Atkins diet phase 2 food list - buzzle, The atkins diet phase 2 food list bring relief restrictive induction phase atkins diet. Understanding Atkins diet food list is the first step for following the diet plan correctly.
The Atkins diet is basically a low carbohydrate dieting strategy, which is followed in successive stages.
If you are well versed with the low carb diet food list, you might be aware that high percentage of carbohydrates is contributed by vegetables and fruits.
A unique approach of Atkins diet is allowing full fats in the diet plan, which is not so in other dieting programs.
Milk and nearly all types of dairy products are included in the Atkins diet induction food list, under the condition that they contain reduced amount of carbohydrates. All types of spices and condiments are allowed, provided that they are not used in excess amounts. Besides taking a note of the Atkins diet food list, remember that drinking at least 8 glasses of water is a must. As you see, the list of Atkins diet food includes edible items that are low in net carbs, but there is no complete restriction of carbohydrates.
The induction phase or Atkins diet phase 1 food list includes different veggies, dairy products, fish, meat, oils, spices, sweeteners and free foods.

Purported by Robert Atkins, he himself adopted this strategy to address overweight problem.
It is in this phase that the regular metabolic processes are subjected to changes so that the body derives energy by burning accumulated fats, not from glucose.
No doubt, these plant-based foods are healthy and contain dietary fiber along with other nutrients.
While adopting this diet program, you should incorporate only cold water fish, eggs, seafood, and lean meat. In fact, sufficient intake of natural fat (not trans fat) daily is one of the key tips for successful following this weight loss diet. Herbs that can be added in the meal plan for dieters are garlic, oregano, pepper, dill, sage, rosemary, basil, and cilantro.
Beverages allowed in the induction phase are decaffeinated coffee or tea, lemon juice, diet soda, and club soda. Take this food list as a reference, while deciding the daily meal menu for the first 14 days. In this weight loss program, the first two weeks is called phase 1 or the induction phase, which is then followed by 3 more phases, namely ongoing weight loss, pre-maintenance, and lifetime maintenance.
But, make a point to choose only low carb ones, such as asparagus, artichoke, avocado, corn, mushroom, etc.

Fresh cheese is usually not recommended, instead you can include 3 ounces of cream cheese, soy cheese, or other cheese types of your preferred choice. Drinks and beverages that contain any sort of caffeine and alcohol are strictly not recommended in this weight loss diet.
Hence, if you are preparing sweet goodies and desserts, remember to use only non-sugar sweeteners or sugar substitutes of a reputable brand like Stevia, Splenda, and Equal.
Some of the special Atkins diet free food items are olives (about 10 daily), sour cream (1 ounce), a small avocado, heavy cream without sugar, and lemon juice. The list of diet food comprises edible items that a dieter should consume while following this diet plan. Overall, the induction phase calls for close monitoring of the carbohydrate intake and meal menu.
You can refer to the carb counter food list to know about the permitted proteinaceous foods in the Atkins diet. But, according to the purporters, these ketosis diet effects will subside gradually with passing time.

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