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WiFi is an incredible technology that has transformed how and where people used computers, however besides advancements in speed, range and security, very little has changed how we use wireless networks.
In essence, how Virtual WiFi works is very similar to how virtualization works for operating systems which most people are familiar with – the transparent sharing of limited hardware resources to many operating systems. If you like to dabble in a little hardware jargon, here’s an obligatory architecture diagram which explains how Virtual WiFi works in Windows 7 in much more detail. You might be wondering why anyone would ever need multiple WLAN adapters on the same PC, well to be honest, you don’t need but its sometimes good to have.
Unfortunately as it seems, the implementation of Virtual WiFi in Windows 7 is not as liberal as the research prototype.
Finally a MSR project comes to frutation, please say setup of this will be easily enabled and configurable and not some insane registry hack to enable it. I might be wrong but this might just be what one of my seniors used in his final year project 2 years ago (2007-2008).
This is great news, and I think it’s already functioning on my ageing inspiron 6400 laptop.
At least, I can connect to more than one WiFi network simultaneously, which is something I could never do in previous versions of Windows. Also, you can play multiplayer games without need for any ethernet cables on your laptops or any other infrastructure for that matter.
Sounds like something one in a million people would have a use for once in his or her life. Best part of the Windows 7 implementation compared to the MSR project is the WPA2-PSK-AES support. This is perfect for system administrators like myself who frequently need to connect to a private and a public wireless connection for diagnostic work too. I do confess that, for security reasons, the whole ad-hoc connection idea upsets me, but I disable that by group-policy and configuration settings anyway. Vista was a far bigger technological step forward than Win7 is (and it paid for that leap forward with the stability and perf issues that plagued its launch).

Now of course you can’t do two DHCP addresses on the same card if that is what you meant.
I remember telling people about this at my previous site of employment (2 years ago) , they thought I was crazy. To chain wireless connections, you really need two separate and simultaneous frequencies to get the full bandwidth. Since 2002, Microsoft Research has been exploring a fascinating idea to virtualize the WiFi adapter, turning a single piece of hardware and radio into virtually (pun) unlimited adapters. Virtual WiFi, abbreviated to VWiFi, is a software layer that abstracts the wireless LAN card hardware into multiple virtual adapters.
In any case where you’re connected to an existing wireless access point and want to connect to another network whether that be a separate access point or even set up an ad-hoc connection, Virtual WiFi will allow you to do just that.
Surprisingly, the feature is in Windows 7 today and has been for quite some time apparently, but hasn’t been exposed due to a lack of driver support. I’d be interesting to see if Virtual WiFi catches on, and how new networking scenarios can be enabled by developers and hardware vendors. After putting a Senao wifi bridge to extend the signal, I was now unable to connect directly to the ADSL modem or even the Senao. He just told me that Microsoft was working on something to virtualize WiFi networks to have the ability to join multiple networks simultaneously. You create a wireless LAN and the instructor broadcasts live to the students with their laptops in their parked cars and conversation Voip. For example, at the hospital I work at, we have that exact setup for employees (private, secured domain access) and patients (public, internet only), and if I can connect my laptop to both (even temporarily) without suspending my domain connection to diagnose issues or reconfigure settings, all the better.
Many people fail to realise that Windows 7 builds on the years of work (and fixing) that went into Vista and its Service Packs.
Under network devices, you can repeat wifi and ethernet connections to function as a repeater to a local computer, router, or if you have a secondary wifi card, you can repeat the network on there.
Years after the project was seemingly abandoned, it is now uncovered Virtual WiFi technology has been baked into the Windows 7 networking foundations.

The software handles the connections of each adapter to ensure every adapter has an opportunity to connect to their respective networks limited by time. However by looking at the impact of multiple virtual adapters on latency and performance from their original research report, this is probably for good reasons. I disabled the VWiFi adapter and it connected again but sometimes needed to disable default wireless first and restart before it connected. With the ability to (virtually) connect to multiple networks, you can create mesh and relay wireless networks. The result is an operating system none-the-wiser and acts as if you have multiple WLAN hardware adapters working independently.
In a mesh network, every client becomes a repeater, growing the network organically as more clients connect.
The good news is that Virtual WiFi functionality is going to be a requirement for WLAN drivers under the Windows 7 certification logo so expect to see it soon. Also using this, would it be possible to virtualize a Wi-Fi adapter in a VM although there’s not much point to it? I’ve tested this on the linksys wrt160n router, the hp dv6885se notebook, custom computers, as well as the dell inspiron 510. Over that connection, maybe via the virtual wifi, setup vpn tunnel to inside of corporate firewall (intraweb).
User A could relay the connection from X to B providing B with an active connection to the network.

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