the website’s operations for both the client and Nova, who then can collaborate to find the best solutions to improve the function of the website; optimizing the website may include tasks as simple as rearranging certain elements to adding completely new functions. In addition, any operational parts of the website, including multimedia viewers, shopping carts, and downloads, work smoothly and that any add-ons, such as themes or plug-ins, are kept up-to-date. Webmasters have learned that using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) instead of HTML table-based layouts gives site visitors a consistent experience as well as shortening page-loading times. Both because black hat methods violate terms of service, and because sites that are found to violate those terms will be removed from search results, website optimization done with white hat methods is likely to provide a quality site that last. Choosing the topics for content to match the site’s focus and making sure that images used in the content are saved in a web-friendly format are two steps towards optimizing content.
Advertising the site through social networking can also contribute to increasing traffic and site revenue. Online shopping’s popularity among smartphone users is due in part to those just hunting for a deal online, but also due to the countless great apps retailers have developed to make shopping so easy (too easy), either way, shopping on our smartphones is not as scary as it once was and its popularity just keeps growing. As these smartphone addicts become more and more comfortable shopping online, and with better mobile optimization for their favorite stores, you can count on the mobile shopping percentage quickly increasing. When consumers aren’t purchasing on their smartphones, they are using them to produce a coupon in store.
A mobile website version should contain only the features necessary for immediate access from a smartphone or tablet. Still, depending on the mobile device getting used, the visitor may choose to see your standard site, so give them the possibility if their smartphone can easily accommodate it. ManyContacts gives you the option to do this, but I think the best part is the amount of information you can collect on each new contact, just based on their email.
Special features in the paid plan (not present in the free version) include a white-label bar, ssl compatibility, etc. Don’t scare your visitors with too much information, instead give them a taste of what they are looking for, then lead them to another page to find out more.
Nonetheless, it was difficult to direct all that traffic from their home page to the page where they were promoting their paid master’s degrees.
Scrollmaps tell you how far down the page your visitors are scrolling, the confetti feature is ideal to distinguish the clicks you get by segmenting them by referral sources, along with other features, such as search terms. Your competitors might not have as many sales as you and are trying to get Cromonitor to track the URLs you enter in its system.
Through rearranging and adding or eliminating visual elements, the process increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the website—making it a more pleasant experience for the user, who is then more likely to recognize the company as a viable solution to whatever they are looking for. CSS use also makes it easier to adapt sites for different monitors, as well as mobile phones and other handheld devices.
What happens in many of these cases is that viewers arrive and then leave shortly there after because the content is not interesting enough to keep their attention. Forty-one percent of mobile shoppers said they use coupons at the grocery store, 41% at department stores and 39% at clothing stores (according to Neilsen Research). To summarize, it lets you know what stopped your visitors from giving you their data in a sign-up form. Basically, UserTesting will introduce your website to a specific targeted audience, recording how they interact with your site so you can determine what is or is not directing them to complete your goals. No for other reason than the fact that the pricing page & plans were too difficult to understand, at least at a glance. Even tasks such ordering the page tabs can make the site significantly better for the user.

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