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There are a lot of social media sites out there, and you dona€™t need to have an active presence on all of them, especially if your resources are limited. Try promoting one main post rather than updating your linkedin page multiple times in a day. After you have created your company page, you should utilize the LinkedIn Groups feature to drive marketing campaigns.
How do you ensure that you are  being heard when there are over 645,750,000 active registered Twitter users and more than 58 million tweets per day? When sharing an article or quote from another Twitter user, include the usera€™s handle in your tweet.
Keeping posts short will increase your chances of having your audience read and respond to your posts.
10 FREE ANALYTICAL TOOLS TO HELP EXPAND YOUR REACH ON SOCIAL MEDIA - Social Light Media - Social Light Media --> Home Email Signup Social Light Media Where social media makes you lots of money$$ Home Email Signup Like us on Facebook! This is an important step because your Social Media Marketing Plan will revolve around your primary objective and your individual goals.
You need to know exactly what you want to accomplish with your time on social media, and for everything you do to revolve around achieving those specific goals. This is a bit of a segway, but I have two blog posts I highly recommend you read before you complete your Social Media Marketing Plan. In those posts I talk about the importance of serving your market, and selling to your market, and how rude it is to not recommend products and services.
These may seem like easy questions on the surface, but they’re not always easy to answer.
Tip: Do channel-specific offers such as a “twitter20” coupon code for 20% off, or a “pinterestfan” coupon code for a free offer. Make a list of what will work best in and for your market, or with your business model, and keep those objectives in mind with every single update you make.
For now though, print off the included Checklist so you can brainstorm your goals in detail – which will help you make the most out of your social media time. Use a time block, just 15 or 30 minutes a day max, and dedicate this specific time to social media marketing and growing your reach, finding affiliates or JV partners, connecting with brands, increasing engagement with your target market – or whatever your highest priorities are in your business at the moment. I’ve mentioned already that you want to focus on your loyal fans more so than just numbers and stats. It is important to rely on at least three media monitoring and analytic apps to measure online presence. You need to know that Social Media is giving you something quantifiable for your money.  Social Media ROI = Number of Leads. This is an easy response if your prospective social media manager has done their research on your company. Come up with one or two situations you’ve encountered to find out how quickly they’re able to think on their feet, as well as their problem solving capabilities. Otherwise known as brand ambassadors, they are people who promote the company’s product and services. If your candidate starts talking about attracting ‘X’ number of Facebook likes or ‘Y’ number of Twitter followers, stop them and ask them how they plan to engage with your audience.  They might try to blind you with numbers but a small, switched-on and engaged audience offers you more value in the long-run.
The point of a social media campaign is to drive traffic to your website, build brand awareness and increase your fan base. If you’re running a business and trying to manage your social media all on your own, hire a manager who can and will do it as well or better than you can.   As you build your team you’ll get closer to gaining the kind of Global Visibility you want. This entry was posted in Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Uncategorized on October 30, 2013 by Nikki Woods.
About once a month I get an email from a CEO or business owner asking “how can I get more of my clients to follow me on social media?”  My eye scrolls to the end of their email and I see their name, company name, title, phone number but no social media icons. You can also go into your signature settings in Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook (or whatever email client you prefer) and add a signature there.
Our Web development team has developed thousands of websites for clients, both local and national. Using internal social media is an important aspect in building your network marketing downline.
So what exactly is internal social media and how do you build your network marketing business using this strategy? Internal social media is the concept of using social media made specifically only for internal business use. Once you have a downline growing and you start understanding the ropes of the game and how it works, that is when it is time to start taking advantage of internal social media.
The easiest way you can do this is by simply setting up a facebook group that is team specific. The entire team can use this internal social media vehicle to share ideas, post stories, and ask questions for help when it comes to growing their businesses.
Utilizing internal social media then like a facebook group for your downline specifically, allows people who have yet to make their first sale or first sponsoring really see that this thing works. As your downline grows though… you will want to step up your usage of internal social media. Now once you have a BIG downline starting to grow and people are adding people left and right, that is when it is time to take your internal social media game to the next level.
This website can be FULL of trainings, video archives, inspirational stuff, and all related to your business. Building such a team, you can become more powerful than the network marketing company you are building yourself.
And that my friends, is the power of internal social media when used correctly in network marketing.

Kevin literally spent over $50,000 in research and study to learn and master the art of Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing so that he could teach people and businesses how to effectively grow their online presence. Since then, he has personally worked with some of the top gurus in the industry including Mari Smith, Russell Brunson, Jerry Chen, Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling, and many others.
Unless you’re targeting an audience in a wide range of ages and backgrounds, focusing on every single platform can be a costly endeavor. Oftentimes, this is the first question that businesses should ask themselves before starting a marketing endeavor. The world of social media is constantly emerging with new platforms, and new ways for individuals to engage and connect with each other.
Nowadays, too many individuals advertise themselves as social media gurus or experts, without results to back up their claims.
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Welcome to the Meijun BlogOur team decodes the complications behind programming, software development, design, mobile applications, and digital marketing.
Experiment with some of the more popular media sites, discover where your people virtually reside, and focus on one or two sites that align with your social media strategy.
The reasoning behind this strategy is that by harnessing the power of a€?onea€? post, you will increase the number of likes and comments the post receives.
This is a great way to genuinely engage in group discussions with segments of your audience. By employing this tactic, chances are, the user will notice your tweet and may retweet to their own peeps.
Actively engage your audience by posting open-ended questions or surveys to gain an understanding of their most important pain-points as it pertains to your product or service.
Once you have your social media strategy in place and an arsenal of quality and relevant content, you will be ready to experiment and engage with your audience with the social platform that best meets your needs.
Otherwise you can get sucked into Social Media, waste your time, and not see profitable results. Reading these two posts will really change the way you view it, and help you see how it actually benefits your readers!
This will really help you with your overall business objective, so take a moment to read them. There is a Checklist included in your download package that you can print off and use to complete this exercise. Nailing these down will make a BIG difference in your business because it will really tighten up your targeting and improve your focus.
People love interacting with brands and stores online, and getting quick answers & personal solutions -and- resolutions.
It’s a great way to show “Fan Appreciation” for followers on specific social media channels. Again, see these two posts: Apology Marketing is Killing Your Sales and Do You Avoid Making The Pitch?
Hosting channel- specific Fan Appreciation days or specials like I mentioned above is just one great idea! Those who are not experienced in the field will most likely only discuss Twitter and Facebook. Social media has truly changed the way we do business in our profession, and for the world at large.
Before we get there though, let us talk about using this method when you are just starting. This group should be a private group where the only people who can invite people to the group are various admins. This is when it is time to go BEYOND the facebook group and build your own social media website completely. Wiki sites allow you to have members with their profile pages and everything just like facebook, but now it is a totally internal social media website just for your team. The beautiful thing about this kind of internal social media is that you can make parts of it private and leave other parts open to the public, causing people to become very curious indeed of what this is all about. By building such a team that is branded in such a way, no matter what happens to your company, you will always be able to build a big downline again and again. It also leaves a huge buyer’s base should you ever want to sell a coaching program or a training webinar and so on. Still looking for a proven method that you can easily follow to harness the power of the internet and get rich online? From Facebook to Twitter, Foursquare to Yelp – each platform presents businesses with the opportunity to tap into a new audience. Not only are you spreading your efforts thin, you may be speaking to individuals that are far from your target audience.
Therefore, it’s imperative that they spend time identifying the ideal customer profile, as it will give them an idea of how to structure their efforts.
Avoid vague statements such as “I want to increase followers” or “I need to establish thought leadership in my niche”.
Whether you're a newbie in the field or a seasoned executive, our experiences with custom software solutions can provide you with the insight and knowledge you need.
The result: the more your message is shared, the more followers youa€™ll have, and the louder your message will be in the Twitter world. Your audience will not only appreciate you for keeping your post both brief and relevant, they will also be more apt to engage with your message. Which means less time wasted, and more time spent strategically improving your profit potential.

You can also use social media for market research, and reward your followers for surveys & feedback.
That’s why you want to focus on your “true fans” and also on conversions – the truest metric to determine the success of your social media strategies. So it is important we grasp how we can successfully use something I like to call “internal social media”. The admins of the group should be made up of people who are actively building their own businesses within your downline. The reason why is that at this level of the game, people are no longer just loyal to the company they are building, but they are loyal to the team they are a part of! In the end, it ensures that your network marketing business is here for the long haul, and it will also help your downline become MEGA successful themselves due to all this support they will be getting. His business is centered on teaching people how to build an Online Network Marketing Business using Social Media.
Therefore, your business has the chance to tap into new markets and reach a variety of potential customers.
Before creating an account on every platform available, it’s essential to ask vital questions that will help you formulate and clarify your strategy. Characteristics such as age, gender, and preferences can provide marketers with predictions of their online behavior. Ultimately, you’ll want to keep in mind how each platform can be integrated into your strategy and the benefits it brings to your business.
Instead, make sure that your social media strategist can find the appropriate channels for your business and how to deliver the message.  Find someone who isn’t afraid to get deep into analytics and is always trying new tools and technologies. These sites have large numbers of users that tend to encompass many demographics and industries. If this strategy works well for you, host a “Fan Appreciation” sale or special (or free download) every month. This goes a long way with merchants and brands (and even sponsors) that I may want to work with. You can opt for a paid version that removes that link and gives you even more template options as well. In addition, this profile plays a major role in social media strategy, as it allows businesses to understand how their potential customers are likely to utilize social media. Too many businesses run in the danger of simply creating accounts on social media platforms, without a real goal or purpose. For example, if your business depends on people knowing where you are, then location-based social networking such as Foursquare may be the key. There’s no shortage of tools that will tell you various parts of the story, from who is mentioning you and where, to what hashtags mean and how to best to use them.
Things like this keep people paying attention to you so they don’t miss out – and that’s exactly the type of engagement you want! As soon as you have a team by your side, it feels like you can take on the entire world because you have “proved” to yourself that this thing works. On the other hand, if your audience tends toward the professional and career-driven, then LinkedIn may be a more viable avenue.
However, it can be difficult to identify your audience into clear-cut social platforms.  Therefore, take some time to explore and experiment which various tools and sites, to see which works for you.
Riffle Riffle is a free Chrome extension that’s compatible with 16 other Twitter platforms like Hootsuite or TweetDeck. Users can enter their handles, and My Top Tweet shows which tweets have been tweeted the most out of the past 3,200 on the account. There’s also a premium version of SocialRank that comes with more features, like additional filters.
The free account comes with 12 platform metrics, and the Pro account comes with 36, including some of the more desirable and commonly-used platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. Users can also see which other users they reply to most often, who is or is not following back, and a breakdown of the most commonly used hashtags.
The premium version lets users export Excel and PDF documents of analytics reports, set custom date ranges for analyses, and obtain advanced search analytics. Simply Measured Simply Measured offers several free, platform-specific tools for social media analytics. For example, if you use the Twitter tool, you’d get a report back with an audience summary, follower distribution, top keywords in audience profiles, Klout scores, and other location-based information. Social Mention Social Mention is good for a quick glimpse of how people are talking about your brand online. You can type in your brand name and get information about the last time it was mentioned and where. The service provides percentages detailing reach, passion, sentiment, and strength, as well as top keywords used. The free version’s features mainly just include follower management, but higher tiers offer more in-depth analytics and information on engagement, as well as the ability to monitor competitors, hashtags, URLs, and other items. TweetReach The free version of TweetReach shows a limited number of the most recent tweets, but that information will give you a quick snapshot of how many Twitter accounts you’ve reached, your number of impressions (when a tweet is delivered to the newsfeed of an account, but not necessarily read), and who your top contributors are. SumAll SumAll pulls together multiple social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, along with other things like Facebook ads, Google and Bing ads, and email clients so you can manage them from one spot. This content will be shown after all post Related Posts7 QUICK AND FREE WAYS TO BOOST YOUR ENGAGEMENT.

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