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What is the smallest number of people in a group, so that it is guaranteed that three of them will have their birthday in the same month? Are Catholic priests allowed by church law to provide professional counseling and referrals to penitents who come to them to confess? I like to think of myself as a smart, informed woman who isn’t easily taken in by media trickery but I have to admit, until doing research for this article, I had no idea how out of hand this whole Photoshop issue has gotten. Alicia Silverstone’s before and after Photoshop pictures aren’t really all that bad, are they?
The backlash against fashion powerhouse Ann Taylor was fast and immediate when this Photoshop monstrosity was discovered.
I’m not sure who thought anyone would be fooled by this hatchet job some photo editor did on Katie Couric but it’s a little sad, isn’t it?
Kim Cattrall is an older woman but you’d have a hard time telling that if you only say the after photo for this one.
This before and after is practically legendary in the world of celebrity Photoshop before and after pictures because, well, just look at what they’ve done to Kim Kardashian. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way this woman looks in either of these before pictures.
Tina Fey is pretty much my hero so seeing photos like the ones above really, really bother me. The problem with Photoshop scandals is we don’t often get to see the untouched version of the photo. We talked about a photo of Kate Winslet from British GQ earlier but I had to include the cover in this article as well because it’s just absolutely terrible. Political editors typically work for a newspaper and oversee reporters and content for the paper's political section.
A political editor may directly edit and review articles or reports before they are published or broadcast. Some broadcast media outlets employ political editors to oversee coverage of politics and elections. A political editor is typically responsible for overseeing the political correspondents and reporters working at a newspaper or other form of news and broadcast media. At many major newspapers and news media outlets, the political editor is the highest ranking reporter in the political department of that agency. The political editor may also be responsible for overseeing new or junior political journalists and correspondents to ensure they are working well within the structure of the media agency. While the daily duties and responsibilities of a political editor are largely managerial in nature, they may still report directly on certain events.
A few years back, Britney Spears took the bold step of allowing Candies to release untouched versions of her then latest shoot for the company so the world could see what she looked like before the Photoshop wizards got their hands on the pics. It basically just looks like they’ve brightened up her skin and made it look a little smoother while adding a little bit of makeup, or at least darkening it. She’s got great skin, gorgeous bone structure and features that are envied all over the world. Puffiness under her eyes has been reduced but what troubles me is that it also seems as if her complexion has been ‘lightened’. It’s only natural that her face is going to show the signs of that – not that you’d know from the ‘after’ photo. The after photo is more physically appealing than the before photo so I can see why it was retouched but it’s kind of a little ridiculous how much has actually been done.
Kate looks great in the main photo, I suppose, but she doesn’t look like the Kate I know and love.
Now, this photo was intended to be used as a promotional photo for the movie Your Highness and that means heavy editing. Nina Garcia is a beautiful woman who doesn’t need a whole lot of makeup and flash to make her more attractive.
She does look better and more youthful in the after photo but do these editors really think no one will notice that someone has wrinkles one day but none the next?

Of course we all know Demi is very thin but look at her right hip or, more specifically, look at where her right hip is supposed to be. I normally check over these things better but I remembered this so clearly as Natalie Portman.
This means that he or she may be answerable for any issues that arise due to the reporting of correspondents working below him or her. This means that the editor is responsible for overseeing the work and efforts of other political reporters and correspondents at that news outlet. This can include using the name of the editor on the byline of a story, which serves to reinforce the reliability of the article by showing that the editor stands by the information contained in it. If a news agency has an interview with a major political figure, such as the president of a country, then the political editor is usually called upon for such interviews. The result was pretty shocking (see above) but was nowhere near as dramatic as some of the celebrity Photoshop before and after pics that made this list. I’ve long believed Angelina is one of the most beautiful women in the world – with or without Photoshop. Of course, we’ve seen worse examples of skin lightening (see Beyonce above) but this one is just as troubling.
In this set of before and after Photoshop pictures, we can see the editor has worked hard to turn back the hands on time on Faith, reducing puffiness and removing wrinkles around the eyes and lightening or completely erasing wrinkles around the mouth.
She has wrinkles on her forehead (although they could appear more pronounced because of her facial expression) and around her mouth but the photo editor has come in and cleaned house. I love the natural look on this woman so I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would want to Photoshop tons of makeup on her. She has clearly been slimmed down significantly, enough so that she complained to the press about the photos after the magazine hit newsstands.
The photo editor here has done a decent job of covering blemishes, evening out skin tone and masking fine lines and wrinkles without going completely overboard. The background needed to be livened up, the colors needed to pop and some other minor things needed to be done to make it more suitable for a promo picture.
She looks a bit tires in the first photo but I’m sure being a diva takes a lot out of a person. Her complexion has been evened out, her prinkles have been smoothed and her lips have been turned up at the corners into something that resembles a smile instead of a scowl. In this set, the editor has smoothed out the wrinkles around Sharon’s eyes, moth, neck and armpit and the lines in her forehead.
He or she may also review and edit reports made by other political correspondents and add his or her name to the byline for those reports prior to publication. The political editor may directly edit and review articles or reports before they are published or broadcast, or may simply trust other correspondents to be responsible for their own reporting. The inclusion of the name of the political editor is also why editors must be careful to ensure that the information in the report is accurate and reported responsibly. Political editors may also provide direct reporting during major political events, usually writing stories for publication or appearing on air during broadcast reports.
In my honest opinion, the before photo didn’t really need that much touching up but I’d say the editors did a decent job or it all the same. Here, the editors just really seem to have focused on brightening up Angelina’s complexion, darkening her makeup and cleaning up her eyes a little bit. It’s possible the editor was just trying to even out his or her work after reducing the puffiness around her eyes but it still seems a little questionable. Jennifer looks younger in the after photo because those wrinkles have been reduced significantly or completely erased. The lighting in the before photo wasn’t great so I can understand playing around with the photo to make it look a bit better in that respect but was it necessary to shave so much weight off the girl?
For a woman her age, I’d say she looks pretty damn good but certainly not as good as she does in the heavily edited photo on the right.
She looks younger, sure, but she also looks almost nothing like what she originally looked like. When other photos of Kelly taken around the same time showed Kelly looking closer to her normal weight, people were confused?
When I looked for the image, this is what I found and it was labeled as Natalie Portman so I thought my memory was correct. A political editor may also handle any interviews with major political figures and coverage of especially noteworthy or historic political events.

If issues arise that involve accuracy or responsibility in reporting by political correspondents, then the editor typically investigates those issues and may answer for them in the end. The election of a new president, for example, often involves reporting by numerous news and media outlets, and political editors are often directly involved in such reporting. While I don’t necessarily think this photo needed retouching, I think the editor did a great job, letting some of Angelina’s natural beauty shine through and only touching up some slight imperfections. In any event, Eva on the cover looks more awake and alert than she did in the original picture but the lighter complexion makes it hard to say this one was a job well done.
If you look closely around Faith’s neck, it also looks like the photo editor has removed some wrinkles there as well. In addition to cleaning up the wrinkles, it also looks like her skin tone has been evened out a little bit. In this set, the photo editor has lightened Kim’s skin slightly, slimmed her thighs and tummy and fixed some discoloration on her thighs. I get that looking good is a big part of being in the entertainment industry but maybe it shouldn’t be.
Sure they’ve cleaned up her complexion a bit and smoothed out some wrinkles but it hardly seems necessary to me. The result is great but incredibly obvious when compared to other photos from Sharon taken around the same time that haven’t been as edited.
In her book, Bossypants, Tina talks a lot about beauty and particularly, beauty in Hollywood. When this cover hit newsstands, people knew the photo had been edited because, well, Kate is a curvy woman and she just isn’t in that photo. As sad as it is, I can see why it was done but I think Faith looked beautiful in this photo even before it was retouched.
In this photo, the editor has brightened her skin tone and her hair, smoothed out her wrinkles and cleaned up the area around the eyes. Instead of just brightening up the overall photo, the editor here has decided to get rid of her freckles and so something disturbing to her beautiful eyes. Anyway, in the after picture, you can see Tyra’s had the puffiness around her eyes reduced, stray hairs hidden on her forehead and around her mouth and her complexion smoothed out. Kate spoke publicly about the controversy, not only admitting the image had been altered but expressing her disappointment with the publication. Normally, I’d let it go after the pictures were removed and the apology was issued by Ann Taylor is notorious for just this sort of thing which makes the apology feel a little hollow. When the photo on the right popped up on newsstands, it didn’t take long for the connection to the photo on the left to be discovered and then the outrage began. One of the things I love about Kim is her willingness to talk about her age and how the entertainment treats women as they age. Most bothersome to me though is the fact that they’ve so dramatically lightened her eyes in the after picture. In that reflection, you get to see Kate’s real curves and to me, that image is far sexier than the altered, thinner Kate at the forefront of the photo. I think this side by side proves her point but she goes look good, even in the before picture. A photo that is clearly heavily edited and looks more like a computer generated image of the Material Girl than a photo of the actual person.
Will slightly increasing the size of her breasts in the promo pics convince more men to see the movie? I think the point I was going after with the article remains the same but I understand why you would feel the way you do. After an apology, the controversy died down but that hasn’t stopped the same thing from happening time and time again.
So they decide to completely flush that positive message down the can by digitally slimming Kelly? Unfortunately, my memory isn’t quite what it used to be and while I have such a good memory for this sort of thing typically, I clearly dropped the ball here. I think Julianne is an incredibly beautiful woman but yeah, I have to say I prefer the after photo for this one.

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