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Career Management Social networking is blurring the lines between people's personal and professional lives, particularly among younger generations, according to a new study by Millennial Branding. Career Management Over the years, personal branding has proven to be an effective technique for enabling career success. Career Management When Apple mastermind Steve Jobs died in October, tributes praising his genius flowed forth. Career Management The stalled US economy has weakened job prospects for digital and direct marketers in the fourth quarter of 2011, according to a survey from Bernhart Associates.
Career Management Despite a lack of confidence in the overall US economy, CMOs are planning to increase spending on all forms of marketing over the next 12 months, particularly the share of budget allocated to social media marketing, according to The CMO Survey. Career Management In-house marketing executives say they want to be challenged by the agencies they work with, but only 3% say agencies most often lead the charge for marketing innovation in their companies, according to a new study by The Horn Group and Kelton Research. Career Management More than three-quarters of US microbusiness owners say they are very (42%) or extremely (35%) happy to work for themselves, according to Vistaprint's newly launched Small Business Happiness Index, which tracks the pulse of US microbusinesses. Career Management In an age where innovation is a key factor to business success, many ad and marketing executives are itching for more creative freedom on the job, according to a survey from The Creative Group. Career Management When you strip away the basic requirements expected of marketers—hard skills and experience—what's left?
Career Management LinkedIn has reached the 100 million member mark, the company announced today (Tuesday, March 22). Career Management In anticipation of stronger business conditions, more than one-half (52%) of digital and direct marketing executives plan to increase hiring in the first quarter of 2011, up from the 41% who said so in the previous quarter, according to a survey from Bernhart Associates.
Career Management Staying ahead of personal-branding trends will keep you visible and vital in your marketing career. Career Management Networking is the best job-search method and generates more than 80% of new hires. Career Management Most prospects are not experts in purchasing the types of products and services you offer. Career Management Despite tough economic times, holiday office parties are worth the price tag: 52% of surveyed advertising and marketing executives say the annual office party is a good investment, according to a survey by The Creative Group. MarketingProfs uses singlesign-on with Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to make subscribing and signing in easier for you. Although marketers have been practicing content marketing for decades, digital marketing coupled with a new, buyer 2.0 environment has created a whole new set of opportunities and challenges in the content marketing realm.
There has been a mind-numbing proliferation of technology vendors and solutions to address the needs of content and digital marketers.
A new movement is now in place to build a more cohesive and useable software platform that will build upon marketing automation and sales automation platforms to enable content marketers to drive more impact across their organizations:  The Content Marketing Platform. A Content Marketing Platform is a software solution that helps marketers be more successful in driving awareness, leads and revenue from their content. The below framework provides additional details about the four key process areas addressed by a CMP. The following frameworks offer additional perspectives as to what processes and related tactics could be addressed by a Content Marketing Platform. CMI’s Content Marketing Framework: Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose assembled the framework based upon their own success at Content Marketing Institute.
Content Marketing Framework for Startups: Lee Odden, a thought leader in the content marketing space and CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, put together this simple to follow, yet powerful, framework for successful content marketing. Content Marketing in 7 Steps: Jay Baer of Convince and Convert put this framework together using the knowledge he has gained from helping many big brands form their own content marketing strategy.
8 Steps to Fast-Track Your Content Marketing Plan: Content marketing expert and consultant Barry Feldman created a comprehensive post outlining this 8-step content marketing plan, which will quadruple your leads. 13 Step Content Marketing Plan:  Heidi Cohen, President of Riverside Marketing Strategies and content marketing expert, provides these 13 steps to successfully establish a content marketing strategy.
There are a countless number tools that help marketers work their way through each of the process areas and tactics described above; but only a small fraction of them have the mission of addressing most or all of these areas in one solution.
Value enabled by a CMP cannot be provided by a marketing automation platform (MAP) such as Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Act-On, etc.
MAPs are designed to plan, execute and measure demand generation campaigns and the interaction with leads by these campaigns. Content repositories:  Ask anyone that has attempted to stop the use of SharePoint systems how likely it is that you’ll get everyone to use only one content storage area.

A CMP enables orchestration of the content production process in a minimally invasive manner.
Team alignment:  A high impact content marketing strategy requires alignment and interaction with many functions across marketing. Where Should a Content Marketing Platform Sit in Your Marketing & Sales Technology Stack? To understand how a CMP fits in your technology stack, we should begin with a basic question:  What are the ultimate objectives of marketing and sales technology???
Right around the year 2000, at the turn of the millennium, there was a shift from the expensive, outbound sales model to inbound telephone and internet-enabled sales. How does a sales account executive know what prior interactions a company has had with an account? How can sales management easily report and predict their pipeline revenue across large and sometimes geographically distributed sales teams? The solution to the above challenges was Sales Force Automation (SFA) platforms (often misnomered as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems) such as Salesforce, Oracle, Siebel, and Microsoft Dynamics among others. Most importantly, they provide value for the everyday sales representative: convenience, efficiency and a single unified interface as a source of leads, activities, and deals. With the growth of inside sales teams, there was an increased demand for LEADS (particularly online-sourced leads) to feed these teams. Demand generation teams stepped in to help address this challenge, employing a variety of techniques such as email, newsletters and events.
How can marketing operations have a single unified view of all marketing leads and associated marketing activities against those leads?
About seven years later, around 2007 or so, came another platform in the emerging stack — Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) from vendors such as Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, Act-On and to some extent, HubSpot, among many others. Track all digital marketing activities associated with those leads be it on a website, via email or through pay-per-click campaigns. Suddenly, marketers now had insight, visibility and self-accountability for their lead generation and nurturing campaigns. Content is needed for everything from a website (which is tracked by marketing automation), to email campaigns, to even pay-per-click landing page offers. If it were not for content, many of the key components of marketing automation would cease to function. Given that content is crucial to the customer acquisition process, what tools and technologies can support this? Similar to the pains that demand generation and sales teams have gone through in the past, today’s content marketers have little accountability and transparency in terms of how their content is performing. Have a unified consolidated view of their entire content supply chain for ideation, to production to promotion.
Have top-down visibility on how their content is impacting lead generation and marketing pipeline, and sales pipeline and revenue generation. With a CMP, content marketing managers suddenly have a data-driven and scalable way of managing their content supply chain and understanding their contribution to business growth. The following list describes the current vendors that have begun to solidify the vision of a Content Marketing Platform. The Curata CMP Content Marketing Platform is designed specifically for B2B marketers to help them drive leads and revenue from content. Kapost’s Content Marketing Platform allows marketers to collaborate, distribute, and analyze all content types within a single platform.
Percolate is a leading social relationship management platform that also offers unique content management capabilities for large B2C companies. These companies are first and foremost content marketing agencies, who have built content marketing software to increase the value of their writing services.
Contently helps you “tell great stories.” They help leading brands build loyal audiences through premium, original content. This will enable marketers to streamline their processes, and ultimately better scale content operations. To help answer these questions and many more, download our free checklist to start scaling your content operations. Get weekly content marketing news and best practices right in your Inbox and Curata's exclusive eBook free!

As Apple's chief evangelist for years, Guy Kawasaki knew Jobs well—and learned invaluable lessons from him. If you believe in your work, you will take more risks, bounce back from more humiliating rejections, and fight longer and harder for your projects. Constantly nurturing your relationships and strategically developing new contacts puts you on the inside track to plum job leads.
Curata’s content marketing tools map has increased from 40 vendors to over 130 vendors in its most recent version.
This 7-step approach should help kickstart the process of formulating a content strategy (a process he says could take up to 60 days).
Their main function is to “store and organize files, and provide version-controlled access to their data.” [source] CMPs are intended to orchestrate the development, delivery and analysis of content to CMSs as well as many other types of digital media entities. For example, content marketers may have to interact with product marketing for content creation, social media for promotion or marketing operations for analytics. Each of the companies has been further separated according to different categories to make it easier to distinguish each company’s area of expertise. It has now been absorbed into the Oracle Marketing Cloud under the product name Oracle Eloqua Content Marketing.
By managing content creation, distribution and measurement, you’ll be able to scale and streamline the entire customer experience. Forward.”  Skyword provides access to a community of thousands of freelance writers and videographers, an editorial team, and program managers. Organizations are beginning to staff their teams with content marketing experts, and processes are beginning to take shape to better tap into the power of a common focus (and investment) around content. Time to stop and catch my breath… What a wonderfully comprehensive and actionable post, guys! As a content marketer I find social media automation tools extremely useful and time saving. The attractive content also helps to attract the visitors to stay and read the content of your website.
Here are four ways to break through your challenges and get the most out of any conference. They turn to testimonials because testimonials are readily available and because they hope to learn from others' experiences.
A CMP enables collaboration across these different teams, without requiring all of these teams to log into the CMP solution; thereby increasing its adoption and impact. But there’s still a need for a Content Marketing Platform (CMP) that sits on top of the Marketing Automation Platform and Sales Force Automation system.
The Skyword Platform makes it easy to produce, optimize, and promote content to create meaningful, lasting relationships.
As a solo professional writing for and consulting with my clients, knowing what they need in terms of content marketing, and how they need to do it, is critical for me. More enhanced CMS systems like Sitecore, Sitefinity, Hippo, Adobe CQ5, EpiServer have way more options than just being a CMS and tend to be fully CMP software.
I would like to share some information about a leading content creation agency in Dubai for effective content marketing strategy. With no content, many demand generation campaigns would come to a halt because there would be no enticing offers for many lead capture landing pages. Have you developed a content marketing strategy in alignment with other parts of your organization?
This post goes a long ways to helping not only understand those needs better, but how to communicate it to my clients.
Are you using an editorial calendar to facilitate alignment and to help execute your strategy? Are you quantifying the return on your content marketing investment through more advanced metrics?
Pawan holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from MIT where he his thesis on Natural Language Processing won a top departmental and international awards.

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