Yasmeen, age 23, lost 95 pounds in 2 years by learning all she could about nutrition and combining healthy, unprocessed, natural foods with regular exercise.
I got back in to a healthy routine of running, lifting weights and eating healthy just like I had when I was a gymnast but in a way that was much better for my mind and body.
The photo on the left was at the very beginning of my weight loss journey and the one on the right is me today. With my Six Week Holiday Slim Down, you can lose 10, 15, even 20 lbs from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule regardless of your fitness level and can be on your way to living a healthier lifestyle.
Be willing to be encouraged and supported by three of the best in the biz, including a Turbo Fire Cast Member!

This is a proven and simple formula, and those who commit are more likely to finish and GET THE ABSOLUTE BEST RESULTS!
Not only did she lose weight, but she was also able to reduce the amount of medication that she was taking for insulin resistance!
But I have come to realize that the most important change that occurred in my life between these two time periods was the mental change.
After stepping down from a 5 year career as a competitive gymnast I began gaining weight significantly. Still trying my best to get my body in to the best shape possible and keep it that way but it’s amazing to see just how far I’ve come the healthy way.

My body is more toned and strong and although you may not be able to see much of a difference, I feel a hundred times healthier today than I ever have before. I was so used to working out 25 hours a week and eating healthy because of the demands my sport put on me that I didn’t even think about the amount I was eating and the quality of it until I realized how over weight I had become. I hope that I can continue to inspire people and help them lose weight and strengthen their bodies in healthy ways.

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