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Download, Manage, Convert, Burn, Repair, Search, play Youtube videos, Capture RTM P Video Streams.
Now, Perfect Video download Tool for Mac called Total Video Downloader for Mac has released.
You can also download, convert, search, burn, repair and play any video during the 15 days'trial. As a tech lover and follower i use every tool available during research and surfing the internet. Although people might frown upon it, there are legitimate reasons why you might want to download a YouTube video.
The program comes with a slew of extras, including the ability to download YouTube Playlists and convert videos into multiple formats – including AVI and MP3.
A student from MIT Quang Truong created a refrigerator called Evaptainer, a mobile, cooler-style device that operates on sunshine and water.
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CBS Interactive does not encourage or condone the illegal duplication or distribution of copyrighted content. Solid YouTube Downloader differs from nearly every YouTube downloader we've tried in one significant way: you have to pay for it. SummaryAvoid this software like the plague and remember that Cnet is selling you JUNK and they could not care less. Once program starts to download it will freeze everything else running on the computer ,so not very handy . Free YouTube Downloader lets you download videos from popular websites to your computer very easily. This download is managed by InstallCore, free software that makes the download and install process faster and more reliable, without modifying the original software setup files.

Free YouTube Downloader allows you to easily download HD Youtube videos (1080p), This feature is extremely useful for those who get buffering delays while streaming video. If you're only interested in a specific part of the video and you'd like to cut out any parts you don't need, Free YouTube Downloader makes that easy to do. Another great feature is the ability to save only the sound to MP3, or even not to convert the video at all. This Video Downloader for Mac supports to download virtually any video format from almost all video hosting sites. This includes video tutorials and open source and creative content videos to those available in the public domain. Lets say you’ve recorded a video, uploaded it to YouTube, and then lost the original copy. One of its handier features is the ability to resize video, which allows you to cut out parts of clips for your own projects (if they’re copyright free, of course) or lower the size of videos before saving them to your computer. One of the program more useful features is a nifty restrict bandwidth option that allows you to slow down your download if your internet connection isn’t fast. All you need to do is paste the URL of any video you find on the web and the program will download and convert it for you in a snap, allowing you to save it to your computer for your own personal use. Start your FREE download now! Simply paste a URL into the interface and click download - the software takes care of the rest.
It will be a powerful tool that can Download, Manage, Convert, Burn, Search, Repair and Play any video files. And then there are copyright-free works to consider — from open source and creative content videos to those available in the public domain. What you have to do is just open the video on YouTube in your browser, copy the URL and paste it in the downloader. Just install the Firefox add-on to start the download from the YouTube page itself by right-clicking on the video. Guitarists, pianists and other musicians, for example, could benefit by downloading one of the many instrumental backing tracks uploaded by professional and amateur musicians.
Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to rip the audio from and open the program and hit CTRL + V to queue it up.

Solid proved superior in performance and looks compared to the vast majority of free YouTube downloaders, which are usually little more than glorified ad pop-ups with some simple embedded code. You might not even be interested in the video and may just want to download its audio (or soundtrack) instead. With batch downloading and converting, including videos from your files and DVDs, Solid can make your life easier.
I am happy once again BUT this companyneeds to really improve their response time to customer inquires.
You can try it and see for yourself for 30 days, though the free trial version limits conversions and places a watermark on videos.
By installing the software you implicitly accept our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Solid's interface was our first hint that this app eclipses most YouTube downloaders, free or not. It has lots of options, but its unique way of presenting them not only makes things easier on users but also much clearer.
For instance, when we selected an output format for our converted videos, Solid presented an interactive menu of choices grouped intuitively by common video and audio types as well as by devices, with lots of choices under each item, too. We just had to click on our phone or player, choose a destination and options, and Solid did the rest.
Help resources are thin, but licensing includes support, and Solid is easy to use, quickly and easily downloading and converting YouTube videos and our saved files, one by one and in batches. You might have to go through half a dozen free YouTube downloaders before you find one almost as good as this app, and your time is worth something.
Bottom line: if you spend more than a few minutes a day downloading YouTube videos, or if your job or interests can benefit from a better tool, or if you've just about had it with the freeware you're currently trying to make work for you, Solid YouTube Downloader definitely rates a tryout.

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