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Windows Server has long provided admins the ability to create a software RAID, enabling redundant disks without a (potentially expensive) hardware RAID controller.
BackgroundCreating a RAID can all be done from Disk Management view in the Computer Management console, without any scripting or command-line tools. Software RAIDs are not as powerful and fast as their hardware counterparts, but are nevertheless a good way to enable disk redundancy. Windows Server lets you do all this, and it’s included with the OS – so why not take advantage of it?
Just Say Something Please!Unfortunately, despite all the positive things about software RAID, there is a major pitfall on Windows 2008: The OS will not tell you when the RAID has failed. What’s peculiar is that this is a step back from Windows 2003, where RAID problems were actually logged to the System event log with the dmboot and dmio event sources. Diskpart is pretty much the command-line interface to the Disk Management MMC snap-in, which allows you to everything the MMC snap-in does – and much more! The easy way outThe quickest way (though per usual not the most elegant) to get RAID notifications is to create a batch file (e.g. Furthermore, the output can be rather verbose, and will include any logical drive, include CD-ROMs, removable disks and others. Being familiar with the software raid modes and dynamic disks from the server versions, I was wondering if there is a document or even just common crowd knowledge that indicated what software raid support was available for each version of Windows 7.

Also - all the various raid levels supported for booting or just a data recovery mechanism (e.g. I fired up Windows 7 Ultimate RC in VirtualBox and I was able to create a RAID1 mirror and boot from it.
I had some more time so I created a striped volume in Win7, then shutdown and detached the original virtual HD leaving only the two drives in the striped volume. Umm, RAID offered by the bios isn't the best but is far better than raid provided by the operating system. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-7 raid dynamic-disk or ask your own question. Alignment requirements: converting basic disk to dynamic disk in order to set up software RAID?
Consequences of quitting a graduate-level Research Assistant (RA) position mid-semester, with little notice? The last point is often overlooked I think – you can literally just add a hard disk to any non-redundant Windows server and create a mirror – with less than dozen clicks!
If the RAID is in a degraded state (usually because a hard disk is dead) then you will not know unless you navigate to the Disk Management view. With a few small steps we’ll be able to log an event to the event log when a drive in a software RAID fails, and send an alert via email or other notification methods.

One of the things you can do with the tool is to review the status of all (logical) drives.
This makes sense, since diskpart can automate partitioning, which can certainly result in a dozen or so commands. Alternatively you can also add the Application Scheduler object to an existing system health package.
After adding three more drives I was able to verify that I could create spanned and striped volumes as well - though I did not have a chance to try and create them then reinstall on that newly created volume for attempting to boot - though honestly booting isn't that interesting from those types. I currently have a SATA drive and a PATA drive acting as a RAID0 (stripped) volume on which I have my games installed. Embedded scripts are elegant because they are automatically included in the EventSentry configuration – no need to manage the scripts outside EventSentry. You may want to enable this option first to ensure that your configuration is working, or if you don’t mind having that many entries in your application log. I also tried the RAID5 support and it is greyed out in the GUI and DISKPART told me it was not available with this version of windows.

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