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Would there be a advantage to buying a reasonably priced vintage TT and then up dating the tone arm?which vintage TT's would be the ones to look for?AR?Thorens?
The easiest to work with without much spent in restoration outlay, yet still get good results would be the Empire 208. Chose the 150 because the armboard was a lot easier to work with than the other options, at least as far as I could tell.
I recently put together a vintage Kenwood KD-500 turntable with a NOS Jelco SA-370H tonearm and it seems like a great combination. See the link below for folks that make a plate that you attach to the existing 150 arm-board for use with a Rega or Linn arm. I made the one on this AR when I removed the Linn arm that it came with and mounted a Luxman (Micro Seiki) TA-1.
I'd vote for a vintage Thorens my favorites are the TD 150, 125 and 160they're great machines for the money and often carry nice vintage tonearmstypically SME's yielding excellent musicality in a turn key set up once you learn the rudiments.Armboards are super easy for anyone to build so, you can easily try additional arms and or have a high mass arm for your lower compliance MC cartridges and a lower mass arm for your higher compliance MM Carts. There's nothing wrong with the vintage turntables, but you can get yourself into a jackpot rather quickly that you might not be prepared for.What's your total budget for the turntable, tonearm and cartridge?I suppose it also makes a difference as to whether you have the time, inclination or aptitude for doing maintenance or re-finishing on an older system. I have build string suspended unipivot with the intension of donating all proceeds to Greenpeace!
I will not ship this tonearm to strangers; you have to hear it in my system before you buy it.

The Artemis table is one of the things that encouraged me to go ahead and try bamboo for the plinth.
Looks great, I don't think your going to have any problem with that bamboo moving, its not really like a butchers block at all.
I picked up a Marantz 6170 servo controlled DD turntable at a yard sale over the weekend for five bucks.
To view your new posting or follow-up, click on the RELOAD or REFRESH button on your browser. On second thought I guess you need to locate a place for your CDs & LPs outside of your music room. They can show up with an arm already installed and usually it is a very good one of the same vintage, SME, Sumiko, Technics etc. There are two separate antiskate mechanisms (twisted string and magnets) supplying different antiskate force at different part of LP. In particular, the Thorens (125 and 160-series) and the Linn are pretty easy to get arm-boards for. If it doesn't come with an arm you can purchase either a vintage tonearm and armboards are simple to make. The circular holes for the power switch and tonearm and for the screws were done with a drill press, which worked great.

Generally speaking any of the vintage armless turntables were very good performers being direct drive quartz or servo manual turntables. Brass coupling discs for spikes are included (if someone wants to protect surface of the stand).
From wooden box, certificate of authenticity, manual in color and non the less the tonearm itself. However, on the cutout around the bearing, the jigsaw angled outward towards the bottom of the plinth, so the bottom cutout is wider than the top. Those with drilled plinths rather than removable arm-boards will require more work.What is the level of your DIY skills? The wand is suspended in the middle of tensioned string in the way that string has solid contact with integral part of the wand, which allows effective drain of sound waves out of the wand, but suspension point is very small and acts as unipivot bearing. Can you build a plinth, or would you rather just swap out an arm-board?The answer to your question (Would there be a advantage to buying a reasonably priced vintage TT and then up dating the tone arm?) is yes, there very well can be.
VTA and azimuth adjustments on the fly, magnetic bearing stabilizers, numerous finishes etc.

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