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We've been waiting a long time for this and it's finally here, the latest version of Windows Media Center.
Series recording options have some welcomed additions like HD Preferred, Live, and airtime.
Improved EPG DB makes great utilities like Guide Tool possible and you can import custom programming data. All the Win 7 versions support four tuners of each type (QAM, ATSC, CableCARD, etc) instead of only two.
Scrub bar when used on a PC is awesome, really love the thumbnail previews as you drag, but the current time can be hard to read at times. Internet content is tightly integrated with regular TV, but no HD or decent content to be found. Accessing Recorded TV from another Media Center is easy with HomeGroup, but resume is limited. Favorite views in the guide, which can be made static so you don't have to select them every time. Movie Library is actually usable (and doesn't require a registry hack to enable) and supports more file types. Native QAM support that even finds channels that have PSIP data, and you can add the rest manually. Ability to combine tuners of different types to resolve recording conflicts automatically based on priority.
Settings for single recording are still useless, can't even record extra on a show without extending the entire series.
When watching a show that is still recording, the show info pops up when it is finished recording -- why? If the 360 Extender gets disconnected, it won't re-connect with a press of the Green Button, but it does try to auto-connect after some time. Just like the rest of Windows 7 when compared to Windows Vista, performance and revisions of existing features are the theme in Media Center. What still remains a question though is how Media Center fits into Microsoft's overall ecosystem.
The first step is to connect the HDHomeRun to a coax cable connection, network connection, and power outlet. Once all options have been filled out the HDHomeRun should now begin scanning for channels. Along withe drivers and HDHomeRun Quick TV, there is also a configuration tool that allows you to see what the signal strength is of each channel. Windows Media Center will walk you through a variety of screens setting up the TV services.
Once Windows Media Center has completed the initial setup you should now see a list of all available tuners. After confirming the correct TV Tuners Windows Media Center will download the TV Program Guide and scan for all available channels. The issue appears to be Windows Media Center assigned channel 4.1 (NBC HD) to a generic WNBC listing.
To test that the channels are working properly simply click on the guide data for one of the channels which should bring up Live TV (below is a screenshot of a commercial during NFL football (If Cialis really did what it claims to do that couple would be in the same bath tub, but anyway…). I remember when I first tried to set up Live TV on my PC it was a little intimidating, but after walking through it was fairly straight forward. The unit was originally announced at CES last year (when it was still pretty much vaporware) but the rumblings are making it sound like it is very, very close to release. However I use MediaPortal to manage my movie collections and downloaded TV shows running Sabnzbd on WHS. Haha, I only thought of it because a member in the forum was having issues with his HDHomeRun.
The loss of SageTV support has me a little concerned and would likely have trouble obtaining a licence key too. A?a?a aa?a?ii a naou iiiaea oeiaeuiay aa?ney oae iacuaaaiiai Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008, ?aiaa ecaanoiiai iia eiaiaui eiaiai Fiji. Iaiiiiei, ?oi a yoio ?ac eiiiaiey Microsoft ?aoeea, ?oi aaiiia iaiiaeaiea e Windows Vista Media Center iieo?ao eeou OEM-i?iecaiaeoaee. ?oi eanaaony ooieoee Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008, oi, eae e auei iaauaii, a iaeaoa ionoonoaoao iiaaa??ea H.264 e o?ia?ia DirecTV, caoi iiyaeeanu iiaaa??ea aaoa?iaaiiuo o?ia? e QAM. A nayce ni noieu iao?eaeaeuiie i?ioaao?ie onoaiiaee noaiiaeony iiiyoiui ia?aeaiea Microsoft i?aainoaaeyou ainooi e nai?ea ?yaiaui iieuciaaoaeyi, iineieueo yoi ii?ao aucaaou i?a?aaio? aieio iaiaaie ia eiiiaie? e eeoi?? iaa?oceo ia neo?ao iiaaa??ee. Naeo yaeyaony enoi?ieeii oieeaeuiie eioi?iaoee i naiaenoaa iia?aoeiiiuo nenoai Windows e a?oaeo i?iaoeoao Microsoft.
Complete Lack of Customization - I am quite sure Microsoft will never let this happen but it would be nice to create your own strip and add icons. W7 Media Center is a nice incremental step above the last two iterations of the Media Center family. Before launch I would like to see more online content mentioned above, HD PVR support and Dish support.AS well, I would like Microsoft to launch some sort of 3rd party plugin dev initiative.
When you are looking to get DVR functionality for your home, you have several options: Get a cable box, a satellite box, a TIVO or build your own. One of the most popular tuners for the last couple of years are coming from a company called SiliconDust. HDHomeRun is now at Revision 3 codename HDHR3 and it is smaller, lighter and even cheaper, all while implementing the latest technologies available on the market. The box is quite large considering the small size of the tuner, which is roughly the size of a mini CD disk.
I was surprised in a good way of the size of the tuner, which is much, much smaller than its predecessor.
The Rev3 uses two high performance MaxLinear 1GHz silicon tuners feeding two latest-gen Trident demodulators. As you probably observed, the new HDHR3 has a single input and the split is performed internally.
For the next step, the application controlling the tuner will attempt to find any channels available and I have to admit, the auto tuning process is the fastest i have seen. If you start Windows media Center it might take several minutes until the new tuner is detected.
As complicated as it might be, eventually it will work the right way and I was able to enjoy watching TV in 7MC as well as on the three XBOX 360 consoles acting as MCE extenders around my house. I cannot get any over the air signal in my area but (somewhere among the hills, cannot get good ATSC signal even while using a high gain antenna) so clear QAM is my only choice.

How much power does this version draw (1) when idle, (2) when one tuner is active, and (3) when both tuners are active? I have been eying this item for a long long time, but I have one question before I dive right into purchasing one — How will the data caps to be implemented by AT&T (I have Uverse, so mine is at 250), factor into using this, if I am planning on cutting the cord? No, it will work on your internal network (unless you are planning to watch TV from your office somehow) and that traffic will remain local, in other words it is absolutely unrelated to your AT&T web traffic. Well, we really stopped waiting a few months ago when the release candidate hit, but waited on composing our thoughts until after we had a chance to play with the RTM copy. Things don't act as you'd want, it's a mystery to figure out what Microsoft's idea of a monitor or built-in display is, etc. The performance improvement on Extenders is instantly apparent especially with the trick play functions like fast forward, rewind, and skip. In the past Microsoft has received a lot of heat for not integrating all of its products, and for good reason. With Windows 7 we've already seen a few ATSC and QAM tuner from Avermedia that have made adding live HDTV to Media Center much more affordable.
It might not seem like that much at first, but when you try to go back to Vista or even another solution like Moxi or TiVo, it is like going back in time. It sounds great but of course there are limitations as many of the channels are blocked from free access. It retails for $149.99 but can usually be found for much less at online sites such as NewEgg were it currently goes for $99.
It can get a little tricky to sort through as you may find random channels get picked up (for example I picked up random weather and traffic channels from Connecticut).
I needed to do this extra step for almost all of the nearly 25 channels that were pulled in which is a small inconvenience, but only needs to be completed once at setup.
My cable provider (Cablevision) using SDV and I have read about nightmare stories getting the Cable Card Tuners (such as the Ceton) working with SDV. The big issue for me is I still need some of the premium channels like Nick Jr, etc… for my boys.
Setup the tuners through the media pc no dramas, the xbox 360 in extender mode connecting to the media pc has no problems using the homerun. SageTV will record in MPG format I believe, which I think the PS3 should be able to play natively. If the HDHomerun can record a media file to the server, wouldn’t it be just like any other media content in a set folder (ie recorded TV on MSS)?
I had a perfectly good ReplayTV running great for many years, extracted content to the server and viewed via PS3, but now ReplayTV will no longer be publishing guides effective next month. I do not have any wired connections & would appreciate a link (if this is even possible).
Ii anae aa?iyoiinoe, ii caaoiea Microsoft Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 i?ecaai noaou ?ai-oi a?iaa Windows Ultimate Extras (oioy ana au ciaaoa, ?oi ii nooe yoa eieoeaoeaa Microsoft iioa?iaea iaoaa?o).
For various reasons including promises of fame, fortune, performance and a few crazy folks like us are trying out the Media Center portion of W7MC. Nothing revolutionary here but it is safe to say that the UI (music wall, program info etc) certainly looks better without sacrificing functionality of the program. If they can pull of a one or two content deals by launch with proper integration, that will go ALONG ways in quieting the nay sayers. Various ideas are running through my head like cash prizes for plugin dev contest, an application store accessible from the Media Center interface (remember MAID?), and working with community sites (*ahem*).
If you are reading this review, you are probably thinking about building your own and we’ll gladly lend you a hand.
They are the manufacturer for the wildly successful line of network connected TV tuners called HDHomeRun. This is a big advantage making it more sensitive than probably any other tuner on the market, however it will only allow one type of signal. The list includes most popular packages like Windows Media Center (Windows 7 or VISTA with TV Pack 2008), MythTV, Media Portal, etc. The installation is very straight forward, at least when we are talking about the tuner itself. For example, the MyGica A680B takes about 30 minutes for a full scan while the HDHR3 tuner finished in less than 5 minutes. If you have some local channels you know they should be present but they are not there, your cable provider probably doesn’t include the PSIP (in-band) or you have some other issue.
Cheaper, smaller than its predecessors and also displaying higher sensitivity, it comes highly recommended. You can transfer data back and forth between your computers as much as you like inside your own network. Does anyone know if my company could possibly get access to a sample IRS W-3 document to edit ? For the most part, as you'd expect the RTM build is identical to the RC, sans the bugs, but there are plenty of upgrades over Vista Media Center. This is one area where Vista Media Center noticeably lagged when compared to TiVo, and now we'd like to see it side by side to see how it fares. Some believe that it just isn't going to happen, but it does seem that things might be coming together this year. We also know that the new version is due of the ATI firmware which is rumored to bring us relaxed DRM and Tuning Adapter support. The fact is that Microsoft has been in a league of its own with Vista Media Center and while the competition is still sitting idle suing each other, Microsoft has yet again raised the bar. However, if you are like me and a large majority of your TV viewing is from the basic network stations (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, CW) you can avoid some of the more involved steps (such as CableCard or HDPVR) and get a basic TV Tuner Card. For channels that you don’t want to have accessible simply uncheck the Enabled option. Why Windows Media Center was able to do this correctly for CBS but not for the other channels is beyond me. Since really the basic channels is all I care about I don’t want to have to go through a nightmare until I can see confirmation that any sdv issues have been sorted out. It would seem I could then use PS3 Media Server (add-in) to naviagate to this folder on the MSS and view using the PS3 MSS as the trancoder? I followed the steps provided in W7 help was not able to proceed because there is no icon to select DGA. N yoei ?aoaieai eiiiaiee naycaia ia?acaa?eoa n?aae aaoa-oanoa?ia Fiji, eioi?ui aey oiai, ?oiau caa?oceou oeiaeuio? aa?ne? Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008, iaiaoiaeii auei iieo?eou niaoeaeuiia i?eaeaoaiea e caa?ocea.
I have had a few weeks to play with Media Center with most of my use focusing around Music, Movies & TV's.

The main selling point compared with let’s say a PCI-E capture card is the capability to share it over the home network between several computers at the same time.
Inside, you will find a TV cable, an Ethernet cable, the power adapter, the tuner itself, the software disk and the smallest start-up guide I have ever seen, consisting in a piece of paper half the size of a dollar bill. If you planned to use an over the air ATSC (8VSB) antenna for one input and a clear QAM cable for the second input, it won’t work. The only caveat in my opinion is the single input which, while increasing the overall sensitivity, will make it hard to use with both QAM and ATSC antenna simultaneously. Now lets be clear, Windows 7 is feature complete, and we're not trying to say anything to the contrary; but this doesn't mean that integration with the other products is out of the question.
Ceton has also announced a multi-stream CableCARD tuner capable of recording six HD channels at once.
There is no doubt in our mind that it is the all around best DVR solution available today, but we recognize it isn't for everyone. What channels you can access freely will be dependent on your cable provider, or if you live close enough you can try getting OTA (over the air) with an antenna. You can also specify what preview application you want to use to view the scanned channels (I chose the default HDHomeRun Quick TV Application). For those who want complete access to all channels (including premium channels) this is not the solution for you as only Cable Card or the HD PVR can accomplish this. For example, I’ve saved many movies in multiple formats to the server and stream via the add-in PS3 Media Server. ?aaeuiay neooaoey oaeiaa, ?oi eoi-oi ec oanoa?ia Fiji iieo?ee ainooi e Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008, i ?ai ?aainoii niiauaee a iiainoiuo a?oiiao, a eoi-oi - ia iieo?ee. At this point, you’ll need to install the provided software on the PC and if everything went well, the software will detect the newly installed tuner. It didn’t make any difference in my setup but it might pose a problem if you want to use both antenna and free QAM cable at the same time.
For starters it was OEM only, and thus you could only get it (legitimately) by buying a new PC, but the real reason is because it was so buggy, it was beyond usable. This also goes for the 3rd party Extenders which although they all seemed to be discontinued, they get a much needed speed improvement with Windows 7.
We learned that the Zune HD will be available about the same time as Windows 7 and that it is going to integrate with the Xbox 360.
More recently, ATI Digital Cable Tuners have shown up on sites at close out prices; which leads us to believe that new tuners might be on the horizon. The upfront cost is the most glaring barrier to entry, with the potential maintenance a close second.
I am a Cablevision subscriber, so several analog channels are made available (aside from the basic network channels I also get SD versions of Disney, ESPN, HGTV, Food Network, etc…) and well as digital (QAM) channels (mostly just the basic network channels). However, for the basic channels this fits my setup perfectly and frees me from being locked down by my cable box DVR. In fact we still stand by the theory that the TV Pack was nothing more than an early preview for OEMs of the new guts of Windows 7 Media Center. We also got to see the latest Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Beta bring more integration with Media Center and expect to see much more in the next version of Windows Home Server due next year.
On top of all of this, are the leaks from the Windows 7 Beta group indicating that DISH Network will have a tuner that works natively as well. That being said, we say with confidence that Windows 7 Media Center is extremely stable and don't worry about missing recordings -- at the same time we leave automatic updates disabled and leave it be by not using it for anything else. Beyond that, we would all like to see Media Center compatible with as many TV sources as possible.
Gladly that is all behind us now, so keep reading to find out what gets us excited about Windows 7 Media Center.
This is an important aspect of any DVR and the fact that Microsoft doesn't charge for data is one of the best things about Media Center. Unfortunately it seems that a DirecTV HD tuner is off the table, but we haven't given up hope that it might be released eventually. We have high hopes that between now and the official release of Windows 7, that Microsoft will improve the value proposition by building a comprehensive ecosystem, while at the same time hardware prices will come down to reduce the upfront costs. While the guide in Vista was archaic and basically like XP 2005 MCE, Windows 7 is all new -- well it is kind of new, as most of it was available in the supper buggy TV Pack. One thing that leads us to believe everything is coming together is PlayReady (one of the types of DRM approved for use with Blu-ray's Managed Copy). All of this combined with what might happen with Windows Home Server 2, makes us believe that we won't be moving on from Windows 7 Media Center in our home anytime soon.
Not only is the new guide visually better, but it includes images throughout that add to the experience as well as new ways to navigate -- like holding down the right button to fly to another time in the future. This latest generation of DRM from Microsoft is being included into just about every product out of Redmond, Windows 7 and the Zune HD included.
There were two main reasons I chose this tuner (1) Two tuners are included and (2) it is a networked tuner so all that needs to be done is for it to be connected to your network and any PC on your network can access.
Under the hood things have changed too, and many of the painful limitations in Vista are gone.
These facts combined with the new reorganization happening inside of Microsoft under the new Microsoft TV, Video & Music Business division gives us hope that it'll all work together.
Since this is a digital tuner I lose all the analog channels, but I am only concerned with getting the basic network channels (all of which are available in digital).
No longer are ATSC channels crippled with bad channel numbers (1081 vs 8.1) and no sub-channels. If you are curious what digital channels are available in your area HDHomeRun has a web page that will show this based on your zip code.
On top of this, all the tuner can be combined per channel to help resolve conflicts and give you control over which tuners are used for which channels. In addition there are new APIs available that finally make it possible to inject logos for each channel -- not sure why they aren't included -- and create utilities to edit the lineup.
It is even possible to import custom data, but what you can't do is easily backup your data.

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