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Preparation: You could choose and enter one of the methods that meets your computer experience level as following to uninstall WMP. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that you get Max Uninstaller installation package from the well reputation websites to avoid the fake or reprogrammed software from installing. 2: You first exit the unwanted WMP client, close related media files and then, you run Max Uninstaller, locate the unwanted player agent in the list and click Run Analysis.
The steps provided below are almost the same as the Method #1; but you need to manually clean those program remains in disks and in Registry Editor at your own risks. Please note that you may need to remove WMP’s other 3 components later as shown below.

Save all your personal files, click Restart option from Windows Media Rollback to reboot your device automatically.
Then you click on the Back to Step1 and you can remove other 3 associated components I reviewed above.
Afterward, you log on to your machine and re-run Max Uninstaller, click Review all the leftovers. You re-launch Max Uninstaller to cleanly uninstall Windows Media Player and then you click on the Review all the leftovers button .
Then you should be easily able to follow the on-screen wizards to completely remove the remains of Microsoft Compression Client Pack 1.0 for Windows XP.

ADX player (used a lot in Dreamcast games but on other platforms as well) for Windows; I already found a winamp plugin.
You experienced readers can take the following methods to manually uninstall Windows Media Player on your own computer. Theora, Ogg FLAC and native FLAC files with Windows Media Player.Plug-ins - ADX AFS plug-in.

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