7-keto is a safe DHEA metabolite and has been the subject of research and clinical study. Interest in the possible role of DHEA and its derivatives (e. There are no magic beans in weight loss, and 7-keto cannot produce weight loss without being paired with a proper nutrition plan and regular exercise.
This entry was posted in Articles and tagged 7-keto, 7-keto dr oz, 7-keto for weight loss by luke. 7-keto can kick-start your weight lossby boosting metabolism and lowering the body weight set point.

Toxicology studies using 7-keto found no adverse effects even in doses that would equal 140,000 mg in an average-sized adult. If body weight begins to increase, 7-keto can be used again as needed to support metabolic rate.
If calories are restricted, our metabolic rate falls in an attempt to preserve our fat stores. Once weight is lost and calories are no longer restricted, the metabolic rate rises once more.

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