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Its always a good idea to check out your competitors landing pages to see what everyone is doing. Do you think that the “landing site” in example 1 beats 2 in Quality score and cpc?
Sometimes, it is important to write better creative for your ads and have people actually convert when they reach a landing page. While the 2nd landing page is much better than the 1st how do they get a good quality score with barely any content on the page? A company of this size probably has enough good quality score factors on the account level that lessens the negative impact of a minimalist LP. When the minimum cpc to get on the front page is $XX, I don’t think people even care about $10 minimum bids.
I thought Aff LPs were meant to PRE-sell, be more of trustable independent page that recommends products. Huh, I guess I need to back and re-work my sites… definitly, clear call to action and unclutter site is a must.
Well for a company doing mortgages a phone call might even be better for actually closing a sale. It is good marketing to try and constantly improve one’s pages – try using four different with redirection urld and see which pulls the biggest response!
Help , i just started in the affliate business with aff after wasting time with LEC for 5 months and never generating over $150 a week.
I consider the landing page to be one of the most important aspects to a pay per click advertising campaign since it is the part of the campaign which is where the conversion takes place.

This will enable other like-minded people to get access to view your landing page: this time, through social media. One of the main reasons web users exit a landing page is because they lose interest in the landing page and one of the main reasons web users lose interest in a landing page is because there is too much text on the landing page.
This makes it clear that whenever content in text form can be summed up into an image or video, do so! Reusing first stage rocket stages should lower costs by 40% and reduce launch prices by 30%.
Spacex will try to reuse all stages which could ultimately reduce costs by 10 to 100 times. WOuld be great to see an example of a good affiliate landing page… like one of a single offer and another one of a comparative offer.
I get that it still must guide the user on what he has to do, but I thought aff pages should not be blatant sales pages… have I been totally misguided all these months? Luckily I took some photos of a cute dog recently that I can use to produce some custom graphics. I am seeking any advice you have on landing pages , I see the 2 examples you have and they are excellent . When it comes to landing pages, the only thing that matters are the relative conversion rates.
Landing pages are like brochures, if they don’t have a clear point (call to action) than they are ineffective and might even give a bad impression on the website.
However, if you want to increase the number of conversions you are gaining, you can either increase one of two things: the conversion rate or the traffic to the landing page.

Unfortunately, web users are reluctant to read too much information on a landing page especially when the content in text form can be summed up into an image or video. Images are good at supplying limited information while if you have a lot of content, you will want to to use a video. For example, a ten minute video is not going to gain conversions whereas a 50 second video that provides all the information the web user needs will help the conversion rate. For a newbie like myself, real world examples are far more powerful than all the theories floating around on the net. If you don’t have a good landing page, you can bet yourself that your conversion rate will fall because of it. An easy way to increase the traffic to your landing page is to include social media buttons onto your landing page. For this reason, for advertisers that are a bit unsure about their landing page, here are a few things landing pages should include no matter what type you are using. As well as being easier to read, it will help you priorities what you want the web user to read first. Having this control will enable you to encourage the web user to read the most important information first which also explains why the terms and conditions are always small whenever you see them.

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