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Travel bags for women generally come in attractive colors and hence often become fashion statements in themselves. Not a few women prefer to pack in travel cosmetic bags so that they can keep all their personal care items in one place and separate from the rest of their luggage. If you plan on spending your holiday playing golf, then you are going to need travel golf bags in which to keep all your golf equipment safely.
You can carry a small bag with you to office if you intend to leave for your trip right after the office. You can use them to keep a set of clothes to change into after a game or a session at the gym in the evening. Travel bags may be inconspicuous and can fit into the trunk of your car or sit in a corner of your office without drawing attention to themselves. Travel bags for women may especially be so designed that they form a part of their fashion.
As they do not have stiff corners, they can be fitted on to any luggage rack without any special effort. These bags are carried by their straps and are very convenient on rough terrain too where pulling along a suitcase would be very difficult. It is better to consider the purpose for which you are going to use it for before you buy a travel bag. Established in 1993, the World Travel Awards are known as the Oscars’ of the tourism industry.
Simply put, the Best Price Guarantee covers every part of your golfing trip, from air and ground transportation, accommodation, golf and additional activities.
Call your designated sales person within 24 hours of booking and tell them you have found a lower price. All elements of the package must be identical to qualify for the Best Price Guarantee including, but not limited to: duration of stay, rounds of golf, ground transportation vehicle type, air transit arrangements, air travel cabin class, accommodation provider, room or suite type, board basis, golf courses and tee time slots.

Should a lower price be proven from another golf travel company meeting these criteria, Your Golf Travel will match the price. If you plan most of your vacations around the game of golf, investing in a golf travel bag to protect your gear is a good idea.
With a golf travel bag, all you do is place your regular golf bag inside the travel bag to keep your clubs safe during transit.
Whether or not a hard or soft golf travel bag is best for you will depend on what kind of travelling you do. However, if price is a factor and your budget doesn’t embrace the purchase of a hard case, a soft golf travel bag costs less and has the advantage of weighing less. Along with features like cost and weight, there are other pros and cons with either type of golf travel bag.
Another downside to a hard case is, their rigid nature can make them difficult to fit in some cars when packing the trunk with luggage and a golf travel bag. If you decide to go with a soft cover golf travel bag, it is important to note they are not all created equal. Choose a quality bag with padding to protect your club heads and, ideally, sufficient padding throughout the entire travel bag. Even when using a golf travel bag to protect your gear, take the time to pack your clubs carefully. They may be big enough to hold all your stuff for a long weekend or may be small enough to just carry cosmetics or other personal items that you would like to keep at hand.
A weekender bag is one travel bag small enough in which you can just put in everything that you are going to need for a short trip. This also allows them to simply take their cosmetic bag with them whenever they need to use the restroom, and not need their entire travel bag for when they need to powder their noses.
As these bags are fitted with sturdy straps, it is quite easy to carry your golf sticks wherever you want.

Though they are primarily meant for short excursions only, they can conveniently be used for overnight stays, swimming, beach trips, sports trips, hikes and so on.
We believe that booking the golf trip you want should be at the best price available, not to mention offering the most personable and knowledgeable customer service. You will not find a more comprehensive price assurance available on any golf travel website on the Internet.
Both types of cases offer the needed protection you’re looking for, but a hard case offers the best protection and is recommended for those who frequently fly. For instance, airlines are becoming stricter on golf gear weight, so check with the airlines for current restrictions before buying a hard golf travel bag.
If you fly with your clubs occasionally but more often travel by car, this is probably the best option. Wrap the heads for added protection and be sure things are packed tightly to avoid shifting, rubbing, and potential damage. You see, I have just recently been addicted to the sport and I just can’t get over a day without playing or clubbing.
Being much lighter, they are easier to carry and maneuver around even if they are stuffed to their full capacity. Often people make the mistake of traveling with too much luggage and then spend most of their travels keeping an eye on them.
That's why we have created our "Best Price Guarantee" so you can always book your golf travel with full confidence. If you fall in the category of those people we are talking about then you would definitely be interested to find more about one of the best golf travel bag that we have shown below.

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