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YouTube came into existence in 2005 and very smartly was purchased by Google for approximately 1.6 billion dollars, even before it was booking any profits.
Earlier I have noticed many brands used 3rd party video hosting sites to host their videos, but with the increasing populairty of Youtube and direct search engine benefits of hosting videos on Youtube, almost all popular brand switched to Youtube and using it for branding and exposure. The success of any business depends upon its visibility and YouTube gives you that very much required exposure with little or no efforts at all. If you are planning to host your videos on your own video hosting server or thinking about getting licence from a video platform then you have to take in account, this extra burden of dollars on your wallet.
Though we all get motivated enough to cross all hurdles and do hard work, when we decide to do some serious business but why to choose a harder path when similar results can be achieved with an easy and fair option. Not only sales but web traffic for the video (actually website) is also very important for any business based on web. YouTube is a dedicated website from the well-established giant Google, and it has its own dedicated servers to handle hell load of traffic (hundreds of thousands or millions of visitors over a short period of time). Today YouTube if the world’s dominant resource and repository for videos and luckily there is no limit on the number of videos you can upload, which is not possible if you are using some other licenced video platform. If you wish to increase the limit of Video upload size on Youtube, refer to this help page.
Translation button for your caption will help you reach people who understand some different language.
Vimeo can be good for those who run a business website and not a blog since they don’t really need to direct traffic from video websites on their website as most of their videos are only for the information of how their website is like. I HAVE HEARD THAT YOUTUBE GIVES US ONLY 1 OR 2 GB SPACE AT FIRST FOR FREE WHEN ANYONE CREATES A YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I guess you talking about upload size of video… Which is not also upgrade to 20gb if you are using any modern browser. I started ShoutMeLoud as a passion and now it's empowering more than 432,000+ readers globally and helping them to make money with their blog.
If you are an individual blogger, corporate company or a small video editing firm, if you are using a 3rd party video hosting service, it’s always a good idea to have a custom channel on Youtube too.

If you have not yet started using videos for gaining extra traffic and exposure, it’s the right time you should start with Video Blogging. It is just the matter of selection of uploading your video at right place, under right category. Though Google don’t promote commercial video sharing but has now made an amendment in the terms and conditions for sharing original contents of brands .
Consider the case when your video goes viral and you start getting whooping number of hits, then will arise the need of substantial amount of bandwidth to handle such a heavy traffic. You may say 15 minutes which is the current allowed length of a video is less for your content. YouTube allows viewers to provide comments for the videos and hence you are in direct touch with live audiences and potential customers. If you like the work of some producer, simply subscribe and no more searching would be required for that producer.
Please let me know is there any way using which members can host Video’s via Vimeo or YouTube on main page and in member area of the site ? Google has their product forums for any customer support, which is not offered by many other video sharing websites. While some other video hosting services like Vimeo seem fancy at some point, for most of the bloggers YouTube is the best.
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You may not upload the exclusive and premium content, but you can use it for hosting your normal brand video. It is one time investment and you would be happy to upload your content on YouTube as you are still saving the additional design and functional costs. So if you are not using YouTube, you are in trouble, and unfortunately instead of being happy you would be in a panic situation due to the potential low bandwidth of your website. Importantly al the comments are emailed to you and in case you want to delete any comment, you can do it easily.

YouTube uses Adobe Flash to play back videos which is a standard format supported by most browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera). Point is, when a popular service is easy and can be commonly used then it is wise to host your videos on that website. Actually, YouTube opens the doors for individuals and businesses to bring a message or product to millions of potential customers.
Hence, if you compare the current cost for licences of video platform YouTube brand channel is a smart bet.
As mentioned earlier YouTube is owned by Google who is Father of all search engines also uses its owned sites for searches so definitely your network is quite strong, when you are on YouTube. Anything effective can be presented even in lesser time but if you think otherwise then all you need to do is to break your content in different videos logically and upload them in parts instead of a single video. April A?ber eine Klage der deutschen Musik-Verwertungsgesellschaft Gema gegen Googles Video-Plattform Youtube. Though we all are aware of its benefits superficially, let me shed some more light on it and dig those benefits deeper. In case you want your video to be viewed by selected number of people (limit 50) you can do that by making it private.
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