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Step 7: Once the writing process is complete, the wizard will disappear and the CD-Rom will be ejected. I hope above method is very help full for while burn a CD easy method with out using any soft ware. Before we get started you will need a Windows XP installation CD as well as the product key. Step 6: You will now be prompted for the location of the Windows Service Pack you would like to integrate into the installation. Step 7: Here you can set your unattended installation CD to install the Windows updates during the installation process. Step 8: Now you can select what specific drivers you want to preinstall with Windows besides the ones that are installed by default. Step 11: Here you will be able to change settings such as the language, install path or set up OEM branding.
Step 12: Here you can tweak various other Windows settings that you would normally set up after the installation finishes.
Step 14: Now you can create an ISO file for your new Windows XP unattended installation CD. With 20 years of experience in the IT industry including time spent running a successful IT consulting business, Casey enjoys teaching other techs and consultants how to succeed in an ever-changing industry. Windows XP, unlike earlier versions of Windows, has the built-in ability to write files to CD’s.

Windows will show all of your drives — floppies, hard drives, CD drives, DVD drives and flash drives (if any). Then, in the right-hand pane of Windows Explorer, select the file(s) you want to copy, right-click on them, and drag them onto the CD-writer in the left-hand pane. If I use right-click-and-drag, Windows normally gives me a popup context menu that allows me to choose among Copy, Move, Create Shortcut, and Cancel. In this case, though, right-click-and-drag and left-click-and-drag do exactly the same thing. Windows will make a temporary note that these dragged-and-dropped files are to be written to the CD.
When you’ve dragged and dropped all the files you want to write, you can initiate the actual process of writing to the CD. This is where you can choose your previous settings if you have already created an unattended installation CD before. If your Windows XP Installation CD doesn’t include Service Pack 2 then download it here and select it. In order to do this, you need to download all of the updates from Microsoft and save them to a folder.
If you have a product key, enter it here so you aren’t prompted for it during the installation. If you have any experience with nLite or any other programs used for creating unattended installation CDs, feel free to post.

You can use this button to navigate to your files, or just copy them into your working folder before burning your ISO or disc. I have done unattended installation from CD on running computer from support folder of windows xp. Disclosure: Products and services that are discussed, recommended or linked from my site may pay me a referral commission for your purchase or your visit.
Steps to be followed for writing on CD without any software: the wizard will disappear and the CD-Rom will be ejected. After it’s finished, you have to install drivers, tweak settings, and then proceed to install what feels like a million Windows updates which are usually accompanied by a couple of reboots. There is a great little program called Windows Updates Downloader that will help you with this. If you are like me and would prefer to have this process automated then you’ve come to the right place.
I would like to show you how you can automate this whole process using a great little program called nLite.

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