20 All-New Superfoods That Are Helping You Lose WeightRead on if you're over quinoa and kale. A member of the ancient grain family, teff is breaking into the list-making ranks of quinoa, amaranth, and millet. Next time you're steaming broccoli or slicing a beet for your salad, pause before hitting the trash can—the usually tossed parts of vegetables, dubbed food waste (think: broccoli stems and beet roots), are now nutritional, chef-worthy gold. Odds are you've seen some sort of pickled vegetable served up at a restaurant as a side dish, but now they're in the spotlight for their high pre- and probiotic levels. Like to make your own smoothie recipes and just want a long list of superfood ingredients to choose from? Bananas: I use a banana in just about every smoothie recipe because it makes a terrific base ingredient and also gives the smoothie a really good texture and mouth feel, improving the experience of drinking it. Cantaloupe: Cantaloupe adds a lot of liquid to your smoothie, reducing the amount of water or yogurt that you might otherwise add to make it blend better.
Nectarine: A perfectly refreshing summer addition, especially if they ripen faster than you expected!
Papaya: Papaya will make for a creamy base and its sweet flavor will make up for blander ingredients. Pomegranate: With a powerful blender and a bit of time, pomegranate seeds will blend fairly smoothly and add a vivid splash of red to your smoothie.
Plum: Not the most popular ingredient, but blends well with banana and pineapples for an added touch of sweetness. Bell peppers: Make sure to remove the seeds in this high-lycopene, high-fiber superveggie for a burst of nutrition with mild earthy flavor.
Broccoli: If you just use part of a single floret it does not affect the taste of the smoothie, but you get the super health power of a cruciferous vegetable. Cauliflower: Like broccoli, this is a super healthy cruciferous vegetable that can be added in small amounts to a smoothie without adding a lot of taste change. Grape or Cherry Tomatoes: I always have a bunch of grape tomatoes in the refrigerator, so I usually grab just one and add it to my smoothie for the lycopene and vitamins C, A and K. Watercress: Heralded as the most nutrient dense of all vegetables, Watercress is a great superfood. Winter squash: Similar to summer squash in benefits, it is mild in taste, so you can add several slices to your smoothie without causing a weird taste.
Bok Choy: Use only small amounts to prevent from giving a peppery kind of flavor to your smoothie. Rainbow chard: A variety of Swiss Chard for when you get tired of using the same basic version. Spinach: One of the most common leafy greens that you see in many smoothie recipes because it is easy to find, inexpensive, and mild in taste. Swiss chard: Swiss chard has a nutrient density almost as high as kale, but the flavor is milder.
Red Cabbage: If you are looking for the biggest superfood bang for your buck, red cabbage might be it. Blueberry: A well-known superfood, blueberries also mask the taste of other ingredients, so they are a good way to keep your smoothie tasty and healthy at the same time.

Goji Berry: I buy these in dried form and add them in limited amounts to my smoothies sometimes.
Raspberry: Like other berries, it is great for masking the taste of other ingredients and high in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, but fairly low on the glycemic index. Pecans: Pecans provide at least 19 vitamins and minerals and have a rich flavor that simply resonates Southern style.
Chia Seeds: High in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids, so great for post-workout hunger.
Walnuts: Be conservative with this high-cal food, but appreciate its fiber, protein, and omega-3 content. Spirulina: Use just a teaspoon of spirulina to add anti-inflammatory properties and nutritional trace metals to tried-and-true smoothie flavors such as kiwi strawberry or banana.
Green tea: Brew some, cool it, and add it as your liquid base instead of water to your smoothie and increase your phytonutrients. White tea: White tea is the least processed form of tea, which makes it very high in phytonutrients.
Can someone share some recipes using these ingredients that is veggie filled, but the taste is masked? I use strawbberries blueberries and raspberries even blackberries I didn’t see them listed?
Great for children and adults with a lactose intolerance, hemp milk has a thicker texture than the traditional kind and a slightly nuttier taste.
And traditionally, yogurt's been dressed as a dessert, often topped with fruits, nuts, and other sweets. Not only is it gluten-free and high in fiber like its brown counterpart, but the "forbidden rice" is also insanely rich with antioxidants, says Goldfarb.
Nice and sweet so that they add a terrific flavor to your smoothie that can hide other flavors, if you wish.
I add the equivalent of half of a medium sized beet to my smoothie for the antioxidants and nitric oxide. Mild in taste, so you can add several slices to your smoothie without causing a weird taste. It makes a good base for your smoothie if you don’t like using a banana, although I personally prefer the mouth feel of a banana base to a pumpkin base. Yams are a great source of fiber, iron, and folate: a perfect smoothie ingredient for moms-to-be. It’s extremely inexpensive and readily available almost anywhere and is also nutrient dense. I always keep bags of frozen raspberries in my freezer as a regular ingredient in all my smoothies. If you have strawberries that are about to go bad, freeze them and use them frozen in your smoothies! Only add a couple if you don’t prefer the tart taste of this low-cal, high-fiber food. Pairs well with fruits and provides unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and protein with few added calories.

Dense brazil nuts will supply mono-unsaturated fats and selenium, which is essential for reproduction and thyroid functions.
But in general, high speed blenders like the Vitamix and Blendtec tend to do a lot better with things like nuts. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Thankfully, "food is just like fashion—the trends are constantly changing," says Amanda Goldfarb, R.D.
It's also got a high concentration of copper, an important mineral for your nervous system to function properly, according to recent research. In fact, research shows that one spoonful of black rice has more antioxidants than a spoonful of blueberries, while also having more vitamin E and less sugar than the fruit. And because fermented slaws like kimchi and sauerkraut use vinegar, you can "add spice without inundating it with extra calories," says Elmaleh. If you have grapes that are about to go bad, freeze them and add them frozen to your smoothie later. Better put me in fruit and vegetable prison because I organized things by how people typically think of them. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
And while it's most commonly seen in Ethiopian bread called inerja bread, you can use teff in tons of ways beside traditional baking: in homemade granola bars, a bowl of porridge, or boiled like rice for a nutrient-dense side dish.
Not only are omega-3's good for brain health, but a recent study also found that they increase your fat-burning power when you workout. Chef Danny Elmaleh of Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails in Miami loves to add lemon juice and salt for a simple, savory take.
Plus, it's fun to cook with: "Black rice gets stickier than the other varieties, making complicated dishes like risottos easier," says Elmaleh, who loves to see it served alongside quality cuts of beef or fish. The chef says red vegetables, like beets, are great for pickling because they keep their color instead of turning, well, a less-appetizing shade of brown.
So while kale may have been the bite to grab last year, there are a slew of surprising—or sort of unknown—foods that have similar, if not better, health and weight loss benefits than the likes of quinoa and almond butter. And since most natural sources are sourced from fish, hemp milk is an especially good choice for vegetarians or vegans. Goldfarb recommends topping some with beets, carrots, or squash to sneak in a serving of veggies.
And while Chobani has been churning flavors like Hummus and Za'atar and Cucumber and Olive Oil out of their New York City brick-and-mortar store for years, they've sent the trend mainstream with options like Sriracha mango and chipotle pineapple now on store shelves.

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