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If you have no idea about how to go through a clean removal, you can try to use specialist software to uninstall programs. Perfect Uninstaller can truly help you uninstall YouTube Video Player completely, including wiping out other video programs such as SmartMovie and Aimersoft Video Converter. The problem with video not working in browsers like Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome in Mac OS X mainly revolves around a combination of settings and compatibility issues with Adobe Flash Player, the software that enables these web based videos to play. If Flash Player is still not working properly, you may want to try clearing your browser’s cache, exiting the browser, and restarting. While on the screen of the blank YouTube video that is not working correctly, right-click the area where the video would normally show up to bring up the Flash Player context menu. Depending on how you have your YouTube account setup, you may or may not be opted in to the HTML 5 trial. Exit your web browser, wait for it to close, then proceed to launch it and test YouTube and other Flash videos.
To fix the issue with Firefox, I had to set Firefox to launch in 32-bit mode, but also had to opt-in to the HTML 5 YouTube program and set Flash to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.
Now Safari, Chrome and Firefox are all working properly in the Mac VM, but what a colossal pain in the ***. Hopefully, this post will help you to troubleshoot blank YouTube players and non-working Flash video in OS X. About Online Tech TipsWelcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips.
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Do you have to uninstall YouTube Video Player when you are trying to reinstall the new version?
Locate YouTube Video Player associated files, select the folder and press SHIFT + DELETE to wipe out it from your PC. A reliable and powerful uninstall tool would uninstall those unwanted programs completely from your computer, it would also remove incomplete installations, and corrupt programs, and force uninstall hidden applications installed in your system. If you have removed YouTube Video Player manually but failed, you can also use Perfect Uninstaller to completely delete those leftovers.
By following the above several steps, all YouTube Video Player components will be removed from the system after the computer restarts. Upon searching for a solution online, I’ve run across quite a few troubleshooting steps, but no one solution seemed to fix the blank video player errors. Using the following troubleshooting steps, you should be able to get video working on a Mac computer. Start by jumping to the official Adobe website and downloading the Flash Player uninstaller for OS X. Select the Settings option from the menu.Unselect the option Enable hardware acceleration and click the Close button.
I used the launch in 32-bit mode + Disable Flash hardware acceleration steps to fix Safari and Chrome, but Firefox was still displaying blank Flash Players.

If any of our site visitors or subscribers have any other troubleshooting recommendations, feel free to leave a comment. Just a little less than 4 months since its last on-site player revamp, Youtube decided to altogether release a new one today.
When you hover your mouse over the volume button, control thrusts outwards to the side instead of upwards. However, upon doing a bit of additional troubleshooting, I found a workaround, which utilizes a few basic troubleshooting steps.
Launch the uninstaller and simply uninstall Flash Player from your Mac and restart the computer. Alternatively, if you’re currently enrolled in the HTML 5 beta program, click the Opt Out button.
I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Note though that most of the changes made are on the aesthetics-side with no new buttons or functions added. Worry that it will leave down some leftover files or registry items which will make it worst?

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