Following Tumblr’s ban earlier this year on “blogs that glorify or promote anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders,” such blogs have instead developed a code for talking about these forbidden topics.
Tumblr users—mostly young women—track their limited intake to as low as 100 calories a day under both the “ABC” and “ABC diet” tags.
In a recent study published in the journal Health Communication, pro-Ana bloggers explained why they turn to the Internet to find support. The authors of the study wrote that “efforts to censor an outlet for a group who cope with a mental illness that has no effective treatment” might be the wrong approach, and suggested providing online resources without stigma and judgment.
Social networks including Instagram and Pinterest have banned or placed warnings on top of hashtags associated with disordered eating, such as “thinspiration.” Tumblr has made its disapproval known, but has not banned such searches. Ana Boot Camp or ABC diet is an extreme low calorie pro-anorexia diet normally lasting 50 days.
Some people who go through this diet they find it extremely effective, however not for long, as after completion they gain most of their weight back and end up in a worst state then before they started it. If you have tried the ABC diet please share your experience and results with us by commenting to this post, so that we can publish it on the site. ABC diet like every low calorie health diet is risky, as you don’t actually loose body fat as it appears but water instead. This controversial and risky Pro-anorexia diet trend has emerged initially in the online community.
Though in reality, the true pro-anorexics strongly discourage the idea of imitating anorexic behaviors to lose weight. The Ana Boot Camp diet will make you lose weight but not by any conventional means such as working out or hacking your metabolism, but rather through simple deprivation of food. In this diet plan, you are only allowed to consume a specific amount of calories per day in order to achieve a significant drop in your weight. Though you may not feel it at first, when your body undergoes starvation mode your system relies on the stored fats of your body for energy. So truth be told: pro-ana diets indeed work in shedding off the pounds, but the results and retention of an attained body weight is solely dependent on the dedication of the individual.
This 50 day calorie restriction diet plan, along with occasional fasting, is all about reducing the amount of calorie intake each day to just about 600 calories or below. Every day, there is a designated amount of calorie intake that one needs to strictly follow.

Drinking plenty of water is very essential in this type of weight loss regime as it helps your stomach feel constantly full. Most diet experts don’t really support or suggest the ABC diet since anything lower than the recommended minimum number of calories per day which is 1000 to 1500 is risky. The fact that the ABC Diet can cause some serious damage to a person’s physical and mental wellness have caused nutritionists and experts both to conclude that this diet is not safe if done long term.
The ABC Diet is also designed for those who seek a quick fix for such events as: spring break, weddings, or other occasions when a person would want to look their best in front of peers. The fact that you may potentially acquire the Anorexia Nervosa illness by undergoing this ABC diet is really a health risk, something that one should really consider and be knowledgeable about. Low blood sugar is just one risk of the ABC diet which leads to low energy levels to likely experience dizziness. The acronym stands for “Ana Boot Camp,” an eight-week long dieting regimen favored by anorexics and bulimics. They follow a strict schedule of fasts and low calorie meals at the risk of their own mental and physical health. Nobody 'normal' can understand your frustrations when you fail and your gleefulness when you can go through a day of fasting or a day of perfect restricting — only people like myself would,” one blogger wrote. It contains 5 fast days during which the dieter is strictly not allowed to consume any calories. Write about what made you start the diet, whether you have completed it and why you would or wouldn’t  recommend it for those who are considering trying it out. During the diet period your body will get use to save energy as the calorie intake is minimal.
If you are looking for the easiest, fastest and least tiresome way of losing weight then you might want to try the ABC diet plan. The ABC Diet Program promotes starving yourself to shed off the pounds and this can be achieved by minimizing the calorie you take to dangerously low levels in such a way that you trick your metabolism into believing you are not going into starvation mode. Those individuals who actually suffer from Anorexia which is a mental illness would never support such diets for they find those who attempt to become sick by this eating disorder deplorable. Incidentally, there is another recent fad diet with the same name which was started almost as a joke by Robert Wieder.
That is why some people who ventured into this diet found it extremely effective, but not for long.

So, when you start eating in your usual state, your body will turn the In effect, you will gain weight back even faster this time around! There is one strict rule though, that is if you binge on one day then you MUST fast the following day. Nevertheless, teen girls and young adults  who are desperate to lose weight are typically the ones who try this.
However, because of its unsophisticated nature that can lead to rapid weight loss, most young people find the diet easy to follow especially the girls who think that it is relatively okay to be anorexic. Anorexia is the total loss of appetite, while the illness Anorexia Nervosa is a psychological inability to eat because of weight gain fear.
Like every low calorie health diet, the ABC diet is dangerous as you don’t actually lose body fat. When you finish the ABC diet your body will continue to save the calories and store even more body fat than before, therefore you actually gain more weight than you lost. The risk of losing muscle mass and osteoporosis is very high and due to deficiency of necessary vitamins even organ damage can be caused too.
Normally after completing the program, people tend to gain back most of their weight and just end up in worse states than before they even started. In the process, you lose water and muscle mass due to the deficiency of necessary vitamins.
A certain 2468 Diet which has existed in the pro-anorexia communities before is said to be the origin of the ABC Diet. This can also result in organ damage and that is the reason why utmost care and medical attention is necessary when performing this diet program. This is when the ABC Diet could pose health risks especially for people who have existing health problems.

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