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BeeTube is a Professional Responsive Video WordPress Theme designed for video site, video blog video Portal. This theme will help you get a professional video site up and running quickly, it is inspired by the popular websites: YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.
However, if you need any additional features like Expand or Fullscreen or you want to keep the player look the same across all browsers, you can’t do without a custom HTML5 video player. In addition to the advanced controls supply, most those HTML5 video players have fallback to Flash in case web videos are streamlined in a browser with no support for HTML5 (Internet Explorer 6,7,8).

Here is a roundup of top five resources which offer visually appealing HTML5 video players with embedding and customization options.YouTube HTML5 Video Player YouTube is the most popular solution for sharing and embedding web video, which has recently added HTML5 video support.
The setup is quick and easy: once you signed up, the player can be embedded with just a few lines of code. The player works well with all browsers and on all platforms, as long as you provide the necessary video files types (H.264, OGG, WebM). Recently the company presented the easy way to convert video into HTML5 compatible formats with their free video converter.

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