We have over 100 episodes of motivational, educational and inspiring juicy content for you to listen to on Juicing Radio.
We thought it would be fun to highlight the top 5 most listened to podcasts on Juicing Radio for 2014. In this episode, it was a pleasure and an honor to chat with the legendary Joe Cross.  If you’ve had a green juice or have a juice bar in your neighborhood, it’s probably thanks to Joe.
This approach led him to eat better, cleaner and to work out which led to much more weight loss by the end of the year.
Like so many others, our guest, Cecilia, for episode 54 was inspired by Joe Cross and all the people in “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. Cecilia graciously agreed to be on the show and talk to us about her experience before, during and after her 100 day juicing experiment. Whether this is your first episode of Juicing Radio or you’ve listened to all of them, you’ll find one thing in common amongst our success stories: they all reached a point where they were simply done with being unhealthy. And so she embarked on a juice fast that first went 7 days, then another 7 which turned into 30. Joining Juicing Radio for our 33rd episode is fellow Brit and drum teacher-turned-juicing lover, Phil McFarlane. Phil not only dropped extra weight and was able to stop being the self-described “fat kid” in his circles, he also brought his BMI to a healthy level, got his blood pressure and cholesterol levels normal AND stop taking his Type II diabetes medication.

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This could be a good place to start if you are new to our juicing podcast or indeed looking to refill your pitcher with some mental Juice. Joe is the man who has been instrumental in spreading the good word of juicing  around the globe. Interview with a Personal Trainer who lost 115 pounds by juicing, eating clean and working out! He decided enough was enough and having seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead he decided to try juicing for weight loss.
Zach talks you through how he eats to maintain the weight loss and how juices and smoothies have helped him. But she took it a step farther than most, she used that inspirational boost to go on a 100 day juice fast and dropped 82 lbs in the process! Another testament to the wonders of juicing, Phil dropped 60 pounds in 5 months through juice fasting and reboots.

All because he turned his diet from being 90% meat and dairy-based to 90% plant-based, including his juices. In 2013, after attending Camp Reboot with Joe Cross from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and 200 others Shane and Angie wanted to support, motivate and inspire juicers worldwide even more.
During this show, Joe talks about his upcoming sequel to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, his book of the same name and graciously answered many of your questions.
By the time she reached the top of her friend’s stairs, she couldn’t speak because she was so out of breath and so tired from the climb. Over 30,000 people tune into Juicing Radio every month to get their weekly fix of juicing inspiration and we hope you will either keep listening to us in 2015 or if you are new here then please do stick around as there is plenty to learn and be inspired by.  Angie and Shane would like to thank all our guests and you our dear listener for making 2014 a great year for Juicing Radio.
Feeling utterly embarrassed and ashamed of how unhealthy she had become, Amy knew it was time to commit to changes in her life.

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